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"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people" - John Adams - Second President - 1797 - 1801


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590"


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,487

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001


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Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died


Madeline Albright: Is The Price Worth It?






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Video And Audio


Obey: The Routine Of Obedience

"This film was absolutely WONDERFUL! It is inspiring and maddening"

Authority & Expectations

Smart and provocative young veteran, Wray Harris, unlocks the sufferings served by the Iraq war.

"I Am An American Indian Patriot"

"We live in a prisoner of war camp, that's why they call it a reservation"

A Pantomime World

By Adam Curtis

A fake bubble of certainty that has imprisoned us in the west - and is now preventing us from understanding what is really going on in the world outside.

The Power of Nightmares

By Adam Curtis

In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares.

“How we can solve the Palestinian-Israeli problem”,
  “I simply got tired of western mainstream media presenting the Palestinian-Israeli issue as being complex."

Miko Peled Debunks Jewish Myths

"If Anybody here, came hoping to hear a balanced presentation, then they are going to be sorely disappointed.

"Political Fraud"

Indoctrination By Propaganda Works

Lifting the Veil:
Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy

This film explores the historical role of the Democratic Party as the “graveyard of social movements”.

Surviving Progress

The film connects financial collapse, growing inequality and global oligarchy with the sustainability of mankind itself.

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

A brief and crucial history of the United States

The Most Honest Three and a Half Minutes of Television. Ever......?

Scene of the new HBO series The Newsroom.

U.S. Helicopter Blasts Afghan Man to Pieces...
As The Pilot Sings 'Bye, Bye Miss American Pie'

It is the horrific moment an Afghan man is blown apart by a US missile.

The Power Principle

Simply brilliant. - This is probably the best film ever made about American foreign policy.

Managing Public Perception - Psywar

The real battlefield is your mind.

The Century of the Self

How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate mass-consumer society.

Why We Fight

What are the forces that shape and propel American militarism?

Norman Finkelstein: American Radical

Probing, definitive documentary about Jewish-American political scientist Norman Finkelstein

Stop the Machine!!!!!:
A brief and crucial history of the United States.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

Bill Moyer's 1987 scathing critique of the criminal subterfuge carried out by the Executive Branch of the United States Government

Lives In The Balance : Jackson Browne

"You might ask what it takes to remember
When you know that you've seen it before
Where a government lies to a people
And a country is drifting to war "

American Drug War - The Last White Hope

How money, power and greed have corrupted not just drug pushers and dope fiends, but an entire government.

How American News Media Works In Favor Of Israel
The Fourth World War

Documentary of radical resistance to global capitalism

The Israel Lobby

Does the United States in fact keep Israel on its feet? And how long will it continue to do so?

John Pilger: 'The War on Democracy'

The story of great power behind its venerable myths. It allows us to understand the true nature of the so-called war on terror".

Dick Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire

Dick Cheney reveals the reasons why invading Baghdad and toppling Saddam Hussein wouldn't be a great idea.

Poison DUst

Poison DUst tells the story of young soldiers who thought they came home safely from the war, but didn't.

John Pilger: Truth Game

The worldwide propaganda surrounding the nuclear arms race is scrutinised.

The Road To Guantanamo

Three young British Muslims tell the story of how they came to be in US custody at Guantánamo for over two years, and discuss the Kafkaesque horrors that awaited them there


"I Witnessed The Degradation And Murder Of Detainees":

A prisoner of the "war on terror" disturbing allegations of mistreatment and murder.

Global Dimming

It reveals that we may have grossly underestimated the speed at which our climate is changing. At its heart is a deadly new phenomenon.

 An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore's Documentary on the dangers of climate change and global warming


America Freedom to Fascism

Startling facts about our laws, raising critical issues that Americans must consider if they are to be a free people.


Despotism & Democracy : Video

Explains how societies and nations can be measured by the degree that power is concentrated and respect for the individual is restricted.














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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'If you think there is freedom of the press in the United States, I tell you there is no freedom of the press... They come out with the cheap shot. The press should be ashamed of itself. They should come to both sides of the issue and hear both sides and let the American people make up their minds' - Bill Moyers
Without an unfettered press, without liberty of speech, all of the outward forms and structures of free institutions are a sham, a pretense -- the sheerest mockery. If the press is not free; if speech is not independent and untrammeled; if the mind is shackled or made impotent through fear, it makes no difference under what form of government you live, you are a subject and not a citizen - William E. Borah
"The foulest damage to our political life comes not from the 'secrets' which they hide from us, but from the little bits of half-truth and disinformation which they do tell us. These are already pre-digested, and then are sicked up as little gobbits of authorised spew. The columns of defence correspondents in the establishment sheets serve as the spittoons." - E. P. Thompson, British historian
" When everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking.": John Wooden


Syria: 12 civilians martyred in a new massacre committed by US-led Coalition in Hasaka

