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February 11/12, 2021

Israelis suspected of selling advanced missiles to U.S. rival in Asia
By Yaniv Kubovich, Josh Breiner
The case is highly sensitive, as it could affect Israel's foreign relations and lead to a crisis between superpowers.    - Continue


IAEA Confirms Iran Produces Uranium Metal, Despite Western Warnings
By Jason Ditz
JCPOA forbade any metallurgy, but Iran's work isn't weapons-related.   - Continue


Another Zionist Joins the Biden Team
By Philip Giraldi
We Americans are, never allowed to challenge the extent of someone’s devotion to a foreign country if that country just happens to be Israel.    - Continue


Why Victoria Nuland Is Dangerous and Should Not Be Confirmed
By Rick Sterling
Nuland is the queen of chicken hawks, the Lady Macbeth of perpetual war.   - Continue


Thirty-Nine Percent of Republicans Say They'd Support Americans Using Political Violence
By Jason Lemon
Smaller numbers of Democrats and independents also said they believed violence could be necessary.   - Continue


Tearing Down the Edifice of American Democracy
By Scott Ritter
Trump provides proof that there remains a dark divide between those who support the 46th president, and those who continue to support his predecessor—and never the two shall meet.    - Continue


Enough with America's 'thank you for your service' culture. It's betrayal, not patriotism.
By Dennis Laich and Erik Edstrom
Roughly 20 veterans and active-duty service members committed suicide daily in the past several years.   - Continue


The Dangerous Myth of Patriotism
By Richard Sahn
Love of country, in short, is nonsensical.   - Continue


New Lancet Report: 40 Percent of US COVID Deaths Could Have Been Avoided
By Jared Rodriguez
The scathing new report is an indictment of both Trump and a health care system that values profit over human life.   - Continue


The Invincible Green Stick of Happiness
By Edward Curtin
They were locked away from me in some conventional reality sold to them by liars.    - Continue



Three Turkish soldiers killed in northern Iraq

France Warns Iran Against Nuclear Breaches, Jeopardising Diplomacy

Fact or fiction? Iranian nuclear scientist murdered by Israel using one-ton automated gun smuggled into Iran: Jewish Chronicle

FM Zarif's message on the occasion of the National Day of the Islamic Republic of Iran (HQ)

20 Israelis suspected of illegally making, selling missiles to Asian nation

Apartheid Israel: Netanyahu responds to Blinken: Golan will remain part of Israel forever

Apartheid Israel: UN experts call on Israel to stop torture, inhuman treatment of Palestinians: Panel of rights experts said Israel was using a 'grave loophole within the Israeli judicial system' to defend its use of torture

Apartheid: Israel's arrest campaign aims to destroy a new Palestinian movement; State forces have targeted a left-wing social and political network, using detention and torture as tools to curb its growth.

Israel urges social media giants to label anti-Semitic content

How the ADL’s Israel Advocacy Undermines Its Civil Rights Work

Secretary of State Blinken confirms Biden admin considers Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital

Jerusalem mayor threatens to ban unvaccinated Arabs from attending mosques

Egypt opens the Rafah crossing with Gaza 'indefinitely'

UK officials are putting ‘profit before Yemeni lives’.

Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport attacked; civilian plane catches fire

Twitter suspends accounts, removes verification of Saudi political prisoners


Nigerian troops eliminate 19 fleeing Boko Haram fighters in Borno

Cameroon army kills five armed separatists suspected of killing school children

Ethiopia killed 83 civilians in Tigray: Rights group

Ethiopian Red Cross Says 80 Percent Of Tigray Cut Off From Aid

South Africa scraps AstraZeneca COVID vaccine


Afghanistan: Over 50 Taleban fighters killed in army operations

US-China confrontation would be ‘disaster’, Xi tells Biden in first call

WHO official derides US intelligence on COVID: WHO mission to China says US intelligence on the supposed origin of the coronavirus is not reliable.

Singapore households got $2,000 per member from COVID-19 measures on average

BBC World News Barred From Airing in China, State Media Claims


Great Reset? Putin Says, “Not So Fast”

France, Germany seek Russia sanctions over Navalny, diplomats say

Finian Cunningham: Victory Jab for Russia: The US media – are now even admitting that the Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19 could be “a global success story”.

UK: Vaccine ‘passports’ on way for travel

Ireland calls for calm as EU rebuffs British Brexit demands


Biden administration plans to continue to seek extradition of WikiLeaks' Assange: official

Press freedom coalition calls on Biden's Department of Justice to drop case against Julian Assange


Risk of death from COVID-19 is 3.5 times higher than influenza, CMAJ study finds

Left out by EU, Balkan nations turn to Russia, China for vaccine

PM Modi, says India would do its best to facilitate supplies of Covid vaccines to Canada

Many countries used COVID to justify free speech curbs: HRW: At least 83 countries worldwide used the pandemic as a pretext to target media, activists and political opponents, HRW report says.


Bolivia: Gen. Valverde To Be Tried for the Senkata Massacre:

Venezuela to Receive 100,000 Doses of Russian Sputnik V vaccine

Through the “Bolivar Act”U.S. Congressmen Intend to Tighten the Blockade Against Venezuela

In Pictures: Haitian police tear gas protesters, journalists

White House says 'vast majority' of migrants at U.S.-Mexico border will be turned away

California surpasses New York as U.S. state with most COVID-19 deaths

America 'Should Be Ashamed': Texas Teen Forced to Use College Savings to Prevent Mom's Eviction

Florida Man Used COVID Relief Loans To Buy Lamborghini

Another 793,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims last week

Fox News Cuts Away From Senate Trial as Shocking Footage Emerges

WATCH: : How the House Democrats used a deceptively edited video to make their case during today's impeachment trial.

Watch the 14-minute video the Democrats say proves that Trump should be convicted at his impeachment trial

140,000 Registered Republicans Abandon Party In January

Dozens of former Republican officials in talks to form anti-Trump third party

Top Twitter official confirms Trump is banned forever -- even if he runs in 2024

Twitter reports $1.14 billion net loss for 2020

Instagram removes Robert F. Kennedy Jr for posting false Covid-19 claims

Many countries used COVID to justify free speech curbs: HRW: At least 83 countries worldwide used the pandemic as a pretext to target media, activists and political opponents, HRW report says.

Bill would cut over 100,000 DoD jobs: New legislation would require the Department of Defense to cut its civilian workforce by 15 percent by 2025

Chris Hedges: War Is Betrayal: We condition the poor and the working class to go to war.

US senators revive bill to make refugee status easier for Hong Kong protesters




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