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February 07, 2018

What Next? US Bans All Russian Nukes?
By Finian Cunningham
This is a highly dangerous move by the Pentagon to lower the trigger for deploying nuclear weapons. - Continue


'Bringing Humankind Closer to Annihilation'
By Jon Queally
World Leaders Denounce Trump's New Nuclear Posture - Continue


U.S. Considers “Bloody Nose” Strike On North Korea
By Peter Symonds
Such an act of savagery is precisely what is being discussed and prepared in the White House - Continue


If There’s a War in Korea, Blame Trump
By Mike Whitney
Brainwashed Americans believe that Kim Jong-un is responsible for the confrontation with Washington, nothing could be further from the truth. - Continue


Genocide Washington Style – Venezuela Next?
By Peter Koenig
Why does nobody use the term “Genocide” in connection with the Washington committed atrocities around the globe? - Continue


“We Are The Death Merchant of the World”: Ex-Bush Official Lawrence Wilkerson
By Ben Norton
The military-industrial complex “is much more pernicious than Eisenhower ever thought,” - Continue



Huge Military Budgets Make Us Broke, Not Safe
By Miriam Pemberton
We’re now spending more on the military, adjusted for inflation, than at any time since World War II. - Continue


Congress Keeps Funding a War Machine That the Public Should Divest From
By Medea Benjamin, Elliot Swain
Both parties line their pockets with profits from the arms trade. - Continue


Drones 'Used to Kill Terror Suspects Outside Warzones', Bombshell MoD Document States
By Paul Hutcheon
The UK government risks a US-style policy of using drone attacks wherever it wants across the globe. - Continue


Ex-spy Chief Claims Palestinian Officials Worked With CIA to Wiretap Opponents
By Palestine News Network
The documents allege that the Palestinian Security Services set-up the electronic wiretapping of thousands of members of the Palestinian public and high ranking officials. - Continue


In Words and Deeds: The Genesis of Israeli Violence
By Ramzy Baroud
Israeli journalist, Ben Caspit, suggested that Ahed and girls like her should be raped in jail. - Continue


Another Arrested Equity Correction?
By Paul Craig Roberts
How long can the fraudulent valuation of equities continue? - Continue


Brief History of Revisionism
By Jimmie Moglia
The first financier of the Revolution was a wealthy merchant from a family that made its fortune from smuggling. - Continue


More than 136 people killed in Syria's Eastern Ghouta

Video Shows Gruesome Mutilation of Female Fighter by Former US Ally in Syria

Syria: Israel launched missiles at military targets: Syria has accused Israel air attacks near the capital Damascus, saying it showed support for "terrorist organisations"

Pentagon: YPG units fighting in Afrin do not have US support

At US Outpost in Syria, US General Backs Kurdish Fighters: Top U.S. general "fighting" the Islamic State group has pledged American troops would remain in the northern Syrian Kurdish town of Manbij despite Ankara's demands for a U.S. pullout.

WikiLeaks reveals emails from the son-in-law of President Erdogan, 'proving connection to ISIS smuggling oil into Turkey'

US eyes partitioning of Syria, gave up on promise that fighting ISIS ‘only goal’ – Lavrov

3 Iraqis killed in separate attacks

Female suicide bomber shot dead inside Baghdad school

Beirut threatens to ‘confront’ Israel over possible wall on ‘Lebanese land’

Palestine: Three Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in occupied West Bank

Israel dumps young Palestinian girl in Gaza where she knows no one: She was arrested last month as an “illegal alien” in her own homeland for visiting her aunt.

Hundreds of Young U.S. Jews Send Birthday Wishes to Jailed Palestinian Teen Ahed Tamimi Ahead of Trial

Japan to Boost Financial, Political Support for Palestine

Saudi grants airspace approval for flights to Israel

Qatar welcomes head of Zionist Organization of America

Saudi Airstrikes Kill Several Civilians in Yemen

Yemenis protest after US drone attack kills 7 in Shabwa

Yemen loyalists retake southwestern town from rebels

Libya: Over 80 Minors Killed in Spiralling Violence

Boko Haram leader releases video days after Nigeria claims defeat

Sahel leaders appeal for funds for anti-jihadist force

UN rights chief: 'all-out assault on democracy' in Maldives

US kills 25 alleged, Daesh militants in Afghanistan

Pentagon: War in Afghanistan will cost $45 billion in 2018

North Korea: US planning 'bloody nose' first strike

Kissinger Says Chance For ‘Pre-Emptive Attack Is Strong’ On North Korea

Mattis Cites Kissinger to Call for New Nukes

Russia said on Tuesday it had the right to put weapons anywhere it chose on its own territory

EU unveils Brexit transition punishment plan

Hit to North East England and Northern Ireland GDP revealed in new Brexit impact papers leak

Britain tells business: We cannot guarantee your Brexit future

Watch: Elon Musk on how Falcon Heavy will change space travel

WikiLeaks founder Assange loses latest legal bid to quash British arrest warrant

Brazil and Other Countries To Invest in Venezuela's Petros

Peru defends China as good trade partner after U.S. warnings

Colombia's Uribe Allegedly Involved in 2 Paramilitary Massacres

When Deportation Is a Death Sentence: Sarah Stillman reports on people who fled their home countries fearing for their lives, and the tragic consequences when they were sent back.

How Trump plans to make Mexico pay for the wall. Yes, really.

Huge Military Budgets Make Us Broke, Not Safe

Senate leaders reach agreement on two-year budget deal, adding billions of dollars in federal spending

Dossier author Steele wrote another anti-Trump memo; was fed info by Clinton-connected contact, Obama State Department

Steele Broke FBI Rules Over New Clinton Investigation: An Interesting Revelation About Why The FBI Allegedly Parted Ways With Christopher Steele.

Fusion GPS Could Have Been Trying To Buy Access To DOJ With Payments To Official’s Wife

FBI Messages Show the Bureau's Real Reaction to Trump Firing James Comey

New texts between FBI's Strzok, Page show Obama wanted updates on Clinton investigation

‘Mind-bending’ reversal now has Dems defending FBI, Bush


Headlines Continued


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