Syria: US-led coalition attacks a military position in the countryside of al-Boukamal

Foreign Ministry: Persistence of US-led coalition in committing crimes in Syria shows Security Council’s negligence in enforcing international law


Western Complicity in Saudi Arabia's Dirty War in Yemen
By John Wight
War on Yemen is a dirty war, waged by a Western-supported Saudi kleptocracy in the name of clerical fascism. Continue


French Forces, Saudi-led Coalition Cooperate to Fight Houthi in Yemen
By Al Bawaba
French special forces are reported to be working with the UAE military in Yemen. Continue


Scapegoating Iran
By Chris Hedges
The endless wars in the Middle East are the biggest strategic blunder in American history and herald the death of the empire. Continue


Assad: US, Israeli, Turkish Troops Occupying Syria
Syria will support “any act of resistance, whether against terrorists or against occupying forces regardless of their nationality,” Assad said. Continue


The Anti-Empire Report

By William Blum
I personally believe, that Hugo Chávez was indeed murdered by the United States. Continue


We Need an Anti-War Party
By Paul Blest
Senators filed bill that would prevent Trump from withdrawing troops from the Korean peninsula. Continue


Desperate Asylum Seekers Are Being Turned Away by U.S. Border Agents Claiming There’s “No Room”
By Debbie Nathan
Border Protection agents are systematically violating U.S. and international law Continue


Bringing Julian Assange Home
By John Pilger
The persecution of Julian Assange must end. Or it will end in tragedy. Continue


Iraq; Turkish army says strike killed 35 PKK members

Six Islamic State members killed in checkpoint in Diyala

Four Islamic State members killed in an operation, northeast of Baquba

Syrian Air Force hits ISIS hard in southeast Homs

Top Syrian general visits troops in southwest Syria ahead of offensive

Russian official warns US not to take ‘tough measures’ against Syrian Army in southwest Syria

Syrian Army Strengthens Anti-Aircraft Defenses in Southern Areas

More than 25 Houthis killed in clashes in Al-Baydah province in Yemen

French special forces on the ground in Yemen: Le Figaro

France is not participating in Yemen’s Hodeideh battle

Saudis, U.S. Ignore Famine Warning in Besieged Yemen

The U.S. is Exacerbating the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

UN envoy in Yemen for emergency talks

Yemen is the world’s forgotten war: It’s the world’s worst humanitarian disaster

Saudi/UAE Slaughter in Yemen Isn't a Proxy Conflict With Iran

US-Turkey row: American lawmakers urge Mattis to immediately halt ‘inconceivable’ sale of F-35s

More Palestinians Will Die Unless Gaza Becomes Livable

Apartheid state: Israeli public pool separates Bedouin from Jews: A public swimming pool in southern Israel has separate hours for Jews and Bedouin

Watch - Jews against Israel

Trump’s envoy to Jerusalem rejects criticism of Israel’s policies.

Roger Waters Demands Apology After Munich Mayor Called His Criticism of Israel, Support of BDS 'Anti-Semitic'

Ramzy Baroud Is Stateless: Despite his U.S. citizenship, the Palestinian author can’t return to the place he grew up.

Apartheid Propaganda; Leaked Video: IDF General Warns Iran Is Preparing to Attack Israel from Syria

Suicide blasts in Nigeria kill at least 31

Libya: 28 killed as Haftar forces try to reclaim Libyan oil fields from rivals

Eight Kenyan police killed in latest roadside bombing

ISIL blast kills 36 as Afghanistan extends Taliban ceasefire: 36 people, including Taliban, security officers and civilians among the victims in Nangarhar attack.

Troops fire at anti-India protesters in Kashmir; 1 dead

Call me any time: Trump says he gave North Korea's Kim direct number

Why Can’t Democrats Give Trump Credit on North Korea?: In their desire to prove themselves savvy and tough, Democrats are proving myopic.

Trump threatened to send 25 million Mexicans to Japan: Report

Woman shouting 'Allahu akbar' injures two with blade in France

Migrants Rejected by Italy Receive 'Welcome Home' in Spain

MP claims Chancellor Merkel could lose her job as she REFUSES to back down on 'open-door' migrant policy

Russia to supply two batches of rocket engines to US

Opinion: Is The Zeitgeist Finally Shifting In Favor Of Julian Assange?

Eight dead in Nicaragua as gunfire and home blaze break truce

6 police officers shot dead in central Mexico

Mexico: Gangs Cause Pepsi to Close Plant

Watch : Video of Insane Militarized Police Response to Alleged Armed Man:

Why We Should Be Alarmed That Israeli Forces and U.S. Police Are Training Together

Unarmed Man Says Arizona Cops Laughed After Beating Him Bloody: "They laughed at me as I laid on a pool of my own blood, barely conscious," said Jose Luis Conde.

