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"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people" - John Adams - Second President - 1797 - 1801


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590"


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,487

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

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"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell

"The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles": Mahatma Gandhi: Indian leader, 1869-1948


"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." -  Plato


"When I was growing up, it was 'Communists'. Now it's 'Terrorists'. So you always have to have somebody to fight and be afraid of, so the war machine can build more bombs, guns, and bullets." - Cindy Sheehan

" Democracy has become a business plan, with a bottom line for every human activity, every dream, every decency, every hope. The main parliamentary parties are now devoted to the same economic policies - socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor - and the same foreign policy of servility to endless war. This is not democracy. It is to politics what McDonalds is to food." - John Pilger


"The real world is where the monsters are." -  Rick Riordan



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How to End the Korea Crisis
By Ron Paul
We don’t need to be fans of North Korea to be skeptical of the war propaganda delivered by the mainstream media. - Continue


Western Propaganda in Southeast Asia — a True “Success Story”
By Andre Vltchek
The entire Southeast Asia is imprisoned in the tight straightjacket of Western and Japanese pro-Western propaganda. - Continue


Russia Was The Target of Nato's Own Fake News
By Mary Dejevsky
And the Russians are enjoying a rare last laugh. - Continue


Syria - U.S. CentCom Declares War On Russia
By Moon Of Alabama
The Russian Ministry of Defense accused the U.S. military in east-Syria of direct collaboration with the Islamic State. - Continue


A Failing Empire: Russia and China's Military Strategy to Contain the US
By Federico Pieraccini
The old doctrine of wreaking chaos on the world, with a view to emerging once the dust settles down as the world's hegemonic power, now seems like a distant memory. - Continue


Trump Is Playing With Fire
By Abdel Bari Atwan
Trump and Israel want war against Iran, but it won’t be one-sided. - Continue


Updated - America's Jews Are Driving U.S. Wars
By Philip Giraldi
Phil Giraldi fired by The American Conservative. He was told that “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars” was unacceptable. - Continue


US To Obscure Arms Exports After Pentagon ‘Pipeline’ To Syria Exposed
By Finian Cunningham
Trump’s touted concern about terrorism at the UN was a cynical “hoax”. - Continue


Light at the End of the Tunnel
By Professor Francis A. Boyle
If not so restrained by civil resistance, the U.S. government could very well precipitate a Third World War. - Continue


US Provides Military Assistance to 73 Percent of World's Dictatorships
By Rich Whitney
Does the US government actually oppose dictatorships and champion democracy around the world, as we are repeatedly told? - Continue


The Abuses of History
By Chris Hedges
As a nation founded on the pillars of genocide, slavery, savage war crimes committed to expand the empire, we choose to remember very little. - Continue


US killed 84 civilians near Syria's Raqqa: HRW

Dozens of Civilians Killed When U.S. Bombed a School And a Market in Syria

U.S.-led airstrikes kill 2,617 civilians in Syria: The death toll includes 615 children and 443 women

Russian air strikes kill 45 rebels in Idlib province

Death of Russian general in Syria is result of US hypocrisy – Moscow : Moscow is concerned that while Washington claims it is interested in fighting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS\ISIL) terrorists, it demonstrates quite the opposite.

Satellite images reveal US forces operating freely in ISIS areas

Syrian Army crosses Euphrates River, liberates new town in Deir Ezzor

Iraq: More than fifty IS militants killed in coalition airstrikes in Anbar, Kirkuk

Iraq executes 42 convicts for terrorism

Eight civilians killed, injured in bomb blasts east, south of Baghdad

Iraqi Kurds vote in independence referendum

Kurdish president says partnership with Iraq is over; Baghdad orders Kurdistan region to hand over borders, ports

Iran has shut its border with Iraqi Kurdistan

Erdogan threatens Iraqi Kurds with military action, says may choke oil exports

Putin to meet Erdogan in Ankara on Sept 28: Kremlin

If Putin wants to survive, he needs to keep his military forces out of Syria’. Israel’s justice minister :

