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February 16/17, 2021

Russia holds the key to German sovereignty
By Pepe Escobar
A more sovereign Germany closer to Russia and China may be the straw that breaks the US hegemon’s back.   - Continue


America’s Plot for World Domination
By Robert W. Merry
Global hegemony in the American Century was not an accident of circumstance but an intentional choice by a foreign-policy elite.   - Continue


The False and Exaggerated Claims Still Being Spread About the Capitol Riot
By Glenn Greenwald
Insisting on factual accuracy does not make one an apologist for the protesters. False reporting is never justified, especially to inflate threat and fear levels.   - Continue


Tom Paine and the Tyranny of the Dead
By Kary Love
Life belongs to the living, and allowing the dead to impose laws on the living is a pernicious error.   - Continue


The Empire Attacks BDS For The Same Reason Nixon Started The Drug War
By Caitlin Johnstone
This is an important victory for Palestinian rights activists, but it’s just one battle in a much larger war..   - Continue


Why politicians and doctors keep ignoring the medical research on Vitamin D and Covid
By Jonathan Cook
Life belongs to the living, and allowing the dead to impose laws on the living is a pernicious error.   - Continue



3 refugees killed as fire guts camp in Iraq

Report: Israeli Airstrikes in Syria Kill 6, Destroy Iranian Weapons

Syria calls on UNSC to take firm measures against Israel raids

Iran warns Israel not cross 'red lines' in Syria

Israel's ambassador says not interested in working with US on return to Iran deal

Russia mediating Israeli-Syrian prisoner swap - Syrian state media

UN condemns ‘reckless’ Iraq rocket attack as US weighs response; Washington, European say it is too early to know who is responsible.

US sells $200m in weapons to Egypt despite human rights abuses

Biden plans to 'recalibrate' Saudi relations in shot at MbS - White House

Saudi Arabia is to stop signing contracts with companies whose regional headquarters are based outside of the kingdom

The ICC and the decision to investigate Israel's crimes

UK official condemns Israel settlements

Finkelstein: Palestine's ICC victory thwarted by Israel's apartheid reality

As a Rabbi Raised in South Africa, I Can’t Ignore Israel Is an Apartheid State

Biden finally calls Netanyahu

Ben Rhodes cites ‘very aggressive, pro-Likud media’ in the U.S. for intensity on Israel


At Least 10 Killed in Fresh DR Congo Attack, ADF Blamed

Gunmen abduct dozens of schoolchildren in central Nigeria


26 Taliban Fighters Killed in Fresh Ops

Four Policemen Killed In Afghanistan Attacks

Biden says China to pay price for alleged human rights abuses: Biden says his country will reassert its global role on human rights.


Putin Warns: ‘We Won't Allow Any Blow To Russia's Sovereignty,’

Germany To Offer Free COVID-19 Rapid Tests for All Citizens


Facebook Blocks News In Australia Over Government Plan To Force Payment To Publishers

Australia Should Stop Blocking International Justice in Israel and Palestine


Health officials say the coronavirus will likely become endemic in the next several years. What does that mean?

Two variants have merged into a heavily mutated hybrid version of the coronavirus, report says

New French nasal spray eliminates 99% of Covid virus: The ionised water spray is set to go on sale in March; but it is preventative only, not a cure

Watch: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Takes an Anti-Vax Stance, Violating Facebook’s New Policy

Blinken says US to pay $200 million in WHO obligations

America’s Plot for World Domination: Global hegemony in the American Century was not an accident of circumstance but an intentional choice by a foreign-policy elite.


US meddling in Ecuador's historic election and coup-supporting fake NGO 'left' -

UN expert details crushing human toll of US sanctions on Venezuela

Biden extends mortgage relief, ban on home foreclosures through June

Biden shoots down $50K student loan forgiveness plan

Watch: Trump Plaza implosion signals end of an era in Atlantic City: Mayor Marty Small called it “exciting” and “truly a great day in Atlantic City.”

Trump Attacks Republican Senator McConnell After Acquittal

75 percent of Republicans want Trump to play prominent role in GOP: poll

US President Biden says no to ‘defunding the police’

Why Can’t Inner-Ring Democrats Just Say ‘No’ to Billionaires?: The problem runs even deeper than Donor Class donations.

3 million without power, 20 dead as 100 million Americans brace for more cold, ice and snow

Anger rises as millions in Texas remain without power and heat

US farmers won’t see a year as profitable as 2020 for a decade

Conservative Radio Personality Rush Limbaugh Dead at 70




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