Democrats gain entry to NJ immigration detention center after arguing with cops, 'literally banging on the door': "Now they're asking us to empty our pockets like we're common criminals?" he tweeted. "We are duly elected Members of Congress -- and we want access,"

Democratic Rep. Admits The Child Migrant Crisis ‘Was Kept Very Quiet Under The Obama Administration’

Former CIA and NSA Chief Gets Smacked For Comparing Holocaust To Trump Administration's Immigration Policies

Not In Our Name: Pax Christi USA Deeply Disturbed by Vile Treatment of Immigrants

The US Conference Of Catholic Bishops Takes Stand Against Trump's Immigration Policies

Anthony Ray Hinton Spent Almost 30 Years on Death Row. Now He Has a Message for White America.

The FBI Influenced the Election of a President: The good news is the Deep State seems less competent than we originally feared.

FBI Informant Tried To Entrap Trump Campaign With $2 Million Offer For Hillary Dirt: Roger Stone

Obama Presidential Center to cost taxpayers nearly $200M

The average American needs to earn $22.10 an hour in order to afford a place to live.

June 15, 2018

What's in Trump's 'Deal of the Century'? The Answers are in Plain Sight
By Jonathan Cook
Israel has already started implementing the deal – entrenching “apartheid” rule over Palestinians. Continue


Israeli Lawmaker Proclaims Supremacy of ‘Jewish Race’
By Stuart Winer
"The Jewish people being the Chosen People; the smartest, most special people in the world.” Continue


Senators Move to Prevent Trump from Removing US Troops From South Korea
By Ali Rogin
“I don’t think it’s smart policy for Congress to rely on the word of the president,” the Connecticut Democrat told ABC. Continue


How the Last Superpower Was Unchained
American Wars and Self-Decline

By Tom Engelhardt
Clueless is not a word Americans ordinarily apply to themselves as a country, or a people. Yet how applicable it is. - Continue


In Case You Missed It
US Provides Military Assistance to 73 Percent of World’s Dictatorships
By Rich Whitney
Does the US government actually oppose dictatorships and champion democracy around the world. - Continue


Can the EU Become a Partner for Russia?
By The Saker
All empires are inherently evil and inherently dangerous to any country wanting to be truly sovereign. Continue


Masters Of The Universe: Pepe Escobar
Must Watch
Interview with Pepe Escobar, about a global multipolar world and geopolitical relations. Continue


IMF Warns US of 'Macroeconomic Impact' of Trade Policy Changes
By Agencies
IMF predicts an economic crash by 2020 due to retaliation tariffs following President Donald Trump's tax hike on imports. - Continue


Caging Children, Separating Families: Has the War on Immigration Gone Too Far?
By John W. Whitehead
Rest assured, these same practices will be used against you. Continue


UN Report Says US is a “S*ithole Country”
By John M. Repp
Instead of corporate media basically ignoring the UN report, there should be screaming headlines. Continue


Nicaragua : Open Letter to Amnesty International
Former Prisoner of Conscience Clarifies The Situation in Nicaragua

By Camilo Mejia
I express my unequivocal condemnation of Amnesty International with regards to the destabilizing role it has played in Nicaragua. - Continue


Australia’s Guns: Control, Culture, Bias
With John Pilger
John Pilger, on gun violence, gun culture, and the differences between gun ownership in the US and Australia. Continue


Yemen rebel leader defiant as 39 killed in battle for key port

Arab invasion forces seize entrance to airport in Yemen's main port city

CONFIRMED: Yemen destroys Saudi-led coalition warship

UN rejects plan to demand immediate ceasefire in Yemen port: UN impasse means Saudi-UAE coalition can continue direct attack on Hodeidah port

Fact or propaganda? U.S. rejected UAE request for intelligence support for Yemen operation - UAE official

Turkey says its air strikes kill 26 Kurdish militants in northern Iraq

6 killed as Syrian army bombards rebels in flashpoint southwest region

Russian official warns US not to take ‘tough measures’ against Syrian Army in southwest Syria

Turkey Slams US Demand to Drop S-400 Deal in Exchange for F-35s as 'Blackmail'

Impose sanctions on Netanyahu for Gaza war crimes, says Human Rights Watch

How bulldozers, Bedouin and ethnic cleansing herald the death of the two-state solution

Pakistan Taliban chief Mullah Fazlullah 'killed in drone attack

North Korea has begun to return remains of US troops missing in Korean war, says Trump

Poll: 54 percent of voters say North Korean summit was successful

Russia urges removal of unilateral sanctions against North Korea

War criminal: McCain: Trump halting Korean military exercises a 'bad negotiating tactic'

Trump announces 25 percent tariff on Chinese technology

China fires back at Trump with tariffs on US goods, says it's time to end 'outdated and regressive behavior'

Russia: Norway's request for additional US Marines 'will not remain without consequences'

Court orders Denmark to compensate 18 Iraqis over torture

Refugee children abused and illegally returned at France-Italy border, says Oxfam report

Social mobility in richest countries 'has stalled since 1990s': OECD report says it could take 150 years for a child from a poor UK family to earn national average

Unprecedented: Haley-Backed Candidate for Key UN Human Rights Committee Fails to Win Seat

U.S. expected to retreat from main U.N. rights forum - activists, diplomats: The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told the Council that Washington might leave the body unless a “chronic anti-Israel bias” were removed.