Palestinian Government to Convene in Gaza for First Time in Years

UN: War forcing Yemen families to live in caves

Sudan: 26 Killed as Militia, Human Traffickers Clash

US kills 17 ISIL alleged fighters in Libya

Afghanistan: 43 Taliban killed in US air raid in N Afghanistan

How "ghost soldiers" could frustrate Trump's plans for Afghanistan

North Korea accuses US of declaring war; Ri Yong-ho told reporters in New York that North Korea reserved the right to shoot down US bombersMass rally in Pyongyang after war of words at UN

Trump provokes North Korean counter-threats and heightens war danger

Sadly, North Korea’s Pursuit of Nukes and ICBMs Makes Sense

Merkel wins 4th term as German far-right party makes gains

Venezuela Delivers 10.4 Tons of Aid to Earthquake-Ravaged Mexico

Canada imposes sanctions on key Venezuelan officials

Reuters questions the legality of Canada’s sanctions on Venezuela

Trump regime travel ban extended to blocks on North Korea, Venezuela and Chad

Over 30 Nations Call for End to US Blockade Against Cuba

Read: Bernie Sanders's big foreign policy speech

The Senate’s Military Spending Increase Alone Is Enough to Make Public College Free

Tucker Carlson: Did Obama know about Comey's surveillance? The media seem less interested in the Obama administration's wiretapping practices than in how Trump described it #Tucker

Trump Cheers the NFL Fans Who Booed Players Taking a Knee During National Anthem

More than 200 protest racism in loud NFL statement; More than 200 NFL players defiantly took a knee during the national anthem at their games Sunday — in protest of President Trump, who had ripped the league over the weekend.

Patriots fans rain boos on own players for anthem protest

Hillary Clinton: Women Who Support Trump Are ‘Publicly Disrespecting Themselves’

September 23, 2017

North Korea Addresses United Nations Responds to US President Trump's Speech
Must Watch
"None other than Trump is on a suicide mission" - Trump will pay "dearly" for his speech. - Continue


Veterans For Peace Sends Joint Letter Calling for Peace Negotiations Now
By Veterans For Peace
Millions of lives are in the balance, as is the future of the human species. - Continue


Syria's Deputy PM Speech At UN General Assembly
Video and Transcript
“It is truly unfortunate that these countries that block a solution in Syria are members of this international Organization, including permanent members of the Security Council”. - Continue


The Crazy Imbalance of Russia-gate
By Robert Parry
If the U.S. government and mainstream media are really concerned about foreign influence in American politics, they might look at Israel and other nations. - Continue


US Propaganda on Russian TV
By The Saker
The Neocons are willing to profoundly alienate the potentially most dangerous adversary of the United States on the planet. - Continue


Giving the Deep State More Leeway to Kill With Drones
By Conor Friedersdorf
Trump is poised to compound the most grave moral failing of his predecessor. - Continue


The Erosion of Empathy
By Simon Baron Cohen
How is it possible to treat a person as a mere object? - Continue


Trump's War of Words With Black Athletes
By Adam Serwer
Trump urged NFL owners to fire players who protest. “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out. He’s fired. He’s fired!” - Continue


Iraq:Islamic State executes 27 members after fleeing Anbar

Southern Baghdad blasts leave 9 dead and injured: security

Iraq, U.N. reiterate opposition to Kurdistan independence

Fresh airstrikes in Syria’s Idlib kill 12 civilians

French soldier killed in Iraq-Syria military zone, Élysée Palace says

US-backed Forces Push For Syrian Oil

US-backed SDF says it took Syria's largest gas field from IS

Syria reserves right to respond any violation to territorial unity of country: Syrian Foreign Minister

Iran successfully test-fires new ballistic missile: Video

After Trump speech, entire G-77 backs Iran deal

Propaganda, lies and distortions: North Korea developing nuclear weapons for Iran in secret £2bn deal - Trump backer

Russia: Destroying Iran Nuclear Deal Would Undermine Korea Negotiations

Fact or fiction: 170 Yemen rebels killed within last three days ; Yemeni army said

Trump Could Be Guilty of War Crimes After an American Bomb Killed Yemeni Children

UN: 21m Yemeni people need emergency aid

Darfur clashes kill 3 as Bashir urges reconciliation

31 Taliban Fighters Killed In Kunduz, Faryab Operations

9 killed in eastern Afghan clash

Trump, Ghani agree U.S. can help develop Afghanistan's rare earth minerals: The U.S. is looking for ways to offset the billions of dollars spent every year in propping up the government in Kabul

US bombers and fighter jets fly off North Korea coast: It is also the farthest north of the country's Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that any US military plane has flown over in the 21st century.

