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February 01-2019

Israel Admitted Arming anti-Assad Syrian Rebels. Big Mistake
By Daniel J. Levy
Pay to play Israel’s most (until recently) senior serving soldier has admitted that the Syrian civil war was built on the lie of non-intervention.   - Continue


Washington Resurrected the Arms Race
By Paul Craig Roberts
Pay to play The US is to tear up the INF treaty and put its missiles back on Russia’s borders.   - Continue


Why must Venezuela be destroyed?
By Dmitry Orlov
Pay to play There is much to this story that is at once tragic and comic, so let’s take it apart piece by piece.   - Continue


Venezuela Gets 'Ukrained'
By Finian Cunningham
Pay to play What’s going on here is another criminal interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation by the United States and its European lackeys.   - Continue


Is the US Meddling in Venezuela? Max Blumenthal Asks US Congress Members
Pay to play Haven’t thought about that,” a lawmaker said when asked how he would react if Russia recognized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as president of the US..   - Continue


Trump vs. the Spy Chiefs: Who’s Right?
By Patrick J. Buchanan
Pay to play It is astonishing that the intel leaders would declare a president to be flat-out wrong.   - Continue


Learning from Gandhi
By Robert J. Burrowes
Pay to play Adult violence against children is the fundamental cause of all other violence.   - Continue



Roadside bomb kills 3 in central Iraq

Australian planes killed 34 members of one family, survivor says

Iraq: Australian air-strike killed up to 18 civilians in Iraq

Australia says two pilots who killed 18 civilians won’t be disciplined

US using terrorists in Syria to serve its geopolitical interests: Russia: US agencies have been supporting terrorists that are directly affiliated to Al Qaeda in direct violation of American laws,

US Senate opposes troops’ withdrawal from Syria

Syrian rebel leader thanks Israeli PM for standing by wounded

Israeli Defense Chief Met With Syrian Operatives During Civil War, Top Retired IDF General Says

War on Yemen: As truce fails residents in besieged Hodeidah city forced to eat rubbish to survive

Yemen: Detainees Describe an American Presence in Their Torture Chambers: Inside Yemen’s prisons can be found torture, rape, disappearances, and, according to survivors, the American sponsors of a dirty war.

Palestinian teen hiking with friends was murdered in Israeli army ambush. He posed no danger

5 Israeli occupation force soldiers indicted for beating of 2 handcuffed Palestinians: The soldiers punched the Palestinians and hit them with heavy objects, according to the indictment, and reportedly recorded the incident on a cellphone.

US stops all aid to Palestinian refugees in the occupied West Bank and Gaza

“Largest Land Grab Since 1948” — Apartheid Israel to Expel 36,000 Palestinians From Negev

Canada revokes Jewish charity’s tax-deductible status over support for Israeli military

European firms ‘won’t dare’ use new EU payment system for trade with Iran out of fear of US

Iran Launches Gold-backed Cryptocurrency as Anticipation for Crypto-Rial Grows to Evade US Sanctions


Boko Haram Kills At Least 60 People in Attack in Nigeria

4 killed, 3 wounded in clashes in Libya’s southwest

US imposes visa restrictions on Ghana over deportee row: US has imposed visa restrictions on Ghana for refusing to accept the return of 7,000 Ghanaian nationals that it wants to deport.


Attack on Afghanistan army checkpoint kills at least six troops

Afghan government’s control of its country declined late last year, in terms of both territory and population

US North Korea envoy says Trump is ready to 'end this war': Stephen Biegun says Kim Jong-un has committed to ‘destruction’ of plutonium and uranium sites ahead of talks

China’s Moon Lander Wakes Up From Its Long, Ultra-Cold Night


US withdrawing from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty with Russia

Russian politicians fault US over arm treaty: The head of the foreign affairs committee in the upper house of Russia’s parliament says the U.S. “has taken another step toward its destruction today.”

Trump's INF withdrawal proves any deal with US not worth the ink: Iranian Foreign Minister

Russia to bring back the supersonic passenger airliner starting 2022

UN court judge quits The Hague citing political interference : A German judge, claimed the US had threatened judges after moves were made to examine the conduct of US soldiers in Afghanistan.

Britain, France, and Germany are ignoring Trump while they look to trade with Iran

Maxine Waters: "Deutsche Bank Is Perhaps The Biggest Money Laundering Bank In The World"

UK Government minister Liam Fox takes veiled swipe at Donald Trump’s trade policy in major speech

FGM: Mother guilty of genital mutilation of daughter

Italy in recession amid sluggish eurozone

Almost 26 pct of Greeks cannot afford to heat their homes adequately


One Of The Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Secretly Sharing Data With The FBI

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Requests Information on Assange's Conditions

Google Censorship takes another Large Stride: YouTube to Hide Conspiracy Vids

‘World’s most dangerous’ glacier could soon collapse triggering sea level rise


European colonizers killed 56 million indigenous people in North America and that changed the global climate, researchers say:

Trudeau fires Canada's ambassador to China amid Huawei controversy

Amid cries of 'traitor,' Canada's Trudeau set for ugly election

‘It smells dirty’: scandals loom over Bolsonaro after first month in office

Watch: Local sources report about US marines arriving by boat to Colombia

Venezuela: US Rejects Calls for Dialogue Ahead of Dueling Marches: The US has rejected a new initiative by Uruguay and Mexico to restart dialogue in a bid to de-escalate the political standoff in Venezuela.

CNN’s ‘Venezuelan army defectors’ not in army, not defectors & don't live in Venezuela

Twitter takes down hundreds of accounts linked to Venezuela amid US calls for regime change

U.S. Push to Oust Venezuela’s Maduro Marks First Shot in Plan to Reshape Latin America

U.S. regime cracks down on foreigners dealing in Venezuela oil

Italy not recognizing Guaido as Venezuelan interim president: Deputy FM

For Trump, Venezuela Intervention Serves 2020 Re-election Bid

Brazil human rights minister denies illegal adoption: Brazil's minister for women, family and human rights is denying a magazine's report that she forcibly took an indigenous girl from her family's arms 15 years ago and illegally adopted her

Brazil: Minister Says Master's Degree 'Granted By Her Church': Brazil’s new Human Rights Minister is under fire for lying about her academic credentials, which she now says were granted by a Christian church, not a university.

Mexican president declares 'drug war' over

Over 3,000 more US troops headed to southern border

Force-feeding for Texas hunger strike migrants: Six people are being force-fed through plastic nasal tubes at a Texas detention facility

It's torture! Congresswoman visits detainees on hunger strike, calls ICE force-feeding 'unacceptable'

Millions of Americans Flood Into Mexico for Health Care — the Human Caravan You Haven’t Heard About

New U.S. Experiments Aim To Create Gene-Edited Human Embryos

Roger Stone indictment presents no evidence of links between WikiLeaks and Trump campaign

Sen. Bernie Sanders proposes 77 percent estate tax rate

Cory Booker: Democratic senator announces presidential bid

Foxconn recommits to $10B Wisconsin plant after call from Trump




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