Panama's Former President Martinelli: 'They Want To Kill Me!': The supermarket billionaire had been living in a US$8 million waterfront mansion in Coral Gables when he was taken into custody by U.S. officials earlier this month.

Assembly Declares Inadmissible Prosecution of Rafael Correa

Mexico Has Highest 'Territorial Inequality' In Latin America: The rate of young unemployed people who aren't studying rose from 25 to 33.6 percent in 98 percent of Mexico's municipalities, especially in the state of Oaxaca.

US separates 2,000 children from families at Mexico border

US army to return remains of Native American children a century after their deaths

President Trump unloads on Comey, 'scum on top' of FBI a day after damning IG report's release

Internal CIA Docs: ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ Is Torture

Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Sent To Jail

New York files lawsuit against Trump and his charity over 'persistently illegal conduct'

White House touts IG report: Reaffirms 'president's suspicions'

Lying!': MSNBC's Katy Tur Corners GOP Lawmaker Over His Shameful Fealty to Trump's Dishonesty

Why isn’t anyone talking about the Israeli military coming to Alaska?

Nevada’s most notorious pimp wins Republican primary

Measure to split California into three states qualifies for November ballot

June 14, 2018

The Chomsky Challenge for Americans
By Paul Street
Spiritual death is well underway. Material and physical death for the species is not far off.   - Continue


Singapore Slings and Arrows: How Donald Trump Confounded His Enemies
By George Galloway
For Trump's deepest state enemies this is the greatest threat of them all.   - Continue


The Real Results Of The Trump-Kim Summit - Freeze For Freeze (And Some Amusement)
By Moon Of Alabama
The Obama administration rejected the first offer in February 2015 and another one in April 2016. - Continue


Biggest Obstacle to Trump Dealing with North Korea is His Political Foes at Home
By Finian Cunningham
It remains to be seen if Trump has enough authority over military planners to implement his offer to North Korea.   - Continue


A Victory for Sanity in World Politics
By Robert Scheer
President Trump gave peace a chance like few presidents before him.   - Continue


Truth, Lies and Propaganda
US to Send USD 6.6 mil to While Helmets
"The United States Government strongly supports the White Helmets who have saved more than 100,000 lives, said a statement from State Department.   - Continue


Confronting America the Torturer
By Lawrence Wilkerson
We tortured to produce evidence for war.   - Continue


‘Imagine Outcry If Israelis Were Held in Open Air Prison Like Gaza & 120 Were Shot Dead’
Haley's blaming of Hamas “is just a distraction” and that “it is a form of deception to mislead the people,”   - Continue


Jared Kushner Swore At Israel’s Ambassador For Acting Like He Owned The Place
By Alyssa Fisher
U.S. presidents signed secret agreements with Israel to cover up Israeli nuclear weapons. - Continue


Gun control: Start With the Pentagon and Police
By Monica Hill and Andrea Bauer
The military and police assault weapons are used against people from Standing Rock to Ferguson at home and from Afghanistan to Cameroon.   - Continue


Trauma at the Texas-Mexico Border: Families Separated, Children Detained & Residents Fighting Back
Video and Transcript
"You don’t understand the trauma until you’ve heard like the scream of a mother and child being separated,” - Continue


Huckabee-Sanders Defends Ripping Children From Parents, Because It's "Very Biblical to Enforce the Law"
By Jon Queally
"I know it's hard for you to understand," she said to the reporter, "even short sentences, I guess." - Continue


Comey Was ‘Insubordinate’ in Clinton Probe, Inspector General Finds
By Chris Strohm
FBI officials expressed hostility toward Trump before his election as president.   - Continue


Iraq: Bodies of more than 30 Islamic State members recovered from Euphrates

Six Islamic State members killed in checkpoint in Diyala

Russia Warns "Credible Information" Of Impending Staged Chemical Attack In Syria

Assad says Iran's presence in Syria is not negotiable

US to shell out $6.6mn for White Helmets ‘vital operations’ weeks after promising funding freeze

WHITE HELMETS: The John McCain Connections and is the “Funding Freeze” for Real?

Judge allows US journalist in Syria to challenge inclusion on ‘kill list’

Palestinian teen shot by Israeli soldier: 'My leg is gone': More than half of 15,000 total injuries in Gaza demos since March 30 are from explosive bullets, leading to amputation.