N. Korea says rockets to US ‘inevitable’ after Trump insults Kim

China imposes "limits" on oil supply to North Korea

1,400 Rohingya children crossed the Myanmar border to Bangladesh without their parents

Trump Regime Is Looking to Make It Easier to Kill More People: Trump is reportedly poised to kill more people in more countries around the world, from Nigeria to the Philippines.

The Erosion of Empathy; How is it possible to treat a person as a mere object?

Morgan Freeman Psy-Op Proves How Desperate The 'Deep State' Has Become

Unknown Oil & Gas Deal Just Changed The Global Energy Balance

German arms manufacturer to stop selling guns to Israel

Spain Sends Enforcers to Stop Catalan Vote as Police Unity Frays

Spain Accuses 2 Catalan Independence Leaders of Sedition

Airport Police Demanded An Activist’s Passwords. He Refused. Now He Faces Prison in the UK.

Venezuela ‘Has & Will Have’ Cash, Makes $185M Debt Payment

Video Shows Cop Shoot Man 7 Times : Warning: Graphic Content

Propaganda, lies and distortions: Russians targeted Pennsylvania election system, state told : The Wolf administration says neither it nor the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has any evidence of a breach of the state's election systems

Outlets That Scolded Sanders Over Deficits Uniformly Silent on $700B Pentagon Handout,

Chris Paul: Trump isn't 'man enough' to call athletes 'son of a b----' to their face


September 22, 2017

Barbarism and Shame: Why the US Refuses a Korea Peace Treaty
By Finian Cunningham
The US is more interested in maintaining conflict on the Korean Peninsula than pursuing peace. - Continue


Uncle Sam vs. Russia in Eastern Syria: the Nightmare Scenario
By Mike Whitney
This operation has Washington’s fingerprints all over it. - Continue


Pentagon is Planning a New War Against Syria
By Thierry Meyssan
The Pentagon is preparing a war against Syria with a new army, which, this time, will be composed around Kurdish forces. - Continue


Russian Special Forces Repel a US-planned Attack In Syria Denounce the USA and Issue a Stark Warning
By The Saker
The hoax “war on terror” has turned America into a Gestapo state. - Continue


Tucker v Rob Reiner: Russia's Invasion of our Democracy
Tucker takes on the famed Hollywood director over his formation of the group, The Committee to Investigate Russia. - Continue


The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime
By Lars Schall and Douglas Valentine
Everything the CIA does is illegal, which is why the government provides it with an impenetrable cloak of secrecy. - Continue


How the US Became a Warmonger Police State
By Paul Craig Roberts
The hoax “war on terror” has turned America into a Gestapo state. - Continue


Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism Is Destroying Our Democracy
By Christopher Lydon
"We have constructed a perfect storm. That should be the screaming headlines every day." Chomsky. - Continue


U.S. Ties Noose Around Neck Of Venezuela’s Economy
By Manlio Dinucci
Venezuela’s decision to free the price of oil from the dollar, is making the entire imperial palace, founded on the dollar, tremor. - Continue


Iraq: Over twenty IS militants killed as locations shelled in Salahuddin

UN Security Council warns against holding Iraqi Kurd vote

Kurdistan News: Only Israel supports Kurdistan Referendum says Iraqi Prime Minister

Iran to close borders with Kurdistan after referendum

Fresh airstrikes in Syria’s Idlib kill 12 civilians: Ongoing airstrikes in northwestern Idlib province leave 35 civilians dead within last 96 hours

Russian sub hits terrorist group with Kalibr missiles after military police attacked

Syrian Army advances within 6km of ISIL’s last stronghold in Raqqa

Race to Syria’s largest oil field reaches critical stages: map

Syrian Government Troops Capture Key Village On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates – Reports

