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March 01, 2018

“We’ve Got To DO Something About Syria!”
By Caitlin Johnstone
The war machine that ignited this fire is working to manufacture public support for hosing it down with gasoline. - Continue


It's 2002 Again - New York Times Makes Bogus WMD Claims
By Moon Of Alabama
It is a scare story constructed to vilify various opponents to U.S. hegemony on meager factual grounds. - Continue


Blundering Into Iran
By Philip Giraldi
Time to tell Israel and Saudi Arabia to fight their own wars. - Continue


Growing Risk of U.S.-Iran Hostilities - Based on False Pretexts
By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
Israel or even Saudi Arabia will take steps that will lead to a war with Iran that will inevitably draw in the United States. - Continue


Putin: The Man Who Stopped Washington’s Regime Change Rampage
By Mike Whitney
Is Putin “evil” for opposing Washington’s regime change wars and for stopping the spread of terrorism. - Continue


Putin Unveils New Russian Nuclear Missile, Says It Renders Defenses 'Useless'
Putin accused the West of "ignoring us. Nobody listened to us. Well listen to us now." - Continue


Putin’s State of the Union
By Paul Craig Roberts
Russia’s new weapons have made the entire US/NATO approach “ineffective from a military point of view.” - Continue


Roger Waters on Palestine
Roger Waters, talks about the struggle for Palestine and the importance of the BDS movement. - Continue


Espionage and the Leak Culture
By Ray McGovern
Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern discusses the legitimacy of the national security establishment. - Continue


World is Burning – While Western Left is Quarreling
By Andre Vltchek
Belonging to left is mainly just a pose, with a social media account and a selfie. - Continue


120 Houthis killed in Red Sea coastal area of Yemen in 2 days

Saudi-led airstrikes kill 9 Yemeni civilians

Yemen war: senators push to end US support of Saudi Arabia

The Starvation of Yemen and the Saudis’ ‘Cynical P.R. Exercise’

Eight IS militants killed in clashes with paramilitary troops in Iraq’s Kirkuk

Five Iraqi soldiers killed, injured in Islamic State attack, west of Mosul

Four PKK militants 'neutralized' in Iraq's north, Turkish military says

NSA Used Porn to “Break Down Detainees” in Iraq — and Other Revelations From 297 Snowden Documents

Russia says Syrian rebels killed civilians in eastern Ghouta: agencies

Breaking: Syrian Army advances 1km deep into key East Ghouta suburb

Who Are the US, UK and France Trying to Protect in Syria's Ghouta?

Russia: US has 20 military bases in Kurdish areas of Syria

US deploys 600 additional troops in Syria’s Tanf – reports

Turkish forces bombard civilians’ houses in Afrin area

US provoked Turkey to stage ongoing Afrin operation by arming YPG: Russia

Reality Check: No Sarin Gas Used by Assad in Syria?: Watch:

In case you missed it: Bought Journalism: How Politicians, Intelligence and High Finance Control Mass Media

Key U.S. lawmakers want to boost Israel's $38 billion defense aid package

Canada’s Social Democratic Party Suppress ‘Palestine Resolution’

Iran bans use of US dollar in trade

Six aid workers killed in Central African Republic, says UNICEF

Four UN troops killed in central Mali mine blast

Egypt says 2 officers killed during anti-militant operation

Civilians killed as armed groups clash in Libyan south

27 IS militants killed in northern Afghan province

Afghan forces kill 9 militants in northern province

Afghanistan offers to recognise Taliban as legitimate 'political party'

Afghanistan offers amnesty to Taliban to end 16-year war

Former Afghan President Sees Russia as Key to Peace With Taliban

Indian deal on key Iranian port a potential check on China’s regional ambitions

Chris Hedges, Speaks with Activist Shehla Rashid Shora on the Rise of Hindu Fascism (Video)

South Korea's Moon tells Trump of plan to send an envoy to North Korea

Putin: US deployed 5 cruisers, 30 destroyers near Russian borders:

Stop Blaming Russian Bots For Everything

European parliament rejects UK's Brexit transition proposals

Irish warn May: adopt customs union to end Brexit border impasse

Blair, in Brussels, Urges EU to Help Britons Stop Brexit

Norway Used NSA Technology for Potentially Illegal Spying

California Democrats Stand Behind Palestinian-Descended Candidate Despite Israeli Press Coverage of Ancestor’s Terror Links

Dow plunges more than 350 points after Trump says steel and aluminum tariffs coming next week

Trump says US will set 25% tariffs on steel imports, 10% on aluminum

White House announces plan for heavy tariffs on imported steel, possibly triggering trade war with China

U.S. jobless claims plunge to 49-year low


February 28, 2018

Sum of all American Fears in Korea: Peace
By Tony Cartalucci
The United States uses the supposed threat North Korea poses to the world to justify its enduring decades-long military presence on the Korean Peninsula. - Continue


Why One War When We Can Have Two!
By Eric Margolis
The Pentagon has been planning a war with China for three years, a mainly air and naval conflict to dominate China’s coasts and seas. - Continue


Why China Is Running Circles Around America
By Ellen Brown
“If we don’t get our act together very soon, we should all be brushing up on our Mandarin.” - Continue


Wake Up: STOP Rohingya Abuse
By Nobel Peace trio to Suu Kyi
Three Nobel Peace laureates listened to harrowing tales of tortured women and children in the refugee camps of Cox's Bazar, they could not hold tears back. - Continue