Violence erupts as police respond to Palestinian protests against PA in West Bank

Palestinian president hails UN resolution on Gaza

The International Community Should Not Stand by as Israel Abuses Palestinians

Israel limits entrance of helium into Gaza after balloons scorch south

Hundreds of Israelis Demonstrate Against Home Sale to Arab Family

The Real Story Behind Israel’s “Blooming Desert”

Bay Area Muslim Leader Has Her Award Rescinded by Interfaith Group After Pro-Israel Activists Objected

Jordan's king swears in new cabinet led by ex-World Bank economist

Family of 8 killed in Saudi-led airstrike north of Yemen

39 combatants killed outside Yemen's Hodeida

US stands by as Saudi coalition begins assault on Yemeni port city

UAE ‘forced’ Yemeni president to back Hudaydah operation

At least 15 killed in central Nigeria violence

Clashes kill 5 army soldiers in Libya's oil crescent region

U.S. kills alleged, Al-Qaeda terrorist in Libya

Two stabbed to death in South Africa mosque, attacker killed

Australian soldiers killed Afghan amputee then drank beer from his prosthetic leg

Elite Atrocities: Australia’s Special Forces in Afghanistan

US would like to see ‘major’ North Korea nuclear disarmament in next two years, Mike Pompeo says

US senators grapple with new sub-launched nuke: The U.S. Senate voted against scuttling legislation to force the Trump administration to seek congressional approval for a new low-yield, tactical nuclear weapon.

Only 100 nuclear bombs needed to cause catastrophe around the world: Nations with huge nuclear arsenals are wasting their money because just 100 missiles would be enough to destabilise the globe and kill their own citizens, scientists have said.

S. Korea, DPRK agree to completely restore military communication lines following talks

Vladimir Putin has invited Kim Jong-un to visit Russia in September

Donald Trump Approves Tariffs on About $50 Billion of Chinese Goods

Chinese Warn Of "Immediate" Retaliation

Arrested Tunisian charged of producing biological weapons in Germany : The defendant successfully produced ricin, which is considered as one of the deadliest poisons in the world.

EU endorses counter trade tariffs against the US

Antarctica's Rate of Melting Ice Has Tripled in the Last Decade, Study Says

Judge green-lights U.S. ‘kill list’ lawsuit: A lawsuit challenging the U.S. government's use of a so-called kill list to target suspected terrorists for drone attack overseas can go forward.

New York sues Trump and his charity over 'self-dealing': New York state attorney general, said Trump illegally used the nonprofit as a personal “checkbook” for his own benefit, including his 2016 presidential campaign.

DOJ watchdog's report finds James Comey's actions, FBI employees' anti-Donald Trump texts hurt agency

FBI agent's text disclosed by Justice watchdog: 'We'll stop' Trump from becoming president

DOJ Watchdog Report Takeaway: FBI Hurt Hillary Clinton, Not Donald Trump

Trey Gowdy Finds Out Hillary Clinton REFUSED To Be Interviewed by Inspector General!

President Trump Attacks Credibility Of FBI, DOJ After Watchdog Report

Giuliani: Comey could be prosecuted based on IG report

Debt Servitude: IRS' Private Debt Collectors Are Crushing Poor American Taxpayers

June 13, 2018

Winning the News Cycle: Trump’s Made-for-TV Singapore Summit
By William Rivers Pitt
In Singapore, birds of a fascist feather were indeed flocking together. - Continue


Confusion As North Korea Says US Will Lift Sanctions
By Sharon Marris
North Korea's state media reported that Trump has "expressed his intention" to lift crippling sanctions against the country. - Continue


Bipartisan War Party Panics as Kim Meets Trump
By Jeremy Scahill
U.S. warmongers are in panic mode. The end of the longest continuous war on the planet, the Korean War, may be in sight. - Continue


Iran Is Not North Korea: Trump's Regional Allies Prefer Civil War To Peace
By Trita Parsi
Unlike with Pyongyang, America’s allies in the region are not interested in a diplomatic solution to the Iran issue. - Continue


Putin and Xi top the G6+1
By Pepe Escobar
Trump’s “I don’t give a damn” attitude drove the European leaders assembled in Canada crazy. - Continue


Is Europe Too Brainwashed To Normalize Relations With Russia?
By Paul Craig Roberts
Europe remains subservient to Washington despite everything Trump has done to humiliate Washington’s European vassals. - Continue


120 Countries at UN Condemn Israel Over Gaza Violence
By The News
The resolution won 120 votes in the 193-member assembly, with 8 votes against and 45 abstentions. - Continue


Illegal Israeli actions in Occupied East Jerusalem and Palestine - UN General Assembly
Australia, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Solomon Islands and Togo joined Israel and the United States in voting against the resolution.   - Continue


‘Every Bullet has a Precise Address’ – Another Israeli Journalist Justifies the Massacre
By Jonathan Ofir
We’ve seen this logic before, the one that says that killing Palestinians is good for Palestinians . - Continue