LAVROV: Russia will not allow a partition of the Syrian Arab Republic

Russia Warns U.S. Special Forces in Syria That it Will Fire on Them If Provoked

Lest we forget: How the Pentagon paid a British PR firm $500 million for top secret Iraq propaganda

Russian Defense Ministry: 87% of Syrian territory liberated from ISIS

Syrian Army crosses the Euphrates, milestone on road to sovereignty

Israeli Airstrikes Near Damascus Civilian Airport

Syria Calls Out 'Double Standard' For Israel Nuclear Arsenal

Bomb That Killed 16 Civilians in Yemen Was Made in the U.S.A.; Amnesty International

Abbas Calls For End to ‘Apartheid’ for Palestinians

Evidence of Israeli apartheid, pillage and murder handed to Hague court

Netanyahu Targets Iran to Deflect From Occupation: In his UN speech, Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned Iran 37 times but spoke about Palestine only twice, deflecting attention away from the occupation and giving Israel an external enemy, says Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy

Lies and Propaganda: U.S. Secretary of State: Iran 'Technically Complying' With Nuke Deal, but Remains Destabilizing Force

Russia says U.S. Iran sanctions undermine nuclear deal

Bernie Sanders: Saudi Arabia Is “Not an Ally” and the U.S. Should “Rethink” Its Approach to Iran

Boko Haram kills nine near bombed NE Nigeria camp

'Indian shooting' kills six Pakistanis across border

India using chilli sprays, stun grenades to dissuade Rohingya influx

North Korea: Donald Trump vows to test 'madman' Kim Jong-un 'like never before'

Pyongyang threatens H-bomb test over Pacific Ocean: Kim characterised Trump's speech at the UN General Assembly as "mentally deranged behaviour" and "the most ferocious declaration of a war in history".

North Korea says sanctions threaten survival of its children

Duterte admits ordering wiretapping of alleged narco-politicians

Mass protest in Philippines over Duterte 'dictatorship'

NATO is seeking to revive ?old War climate - Lavrov at UNGA

The Only People Who Still Believe In Russiagate Are Those Who Desperately Need To

Islamophobic U.S. Megadonor Fuels German Far-Right Party With Viral Fake News

Spain sends more police to Catalonia to block referendum

UK PM May Says Brexit Transition Period to Last Around Two Years

European Commission Responds To Theresa May Speech

Brexit: Majority of British people believe UK should stay in the EU, finds latest poll

15 dead as migrant boat sinks off Turkey's Black Sea coast

At least 25 killed after Hurricane Maria hits Caribbean

Puerto Rico residents evacuate after dam fails in Hurricane Maria's wake

Hurricane Maria lashes Turks and Caicos after killing 30 people

More Bases, Military Exercises: The (Para)Military Option Against Venezuela in Action

U.S. not ruling out possible oil embargo on Venezuela: Haley

Whitney Webb : Venezuela Accused Of Drug Peddling After Dropping U.S.’ Petrodollar Trade Scheme

Documents expose how Hollywood promotes war on behalf of the Pentagon, CIA and NSA: US military intelligence agencies have influenced over 1,800 movies and TV shows

Distrustful U.S. allies force spy agency to back down in encryption fight

Florida Residents Warned They’ll Be Ticketed for Hurricane-Damaged Homes

Jeff Sessions: Unaccompanied Minors Who Cross The Border Are ‘Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing’

Warrantless cellphone tracking is unconstitutional, rules D.C. appeals court

Videos show protesters at NY Erdogan speech punched, hit while being removed

VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren scrambles when confronted about wealth, attacks on 1%

McCain comes out against ObamaCare overhaul, dealing blow to GOP’s repeal hopes

Corruption Air: Price used taxpayer-funded jet to get marching orders on repealing Obamacare

Outlets That Scolded Sanders Over Deficits Uniformly Silent on $700B Pentagon Handout

September 21, 2017

The Killing of History
By John Pilger
The revisionism never stops and the blood never dries. - Continue


The US Has New Red Line in Syria — And It’s F*cking Ridiculous
By Darius Shahtahmasebi
The U.S. is unilaterally attempting to prevent the Syrian government from reclaiming its own territory.   - Continue


