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August 03, 2017

Did Hillary Scapegoat Russia to Save Her Campaign?
By Mike Whitney
The Russia hacking story is pure, unalloyed bunkum. There’s not a word of truth to any of it. - Continue


Germany, “Up in Arms” Against Washington’s Sanctions Regime
By Peter Koenig
Is every member of the US Congress really that stupid to believe, in Russian interference in US presidential elections? - Continue


Washington Pushes Harder Against Russia
By Paul Craig Roberts
Is Russia so desperate to be part of the West that it is ruled by delusions and illusions? If so, war is a certainty.. - Continue


Sanctions, Smoke and Mirrors From A Kindergarten On LSD
The Saker
“Hunker down” and brace for some very difficult and dangerous times to come. - Continue


Imperial Folly Brings Russia and Germany Together
By Pepe Escobar
The Empire of Whiners simply can't get enough when it comes to huff, puff and pout. - Continue


North Korea or Iran…Where Will Trump Attack First?
By Ron Paul
Will Trump’s legacy be blustering us into one or two wars that will make Iraq and Afghanistan look like cakewalks. - Continue


Shall We Fight Them All?
By Patrick Buchanan
Apparently, U.S. wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia are insufficient to satiate our War Party. - Continue


UK High Court Blocks Bid to Prosecute Tony Blair Over Iraq War
By Samuel Osborne
Lord Chief Justice says there is 'no prospect' of the case succeeding. - Continue


Watch: Truth of Ukraine's Crisis
Obama's wrecked havoc around the world. What a legacy that man has, one of the biggest hypocrites and 'humanitarian' liars of our political times. - Continue


English Translation of Udo Ulfkotte’s “Bought Journalists” Suppressed?
By James F. Tracy
How intelligence agencies figure centrally in Western journalism. - Continue


What Mainstream Media Got Wrong About Venezuela's Constituent Assembly Vote
By Carla Gonzalez
International media outlets rushed to discredit the vote. - Continue


In Case You Missed it
Speaking of Freedom
By Tom Feeley
Let us not walk in arrogance across the globe speaking of freedom while our hands are stained in centuries of blood. - Continue


US kills 60 civilians in Syria

Iraq: Drone kills 12 Islamic State militants east of Tal Afar

Seven Islamic State fighters killed in airstrike in western Anbar

Islamic State rallies militants to attack Iraqi borders with Jordan, Syria

US drones kill 10 people in Yemen, Somalia: security sources

Two Turkish soldiers killed in PKK attack in southeast

Zionist regime primary threat to Islamic world: Iran FM

Crackdown Aims to 'Silence' Palestinian Journalists

Al-Shabab extremist attack on African Union convoy kills 8 in Somalia

Afghanistan: 30 killed as Shia mosque in Herat province hit by suicide attack

ISIS claims attack on Iraqi Embassy in Kabul

How Your Tax Money Is Being Wasted On 'Ghost Soldiers'

Fact or fiction? Trump considers withdrawal from Afghanistan

Pakistani parliament elects Abbasi as new PM

Video Shows Possible Failure of North Korean ICBM Test

North Korea's latest ICBM test failed critically in the last few seconds before impact

US to boost S. Korea presence with 12 extra F-16 jets, 200 troops

Senators call for blocking Chinese trade deals, 'destroying' North Korea

Trump weighs sanctions against China to pressure Beijing to halt North Korea threat

China warns Trump over North Korea: ‘Don’t stab us in the back’

U.S. Prepares to Test Launch Unarmed ICBM From California

China formally opens first overseas military base in Djibouti

Moscow court shooting: 3 Gang suspects killed in escape bid

German minister urges ‘countermeasures’ against US for Russia sanctions

Stephen Lendman: Russia and America Heading Toward War?

Romania to spend $11.3 billion on defense in next decade

Galloway: ‘Law is an ass’ for blocking Iraq War prosecution of Tony Blair

Brazil prepares to vote on removing second president in a year

Maduro: I Am Proud to Be Sanctioned Mr. Donald Trump

Cuba Denounces US Attempts to Silence Venezuelan People

Opposition leaders Lopez and Ledezma sent to jail

Trump Gives Rubio Free Rein on Venezuela Policy

2 Psychologists in C.I.A. Interrogations (Torture) Can Face Trial, Judge Rules

Anthony Scaramucci sacked as Trump media chief

Fact or fiction? Trump pressured Fox News to release "fake" story about death of DNC staffer Seth Rich:

Lawsuit: Fox News concocted Seth Rich story with oversight from White House

Paul Craig Roberts: The Witch Hunt for Donald Trump Surpasses the Salem Witch Trials

Video shows U.S. border officers telling Mexican teen to drink the liquid meth that killed him

More than a third of US adults prescribed opioids in 2015



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