Bernie Sanders’ Criticism Of Israel Is Radical. And He’s Taking It Mainstream
By Aiden Pink
The Israeli government and the American Jewish establishment will be scared out of their minds. - Continue


Understanding Jewish Power
By Philip Giraldi
There is no country that manipulates the U.S. government better or more persistently than Israel. - Continue


Trump Looking to Erect Tent Cities to House Unaccompanied Children
By Franco Ordońez
Those who arrive with their parents are being separated from them and also sent to HHS shelters. - Continue


The Real Economic Numbers: 21.5 Percent Unemployment, 10 Percent Inflation And Negative Economic Growth
By Michael Snyder
If we use the government’s own numbers, there are nearly 102 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now.  - Continue


Islamic State executes 30 members in Syria, near borders with Iraq

Two civilians killed, four soldiers wounded in bomb blasts, northeast of Diyala

Syria: US-Led Coalition Commits 2 Massacres in 24 Hours

IS suicide car bomber kills six rivals in Syria

Syria: OPCW says Sarin was used in March 2017 attack: It did not assign blame for the incidents, in line with its mandate.

Saudi-led coalition warship was possibly sunk and 250 Houthi fighters were reportedly killed in assault on Yemeni city

Four UAE soldiers killed in assault on Yemen's Hudaida

Israel: Apparent War Crimes in Gaza: Human Rights Watch said today

Israeli officials call for snipers to target Gaza's kite flyers

Israel at 70: An Alarming Growth of Racism And Intolerance

The Knesset officially declares that Israeli democracy is for Jews only

Israeli Zionists Plans for the Kingdom of Jordan, Not Good!

Outgoing Israeli general defends his controversial Holocaust Remembrance Day speech: Yair Golan says he was shocked by backlash last year when he compared Israeli societal trends to those of pre-WWII Germany

Hewlett Packard (HP) Faces $120 Million in Potential Losses Due to its Complicity in Israel’s Violations of Palestinian Human Rights

China wants UN Security Council to lift sanctions on North Korea

Kim Jong Un accepts Trump's invitation to Washington:

Peace talks sinks U.S. defense stocks

US Bombing in Korea More Destructive Than Damage to Germany, Japan in WWII

US Navy Preps For War: New "Sea Dragon" Weapon Data Hacked By Chinese

‘Europe united’ should counter ‘America first’, says German foreign minister

Russia’s Real Target Is US Alliances & Ukraine, Not Elections: CIA Veterans : Russia was not seriously trying to get Trump elected in 2016, agreed George Beebe, former head of Russia analysis at the CIA, and fellow CIA veteran Peter Clement, former director of the Office of Russian and Eurasian Analysis.

Putin's words about "consequences for Ukraine's statehood" should be taken "unequivocally": The words of Russian President about "grave consequences for Ukraine's statehood as such" if Kyiv makes any attempt to "liberate" Donbas during the FIFA World Cup should be taken "unequivocally."

Mueller unveils more proof Manafort led Ukraine lobbying in U.S.

Bolton got $115,000 for Ukraine appearances

SNP MPs walk out of Commons in protest over Brexit debate

Brexit: MPs say PM must honour 'assurances' over Parliament's role

Bolivia's Evo Morales to Secure US$1B in Investments During Russia Visit

Colombia: Testimony Links Uribe Family to Paramilitary Group

In case you missed it: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: A 2002 documentary about the April 2002 Venezuelan coup attempt which briefly deposed Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

Nicaragua Reports Opposition Violence to IACHR: The national police say that various organized groups – armed with firearms, mortar shells and Molotov cocktails – have been committing “acts of terrorism” against Nicaraguans.

UW settles suit against CIA over data on Salvadoran Army officer: The CIA has released 139 formerly “secret” or “top-secret” documents relating to America’s relationship with a brutal El Salvadoran army officer during that country’s civil war.

Brazil: Supreme Court Denies Suspension of Lula's Imprisonment

AMLO: Mexico Would Survive Collapse of NAFTA by Focusing on Internal Markets, Rural Economy

Migrant woman says federal authorities took her child as she was breastfeeding at the border: When the mother resisted, she was reportedly handcuffed.

Trump administration to fingerprint parents who claim custody of unaccompanied migrant kids

Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” Crackdown Won’t Stop Border Crossings but It Could Break the Courts

Catholic bishops rebuke Trump’s asylum changes, suggest ‘canonical penalties’

Report: In the Streets with the New Poor People’s Campaign Against Racism and Poverty

Elizabeth Warren: “There Are Not Enough … Democrats Willing to Take On the Billionaire Class”

Josh Schulte: CIA insider gone south or repugnant criminal?

When the CIA Infiltrated a Presidential Campaign: Trump’s allegations about FBI surveillance may be baseless. But it actually happened to Barry Goldwater.

