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December 18,2017

U.S. Military Prepares To Invade N Korea
By Anthony Cuthbertson
Experts have warned that a ground invasion of North Korea would get “very bloody, very quickly”   Continue


We Are Sleepwalking Toward War With North Korea
By Zack Beauchamp
The risk of nuclear war is real. And it’s growing.   Continue


US Plans Slash and Burn of Middle East to “Minimize” Iranian Influence
By Tony Cartalucci
The US is determined to divide and destroy Iraq and Syria.   Continue


Trump's Illegal Move on Jerusalem is Backfiring
By Mazin Qumsiyeh
Jerusalem will not be a "Jewish capital" and not even a capital of apartheid Israel.   Continue


One-State Solution Back on Agenda for Palestine
By Finian Cunningham
Trump - slams a nail into the coffin of the Two-State solution.   Continue


From His Office in Cloud Cuckoo Land
Trump : Unveils 'America First' National Security
Video and Transcript
The president's named China and Russia as "competition" that seek to "challenge American power, influence, and interests" .   Continue


Capitalism Reduced Indonesian Cities to Infested Carcasses
By Andre Vltchek
Only real fascism can treat its citizens this way .  


Somalis Face 'Slave Ship Conditions' on Failed Deportation Flight
By Stephen Snyder
Passengers say they were denied food and water and weren't allowed to use the bathroom.   Continue


The United States of Inequality
By Andre Damon
The fact that the United States has invaded, bombed and destabilized countries all over the world, is one of the reasons the corporate-controlled media has chosen to bury both of these reports.   Continue


35000 Iraqi Security Men Killed in 3-Year War With IS

Russia to Help Syria Rebuild Energy Facilities - Russian Deputy PM

$200bn to reconstruct war-torn Syria… the US and its partners should pay

Iraq: Islamic State leader, four companions killed in army airstrike, south of Kirkuk

Four Islamic State militants killed in surprise security campaigns in Diyala

Civilian victims of US coalition airstrike in Iraq dig up graves in desperate bid for compensation

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes kill 15 Houthis in Yemen

Yemen forces close in on Sanaa after breaking through rebel-held hills

The Killing of a Legless Man: Was it his fearlessness that unnerved a soldier on the Israeli side?

Watch: Israeli War Crimes Against Palestinian Youth in Hebron

US Vetoes UN Resolution Rejecting Trump's Jerusalem Declaration; 14 States Back Motion

Haley: Anti-settlement resolution is ‘stain’ on America’s conscience : The US rejects the United Nations' double standard which says Washington is not impartial

Palestinian leader says US not Mideast mediator:

Erdoğan: Concrete steps must be taken for Jerusalem

Saudi FM Reveals Riyadh Has 'Roadmap' for 'Normal' Ties With Israel

80000 rally in Indonesia to protest Trump's Jerusalem decision

EU Report on Illegal Settlements: 8,000 New Homes Advanced in First Half of 2017

Somalia: 65 Somalis Killed in Ethiopia

Somalia: US kills 8 alleged militants in Somalia:

Somalis say they were shackled and beaten on aborted ICE deportation flight

Canada to give $10.4M in humanitarian assistance to Somalia:

Four security forces killed by Cameroon secessionists – Govt confirms

South Africa's Ruling ANC Has New Leader

Haftar: Libya's UN-backed government's mandate obsolete

Saif Gaddafi announces he is running for Libya president

3 militants killed in ISIS attack on Afghanistan's main spy agency

US discards Pakistan: India Most Reliable Regional Partner Of Afghanistan: Pentagon

A Tillerson Slip Offers a Peek Into Secret Planning on North Korea

Mattis says North Korean ICBM not yet a 'capable threat' against U.S

What a load of bull;Russia as bad actor globally: "Russia has demonstrated a willingness to use Trump strategy document singles out force to challenge the sovereignty of states in the region.

Trump hits out at Russia, China: The president's strategy explicitly named China and Russia as "competition" that seek to "challenge American power, influence, and interests"

Vladimir Putin appreciative of CIA tip-off over St Petersburg attack plot

Presidential campaign begins in Russia; polls say Putin has big lead

US Military Fired Shots, Man Arrested at UK Air Force Base

Violent protests in Honduras after president declared election winner

OAS says president vote win is illegitimate

Honduras opposition leader calls for new election

Conservative Billionaire wins another turn as Chile's president

Chile: Billionaire Pinera wins runoff presidential election

The Top 100 arms-producing and military services companies

Report: Republican Tax Bill Hands 15 Corporations $236 Billion Tax Break

The Senate’s Russia Investigation Is Now Looking Into Jill Stein, A Former Campaign Staffer Says

December 17, 2017

"Sorry Chump. You Didn't Have It In Writing"
By Eric Margolis
Russia’s leaders firmly believe Washington’s ultimate plan is to tear apart Russia.   Continue


The Case Against Iraqing Iran
Must Read - By David Swanson
Stop being afraid. Don’t listen to the pro-war propaganda even when it’s parroted by the pro-peace advocates.  Continue


Nikki Haley Is Not Good At Foreign Policy
By Reza Marashi
“Do as I say, not as I do” is a slogan, not a strategy.   Continue


Donald Trump’s First Year Sets Record for U.S. Special Ops
By Nick Turse
Elite Commandos Deployed to 149 Countries in 2017.   Continue


Protester With No Legs is Shot Dead by Israeli Occupation Troops
By Julian Robinson
Israeli occupation force troops killed 4 Palestinians during protests, medical officials said.