Syria - Russia Accusing U.S. Of Attacks, Abduction Attempts, Team-play With Al-Qaeda
By Moon Of Alabama
There is an increased possibility of a large scale clash between U.S. and Russian forces.   - Continue


Trump and Netanyahu Made A Complete Fool of Themselves in Front of World Leaders
By David Macilwain
We are being brought to the brink of a nuclear conflict entirely because America will not abandon its demands for “full spectrum dominance”.   - Continue


Listening to The Donald at the UN
By The Saker
The Neocons overthrew Trump and made him what is colloquially referred to as their “bitch”.   - Continue


It Would Be Good If Trump Got His Facts Right
By Robert Fisk
It was Russia’s destruction of Hitler’s military power that broke the Nazis.   - Continue


Sergey Lavrov Speech To UN
Russia rebukes Trump, says to ‘defend’ Iran nuclear deal. - Continue


More Holes in Russia-gate Narrative
By William Binney and ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern
The FBI could still redeem itself by doing what it should have done as soon as the DNC claimed to have been “hacked.” - Continue


Spies, Hollywood And Neocons Team Up To Create New War Propaganda Firm
By Caitlin Johnstone
Don’t let them control your mind. Fight the propaganda machine, disrupt their craven agendas, and wake up the others. - Continue


Trump Pushes US Closer to War
By Jeffrey D. Sachs
Speak out against war. Demand democratic constraint over the US military and oversight by our hapless, so-far useless Congress. - Continue


The Growing Affinity Between Netanyahu’s Israel and the West’s Far-right is Hardly Surprising
By Jonathan Cook
Jewish and white supremacists are counting on a revival of anti-Semitism that will benefit them both. - Continue


Democracy in America Is Pure Fantasy
By Stephen Lendman
All politicians lie, Trump has been co-opted by dark forces in America. - Continue


U.S. Near Bottom in Public Trust of Newsmedia
By Eric Zuesse
Russia rebukes Trump, says to ‘defend’ Iran nuclear deal. - Continue


Over 430 civilians likely killed in August by US in Syrian city, says Airwars.

12 civilians killed in Syria’s Idlib within last 3 days

U.S.-Led Coalition Airstrikes Reportedly Kill Six Civilians on Syria-Iraq Border

Syrian Army expands control over eastern bank of Euphrates River

Russia threatens to attack US-backed forces in Deir Ezzor

US security services behind Al Nusra offensive in Syria’s Idlib – Russian MoD

Iraqi troops recaptures twenty villages in Kirkuk’s Hawija

Mosul, Iraq: 1.74 million refugees in 11 months of war

Tens of thousands mark 3 years since rebel takeover of Yemen capital

European Parliament Opposes Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia

Iran's Hassan Rouhani hits back at Trump in UNGA speech

US Strategic Command chief: Iran adhering to nuclear deal

Germany will strive to save Iran nuclear deal: Gabriel

Netanyahu's Address to UN General Assembly

Libya mass grave discovered near Benghazi

Five policeman killed in Taliban attack in Afghanistan

Russia Expresses Distrust to US Over Helicopters Carrying ISIS in Afghanistan; I identified the distrust that we have in connection with these mysterious helicopters transferring ISIL [Daesh] militants, their weapons, ammunition," Kabulov said.

Trump issues new sanctions on North Korea and claims China is following

Fact or fiction: China tells its banks to stop doing business with North Korea

South Korea approves $8m aid package for North Korea

US allies divided over Trump's threat against North Korea; Abe voiced support for the U.S. stance that "all options are on the table"

Whitney Webb: Oil, Gas, Geopolitics Guide US Hand In Playing The Rohingya Crisis

Lavrov hints US-Russia ‘tit-for-tat’ could end; Lavrov told The Associated Press that he heard positive news in President Donald Trump’s United Nations address: “that the U.S. would not impose its way of life on others.”