The Mueller Indictments Still Don’t Add Up to Collusion: What’s been revealed so far does not make a compelling brief for collusion.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen likely to cooperate as his attorneys leave case: Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” Crackdown Won’t Stop Border Crossings but It Could Break the Courts

Republican Rep. Steve King Promotes Well-Known Neo-Nazi On Twitter

U.S.: Federal Reserve Raises Intrest Rates, Signals Faster Pace in Coming Years

The Dollar’s Purchasing Power Drops 2.9% in May from Year Ago, Fastest Drop since Nov 2011

Rampant Drug Use On Obama's Air Force One Made "Awkward Hookups With Colleagues Funny And Bizarre

June 12, 2018

Full Text of Trump-Kim Signed Statement
Trump signaled that the U.S. could begin to lift sanctions against North Korea before the "complete denuclearization" of the Korean Peninsula is verified -- possibly long before . - Continue


FULL: President Trump - Kim Jong-un Summit Press Conference
Trump signaled that the U.S. could begin to lift sanctions against North Korea before the "complete denuclearization" of the Korean Peninsula is verified -- possibly long before . - Continue


Trump Played This (Propaganda)Video To Kim Jong-un
Reporters were shown a video, which the US president said he had played it to Kim Jong-un and his aides toward the end of their talks. . - Continue


How Corporate Media Got the Trump-Kim Summit All Wrong
By Gareth Porter
In a private meetings with U.S., North Korean officials presented a concrete plan for a three-phase agreement with the United States on denuclearization. - Continue


A Tale of Two Summits
By Finian Cunningham
The tale of two summits illustrated more than ever an historic shift in the global order. - Continue


Scapegoating Iran
By Chris Hedges
Trump's meeting with Kim is proof positive that this unconventional president, may in fact have the moxie to pull off such an unprecedented undertaking. - Continue


Trump Will Never Get a Better Deal With Iran
By Scott Ritter
Pompeo’s new Iran strategy: to break Iran economically to foster regime change from within, and, failing that, to defeat Iran militarily. - Continue


No, Israel Is Not a Democracy
By lan Pappe
Israel is not the only democracy in the Middle East. In fact, it's not a democracy at all. - Continue


The Corporate Media’s World of Illusions
By Jonathan Cook
Today, the media function like the clergy of old. God may be dead, as Nietzsche observed, but the corporate media has taken his place. - Continue


Why Venezuela and Syria Cannot Fall
By Andre Vltchek
Both countries are presently fighting something enormous and sinister – they are fighting against the entire Western imperialism. - Continue


Hiding The Real Number Of Unemployed
By Pete Dolack
Your government believes that exhausting your unemployment benefits is a cause for celebration — because you are no longer unemployed! - Continue


U.S kills 12 civilians of same family in Syria's al-Hasakah

FSA Terrorists Launch Fiercest Attacks on Foua and Kafraya

Militants preparing gas attack in Syria to initiate US attack — Russian Defense Ministry: Militants of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) with the participation of the US special ops units are preparing a provocation involving chloride in the Syrian Deir ez-Zor province

Torture, starvation, executions: Eastern Ghouta civilians talk of life under terrorist rule

Syria reinforces anti-aircraft defense near Golan

PM Abadi says opposed to repeat of Iraq election

Sadr, Amiri announce Iraqi political alliance: Moqtada al-Sadr and Iranian-backed militia chief Hadi al-Amiri, who won first and second place respectively in Iraq’s May parliamentary elections, announced Tuesday an alliance between their political blocs.

Yemen: 20 Houthi Leaders Killed in Hodeida Battles

MSF Cholera Treatment Centre attacked inYemen

U.N. Pulls Out of City in Yemen, Fearing Bloody Assault by Arab Coalition

Netanyahu and UAE Reportedly Held Secret Meeting in Cyprus to Discuss Iran Nuclear Deal

Netanyahu, White House Working to Drive Wedge Between Palestinians and Gulf States

300 prominent global figures accuse Israel of committing ‘war crimes’

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu questioned by police in another corruption investigation

Israeli minister warns of 'losing millions of Jews to assimilation'

Spanish City Rescinds Invitation to Israeli Orchestra, Ballet Amid Support Surge for BDS

North Korea foreign minister calls Netanyahu “stinking Zionist”

Mali says armed forces kill 10 extremists in Mopti region

Double car bomb suicide attack kills civilians in Libya's Darna

Egypt: 4 Terrorists Killed in Arish Clashes

Burundi peacekeeper killed in CAR rebel attack

Up To 20 Killed In Attacks In Northern, Eastern Afghanistan

Taliban kill governor, take control Afghan district as ceasefire starts

‘Creating new history’: world reacts to landmark US-North Korea summit: China and Russia call for an end to UN’s economic sanctions on the North, while Iran warns Pyongyang about making any nuclear agreements with Washington