West Bank Palestinians Should Demand the Right to Vote in Israel
By Sheena Anne Arackal
Israel never had any intention of granting the Palestinians a viable state anyway.  Continue


Antisemitism, the Holocaust and Palestine
By Gilad Atzmon
Palestinians are the last victims of Hitler.   Continue


FBI: American Gestapo
By Lawrence Sellin
There is a Cold Civil War underway in the United States to determine who should control the federal government.   Continue



Half of Total Trump-GOP Tax Plan Benefits Go to Richest 5%
By Jon Queally
Profit-hungry corporations and the rich receive massive cuts. Everyone else—gets to help pay for it all.   Continue


US 'World Champion of Extreme Inequality', UN Envoy Warns
By Ed Pilkington
Special rapporteur issues devastating critique of US society and condemns ‘private wealth and public squalor’.  Continue


American Taliban
By Lucian K. Truscott IV
Our long national nightmare has just begun.   Continue


Jailed for Sagging Pants?
By Reggie Yates
"The police operate for profit."  Continue


Iraq: Seventeen Islamic State militants killed in airstrike on Anbar secret tunnel

Iraqi troops kill eight terrorists on border between Diyala, Salahuddin

Three policemen killed in shootout with Islamic State in Mosul

Syrian activists: 9 killed in airstrikes on "rebel" stronghold

Russia starts pulling out troops from Syria after Putin declaration

Saudi kills 15 people in southern Yemen

Saudi Airstrike on Yemen kills 12 women

Bomb blast kills 4 soldiers in Yemen

Russia, Saudi Arabia sign nuclear power agreement

Palestinian double amputee killed by Israeli sniper

'This land is ours', last words of disabled Palestinian: Abraham Abu Sureyya, who lost his legs in a 2008 airstrike attack, martyred during protests for Jerusalem in Gaza

UN council weighs measure drafted by Egypt rejecting US Jerusalem decision

Iran tells France's Macron not to 'blindly follow' Trump

Natanyahu applauds US for 'pushing back' against UN moves on Israel

Netanyahu grilled by police for seventh time in graft probe

'Netanyahu to Jail': Thousands of Israelis March Against Corruption in Tel Aviv

Israel lobby group is trying to expand its efforts to sue academics who support Palestinian rights

South Africa's ANC prepares to elect new leader

11 police killed in Taliban attack on Afghanistan checkpoints

Car bomb blast hits NATO convoy in S. Afghanistan, killing civilian

Pakistan: 9 killed in suicide attack on Quetta's Bethel Memorial Methodist Church

Tillerson retreats on offer of unconditional North Korea talks: Tillerson's declaration marked a stunning reversal after he proposed discussions with Pyongyang without preconditions earlier this week.

Over 1200 Rohingya children under 5 killed in the first month of Burma Army push

Extraordinary Russian-Chinese Economic Integration in Siberia Gathers Pace

Russian forces kill 3 gunmen in Dagestan Republic

Putin thanked Trump for CIA tip-off which helped Russia prevent terror attack

Declassified Documents: Gorbachev WAS PROMISED NATO Wouldn't Move Past East German Border

Austria far right: Freedom Party wins key posts in new government

Widespread Detainee Abuse At ICE Immigrant Prisons Confirmed By Inspector General Report

$21 Trillion dollars is missing from the US government. That is $65,000 for every person in America. That is more than our entire national debt!

1st grader asks for food, blanket in heartbreaking letter to Santa,

Map shows richest politicians in every state.

“Dark Money” Runs the World: Few people know financial markets’ biggest secret...

Prominent lawyer sought donor cash for two Trump accusers

How Obama's Economic Policies Destroyed the Black Middle Class

White U.S. police officers have more racially conservative views than white citizens

How spanking your children can affect their relationships in life

GOP lawmaker: Top FBI officials will be subpoenaed

Trump transition lawyer: Mueller improperly obtained documents in Russia probe

More evidence surfaces showing FBI colluded to get Hillary Clinton off the hook for email server (Video)

MUST WATCH: Republican asks Donald Trump’s US District Judge nominee basic questions of law & he can’t answer a single one

This Evangelical Leader Denounced Trump. Then the Death Threats Started.


Headlines Continued


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