Can We Trust the Corporate Media Banging the Regime-change Drum?
By Jonathan Cook
Most journalists are relying on information provided by western governments, or from groups with strong, vested interests in Assad’s overthrow. - Continue


The People Of East Ghouta Are Living Under al Qaeda Occupation
It's rich to see the western mainstream media talk about the suffering of the people of East Ghouta. - Continue


Occupation 101
Voices Of The Silenced Majority

Must Watch
Award-winning documentary film on the root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. - Continue


Don't Bother... They're Here
By Paul Edwards
The American Empire, is now playing out a pathetic absurdist farce before a fascinated and astonished world. - Continue


How the Pentagon Devours the Budget
By William D. Hartung
None of the new money slated to pour into the Pentagon will make anyone safer. - Continue


Guns and Liberty
By Chris Hedges
Historical amnesia blinds us to the endemic violence that defines our culture and is encoded in our national myth. - Continue


The Shooting At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School In Parkland Florida
By Paul Craig Roberts
Many Americans are brainwashed and so gullible that they are not capable of seeing that the evidence completely contradicts the official stories. -  


Eastern Ghouta rebels kill at least 70 Syria gov troops, repelling ground offensive: report

E. Ghouta militants disrupted 1st day of ceasefire & went on offensive – Reconciliation Center

US kills 25 in Syria, mostly women and children

Militants Shell Eastern Ghouta, Syrian Army Doesn't Respond - Russian MoD

Putin orders daily 5-hr truce in Syria: Humanitarian corridor to let civilians leave enclave;

Russia-sponsored truce begins in Syria's Eastern Ghouta

Russia ordered a corridor, manned by the Syrian military be set up through which residents could flee eastern Ghouta

Russia says rebels shelled a "humanitarian corridor" meant to let civilians leave.

Russia rebuffs 'bogus' Syria chemical attack reports

Russia 'Seriously Alarmed' By U.S. Threat of Military Action Against Assad

Turkey Gains Control of Border Strip Inside Syria's Afrin, Sends Special Forces

Iraq: Two children killed in landmine explosion, west of Anbar

5,000 civilian deaths unaccounted for in US-led strikes in Iraq, Syria: monitor

Iraq: Kirkuk not as liberated from IS as claimed

Iraq opposed to to U.S. base transfer from Turkey to Kurdistan

Saudi airstrike kills 20 Riyadh-backed forces in Yemen: Military source

Saudi kills five civilians in Yemen: Reuters witness

Saudi king replaces military chiefs in shake-up

Former aide denied bail in Netanyahu fraud inquiry: police

Israeli PM Netanyahu 'cannot cling on to power much longer': Netanyahu's days in office are numbered as police investigate two new corruption probes.

Church of Holy Sepulchre Crisis: Israel Burns Its Bridges With the Christian World

37 militants killed in Cameroonian-Nigerian offensive

Egypt says 3 troops killed fighting militants in Sinai

Two Nigerian soldiers killed in Boko Haram attack

Tribal clashes kill 2 civilians in Libya

Ethiopia Authorities Order Security Forces to Quell Protests

13 killed in N. Afghanistan

Afghan Taliban calls for direct talks with the US; The Taliban said it "calls on American officials to talk directly to the Political Office of Islamic Emirate regarding a peaceful solution to the Afghan quandary"

Afghan Govt Responds To Taliban’s Talks ‘Offer’: The Afghan government said it has no preconditions for peace talks with the Taliban

India and Pakistan residents FLEE homes as fears of World War Three intensify

North Korea Says It's Open To Talks With US

Trump sees talks with NKorea only under 'right conditions'

Mnuchin: New sanctions coming for Russia, North Korea

Sabotaging Russia at the Olympics: The two Russian doping cases at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics are strange and suspicious

Watch: Corbyn wants new post-Brexit customs union with EU

US investors scramble to keep Russians from taking over refineries from Texas to Maine

Theresa May will hand out £1bn in 'cash for votes' DUP deal without Parliament's prior approval

Corbyn's Brexit speech enhances his standing as UK prime minister in waiting

Venezuela and Russia Are Collaborating on Cryptocurrency

Top Lawmakers Call for Investigation of DEA-Led Unit in Mexico that resulted in dozens, perhaps hundreds, of deaths.

Asylum seekers are likely to be sent back to their home countries to be tortured or killed.

Capitol Police arrest scores of Catholic nuns and leaders calling for immigration reform

Texas police SHOOT hero who had disarmed gunman holding 100 people hostage in a church

Armed Extremist Militia Group Urges Members To Stand Guard Outside Of Schools

Americans Are Horrified by Mass Killings — Unless the Government Is Doing It

Trump announces re-election campaign and Brad Parscale as campaign manager

Rick Gates' testimony could be 'the end' of the Trump Presidency, says Watergate lawyer

US State Dept pledges $40mn of military funds for 'information wars'

Don’t Feed the Russian Troll Hysteria: The "information warfare" described in Friday’s indictment is not an existential threat to American democracy.

Trump Reluctant to Overrule FBI, Give Kushner Security Clearance: Kushner persistent failed to pass an FBI background check.

US Supreme Court refuses to hear Trump bid to end DACA

Trump reportedly wants drug dealers to face the death penalty

Mass Protests for Net Neutrality Planned Across US for Tuesday

U.S. Consumer Confidence Is at 17-Year High

Amazon Made $5.6 Billion in Profits Last Year and Reportedly Paid Zero American Dollars in Federal Taxes


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