Pompeo says North Korea will get ‘unique’ security guarantees

Israeli perspective:: At summit with Kim, Trump abdicated America’s global role – except on Iran: North Korean, Russian and Chinese leaders come out on top in Singapore, while U.S. allies in NATO and the Far East are much less cheerful

Trump praises Kim, slams Trudeau, taunts Iran in historic presser after North Korea summit: Trump says the U.S. 'will be stopping war games' with South Korea: 'I want to get our soldiers out'

How Trump is killing America’s alliances

The Trump-Kim summit is overshadowing a big moment for Taiwan

U.S. sanctions Russian businesses, executives over alleged cyberattacks

Russia to respond to new U.S. sanctions - RIA cites minister

Mueller Scrambles To Limit Evidence After Indicted Russians Actually Show Up In Court

As the G-7 Implodes, SCO Meeting Confirms the New Century of Multipolarity

The Guardian mounts defence of British government lies over Skripals

Man pleads guilty to plot to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper

Three dead in fresh Nicaragua clashes: police

Ecuador's Ex-President Correa Accused of 2012 Kidnapping

Demands grow that Australian government act to free Julian Assange

Outcome of Assange Case Could Undermine the Rights of Millions: If Australia reneges on its obligations to protect Assange and fight for his rights, the implications such actions would hold for every other citizen of the country are as vast as they are chilling.

Why Trump’s Next Pardon Should Be CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou

The end of net neutrality: The US ruling elite escalates campaign of internet censorship

Facebook Is Hiring “News Credibility Specialists” That Will Pass Judgment On Which Sites Are “Credible” And Which Sites Are Not

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made at least $82 million in outside income last year while serving in the White House

U.S. Inflation Accelerates to Six-Year High, Eroding Wages

U.S. Budget Deficit Widens 23% October Through May on Weak Revenue Growth

US Budget Deficit Hits $530 Billion In 8 Months, As Spending On Interest Explodes

Key Articles

ICH: Meet The Man Who Made Trump President

Zionism's Jewish Enemy


Alan Hart Interviews Professor Ilan Pappe, Israel’

US Protection Racket Root of Korea Conflict

By Finian Cunningham

The conflict emanates from Washington and is perpetuated by Washington. Why? To justify what would otherwise be seen as simply outrageous US militarism in the Asia Pacific.

Iran: The Real Story Versus the Cover Story: By Mark H Gaffney

The American people need to know the truth. This is a phony crisis

America's War for Global Domination: by Michel Chossudovsky

The wars on Afghanistan and Iraq are part of a broader military agenda, which was launched at the end of the Cold War. The ongoing war agenda is a continuation of the 1991 Gulf War and the NATO led wars on Yugoslavia (1991-2001).

The Plan is for the United States to rule the world: By David Armstrong

The overt theme is unilateralism, but it is ultimately a story of domination. It calls for the United States to maintain its overwhelming military superiority and prevent new rivals from rising up to challenge it on the world stage.

Lets Not Forget: Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President - By Neil Mackay

A SECRET blueprint for US global domination reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure 'regime change' even before he took power in January 2001.

The president's real goal in Iraq: By JAY BOOKMAN

29 September 2002. - The official story on Iraq has never made sense.

The Project for the New American Century: By William Rivers Pitt

02/25/03 - The Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, is a Washington-based think tank created in 1997. Above all else, PNAC desires and demands one thing: The establishment of a global American empire to bend the will of all nations.

Memo: Bush made intel fit Iraq policy: By WARREN P. STROBEL and JOHN WALCOTT

A highly classified British memo, leaked in the midst of Britain's just-concluded election campaign, indicates that President Bush decided to overthrow Iraqi President Saddam Hussein by summer 2002 and was determined to ensure that U.S. intelligence data supported his policy.

UK Ministers Knew WMD Was "Excuse": By Michael Smith

MINISTERS were warned in July 2002 that Britain was committed to taking part in an American-led invasion of Iraq and they had no choice but to find a way of making it legal.

Iran: The Real Story Versus the Cover Story: By Mark H Gaffney

The American people need to know the truth. This is a phony crisis

Will Iran Be Next?: by Mark Gaffney

Those who have hoped that a U.S. military victory in Iraq would somehow bring about a more peaceful world are in for a rude awakening. The final resolution of this war and the U.S. occupation of Iraq will likely not be the end, rather, only the prelude to a succession of future crises: in Kashmir, Syria, North Korea, and Iran.

Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Off The Map? - Does He Deny The Holocaust?

An analysis of media rhetoric on its way to war against Iran - Commenting on the alleged statements of Iran's President Ahmadinejad .


  "Rebuilding America's Defenses"
Blueprint of the PNAC Plan for U.S. Global Hegemony

Some people have compared it to Hitler's publication of Mein Kampf, which was ignored until after the war was over.
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