Catalan leader presses on with banned vote on split from Spain

French Protesters Stage Fresh Protests to Macron's Labor Law

Hurricane Maria Leaves Puerto Rico Facing Months Without Power

Facebook to release to Congress Russian-purchased ads linked to 2016 election

Internet censorship and government war plans: Obama adviser Samantha Power calls for crackdown on social media

Are you being watched? FinFisher government spy tool found hiding as WhatsApp and Skype

Major U.S. Detention Center Sued for ‘Exploiting’ Detainees; Washington state has sued one of the largest private immigration-detention centers for allegedly paying detainees $1 a day for work

Seventy % Dissatisfied With Way U.S. Is Being Governed

September 20, 2017

Descent into Barbarism: Trump Makes Virtue Out of War And Genocide at The UN
By Finian Cunningham
Trump’s warning to “totally destroy North Korea is advocating the genocide of an entire people.”   - Continue


More Thoughts on Trump’s UN Declaration of War Against Iran and North Korea
By Paul Craig Roberts
The US has become the 4th Reich.   - Continue


Trump’s “Mein Kampf” Tirade at the United Nations
By Bill Van Auken
The fact that nobody in the assembly moved for Trump’s arrest as a war criminal, or even told the fascistic bully to sit down and shut up, is a measure of the bankruptcy of the UN itself.   - Continue


Unmasked: Trump Doctrine Vows Carnage For New Axis of Evil
By Pepe Escobar
North Korea, Iran, Venezuela are targets in "compassionate" America's war on the "wicked few."   - Continue


Where Are the Brave Military Voices Against Forever War?
By Maj. Danny Sjursen
Only don’t rule out cowardice.  - Continue


US Reckless War Bluff
By Finian Cunningham
American delusion of invincibility is one big catastrophic bluff.   - Continue


President Hassan Rouhani Speech at UN
"Iran does not threat anybody and the same way will not bend to anybody’s threat."  - Continue


President Mahmoud Abbas Speech at UN
Video and Transcript
It will either be the independence of the state of Palestine, or equal rights for all of the inhabitants of the land of historic Palestine from the river to the sea.   - Continue


Bolivia's President Condemns Terrorism and Capitalism in UN Address
President Morales slammed the double standards of the U.S. President Donald Trump in his speech.  - Continue


BRICS – Potential and Future in an Emerging New World Economy
By Peter Koenig
The west has practically committed suicide with its constant wars for greed and dominance.  - Continue


Freedom Is a Myth: We Are All Prisoners of the Police State’s Panopticon Village
By John W. Whitehead
“At this moment individuals are being drained of their personalities and being brainwashed into slaves...".  - Continue


Tucker Carlson: Something Ominous is Happening in Washington
Our officials are colluding with each other to lie to the public for political reasons.   - Continue


850 jihadists killed as Russian warplanes help Syrian Army repel Idlib offensive

Syria is a ‘Laboratory’ for the Air War of the Future

Syria offers preferential trade to Russian business

Iraq: Over 40 persons killed, injured in suicide attack, northern Salahuddin

Iraqi troops kill more than twenty IS militants in western Anbar

Saudi kills 9 civilians in NW Yemen

Rotten to the core: Saudi, UK sign military cooperation deal

Trump's 'Ignorant' UN Speech is 'Unworthy of a Reply': Iran

‘No One Will Trust’ U.S. if Trump Ends Nuclear Deal, Iran’s President Says

France's Macron says mistake to pull out of Iran nuclear deal

Trita Parsi; Trump is conflating Pyongyang with Tehran. The results could be catastrophic

Over 100 Nations Sign Nuclear Weapons Ban Opposed By US, Israel

Nuclear powers refrain from signing UN treaty on banning nukes

Hezbollah has 10,000 troops facing Israel's Golan frontier, claims commander

UN must try to end Israeli occupation 'within set timeframe': Abbas

Palestinians submit Israel 'war crime' evidence to ICC

Two Chicago pols break over BDS, as U.S. Jews divide over Israel

Richard Silverstein: To love and lie in LA: Bahrain, Israel and the ultimate faithwash scam

Libya: 3 civilians killed by landmine bast in Benghazi

Hundreds Sudanese killed, displaced after floods

12 dead, 92 missing in DR Congo floods

18 insurgents killed in northern Afghanistan

Japan's Abe says time for talk is over on North Korea

South Korea says Trump's warning to North Korea 'firm and specific'

No, We Cannot Shoot Down North Korea’s Missiles

Bangladesh army steps in as Rohingya Muslims suffer amid heavy rainfall

How Bangladesh sold its future to the Gulf states: Why millions of migrants pay a heavy price to keep some Arab nations afloat

Two more men arrested over London tube blast

Spanish national police raid Catalan government headquarters

Spain seizes 10 million Catalan ballot papers

Catalan president says Madrid is suspending region’s autonomy

Mexico City earthquake: More than 225 killed as buildings reduced to rubble

Drone Footage Captures Earthquake Devastation in Mexico

7 Deaths Confirmed After Maria Ravished Dominica

Hurricane Maria slams Puerto Rico as strongest storm to hit island since 1932

Puerto Rico Completely Without Power as Maria Rages

‘He Can’t Hear You!’: Deaf Man Shot Dead by Oklahoma City Police as Neighbors Scream in Horror

Trump Wants to Increase Killing With More CIA Drone Strikes

US has record total for arms sales in FY17: The U.S. State Department has set a new one-year record for clearing weapon sales, with $75.9 billion cleared by the department

Judge Napolitano: Donald Trump Caught in Wiretap at Trump Tower

Rotten to the core: After Failing to Prosecute Bankers, Obama Cashes In With Wall Street Speeches: The former president is reportedly raking in $400,000 per speech to massive financial firms

Watch: Dreamers turn on Pelosi : As the battle over DACA continues, Dreamers shut down a news conference by Nancy Pelosi

Fox News Takes Back the Lead as Most-Watched Cable Network

Blowing the whistle on the meat industry: An insider's account of work pressures in the slaughterhouse.

September 19, 2017

Trump Vomits Hatred All Over The United Nations General Assembly
Video & Transcript
US may 'have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea'.   - Continue


Trump's UN Speech Was Tailored For Americans That Were Born Yesterday
By Chris Rossini
If only the president's words were true.  - Continue


Korea Solution Needs US to Sign a Peace Treaty
By Finian Cunninham
Clearly, the US rulers cannot be trusted   - Continue


Netanyahu Speech At UN
Netanyahu warned of a "vast Islamist Iranian empire" if the Iranian nuclear deal is not fixed or nixed.  - Continue


America's Jews Are Driving U.S. Wars
By Philip Giraldi
To touch the live wire of Israel and American Jews guarantees a quick trip to obscurity.  - Continue


Military Defeat as a Financial Collapse Trigger
By Dmirty Orlov
The function of the US military is to intimidate other countries.  - Continue


The Senate’s Military Spending Increase Alone Is Enough to Make Public College Free
By Alex Emmons
U.S. military spending would exceed the total spending of its next 10 rivals put together.  - Continue


Suu Kyi 'Burying Head in Sand' Over Rohingya Crisis
By Saif Khalid
Amnesty accuses her of victim blaming.  - Continue


Rohrabacher vs. The Machine
By Mike Whitney
The media is doing its level-best to bury the Rohrabacher story.  - Continue


We Are Seeing the Shock Doctrine in Effect After Hurricanes Harvey & Irma
By Naomi Klein
So, this is the extreme world—we’re catching a glimpse of it.  - Continue


Iraq: Over 40 persons killed, injured in suicide attack, northern Salahuddin

Five persons killed, injured in northern Baghdad IED blast

Kurdistan News: Iraq’s top court orders suspension of referendum

Airstrikes kill 7 civilians in Syria's Idlib, Hama

Twin suicide bombings kill 3 in Syria’s Hasakah

Protest in Aleppo’s al-Sfeira condemning US-led coalition’s massacres against civilians

US military closes outpost in southeastern Syria, ceding territory to Iranian proxies

Syrian Army Develops Advance On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates

Russian top brass calls on US to not hamper Damascus’ fight against terrorism

Yemen; US facing court challenges from drone 'kill list' survivors

UN decries killing of civilians in Yemen's brutal conflict

Netanyahu: Trump Administration Wants to Fix Iran Nuclear Deal :The U.S. Administration wants to amend the nuclear deal with Iran, and Israel has proposed a way of doing so, Netanyahu said

Netanyahu says he offered Trump a way to fix Iran nuclear deal

UN's list of companies linked to settlements to be published despite Israeli, US pressure

Robert Fisk; If Nikki Haley doesn't drop her nonsensical pro-Israeli propaganda line at the UN, she could cause real problems for Lebanon

At least 25 dead in S Sudan oil state battle

Suspected Boko Haram suicide bombers kill 15 in northeast Nigeria

Why were 39 Burundian refugees shot dead in the DRC?

Afghanistan: Commanders among 15 rebels killed in Farah offensive

At UN, Trump says US may have to 'totally destroy' North Korea

Mattis: Use of tactical nuclear weapons discussed with South Korea

U.N. chief says statesmanship needed on North Korea, takes digs at Trump

North Korea ambassador walks out of UN assembly in boycott of Trump's speech

Chinese-Russian naval drills begin off North Korea

New satellite imagery shows 214 villages of Rohingyas almost totally destroyed

Israeli support for Myanmar is the natural alliance of regimes based on ethnic supremacy

Bangladesh evicts Rohingya from roadside camps as space runs out

Aung San Suu Kyi addresses nation on Rohingya violence in Myanmar

Aung San Suu Kyi's speech a 'mix of untruths and victim blaming', says Amnesty International

Suu Kyi 'burying head in sand' over Rohingya crisis: Refugees reject Aung San Suu Kyi's claim that Rohingya are safe in Myanmar

Video: Bangladesh PM on her meeting with Trump

Putin orders to end trade in US dollars at Russian seaports

Wikileaks Publishes "Spy Files Russia" Detailing Russia's Mass Surveillance System

Plain-clothes SAS troops deployed on London Underground with ‘shoot to kill’ orders

More than 40 million people trapped in slavery: New global estimate: Almost three out of every four slaves were women and girls and one in four was a child

Here are the 3 nations in Trump's new 'Axis of Evil'

Trump Threatens Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Iran at UN

Trump: US ready to take further action in Venezuela

Morales Says Trump Seeks to Destroy Anti-Imperialist Leaders

International Tourism to the U.S. Declined in Early 2017

Paul Craig Roberts; Trump’s UN Speech: I listened to part of Trump’s UN speech this morning. I was so embarrassed for him and for my country that I had to turn it off.

Trump Administration Rejects Study Showing Positive Impact of Refugees

Three arrested in violent Georgia Tech protests after police kill student

Student made 911 call about suspicious man on campus before being fatally shot by police

Senate backs massive increase in military spending: The U.S. Senate passed its version of a $700 billion defense policy bill on Monday, backing President Donald Trump's call for a bigger, stronger military

Aides to Trump: America Needs to Police the World to Protect Corporate Interests

How Trump’s advisers schooled him on globalism

Donald Trump took $107 million promised to charities ... and kept it

Watch: Maxine Waters calls Tucker a racist for asking how she got so rich on a lawmaker’s salary

Clinton Won't Rule Out Questioning 2016 Election, But Says No Clear Means To Do So

War criminal: Hillary Clinton just floated the possibility of contesting the 2016 election

Trump lawyer to meet with Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday in Russia probe

US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman

Toys ‘R’ Us Collapses Into Bankruptcy Thanks to Crushing Debt

September 18, 2017
Starve Them to Death: Wall Street Journal’s Solution to North Korea
By Mike Whitney
 The WSJ editors think that depriving people of enough food to stay alive is humane?   - Continue


How The Military Defeated Trump's Insurgency
By Moon Of Alabama
It is indisputable that the generals are now ruling in Washington DC.   - Continue


America’s Slow-motion Military Coup
By Stephen Kinzer
Being ruled by generals seems preferable to the alternative. It isn’t.   - Continue


Israeli Website Claims ISIS Commander Revealed As Mossad Agent
By Whitney Webb
The man they had captured, Ephraim Benjamin, was an agent of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service.   - Continue


Netanyahu Is Meeting Trump To Push For War With Iran
By Trita Parsi
Netanyahu will present an argument that Trump already has come to accept.   - Continue


Watch: Trump’s First U.N. Appearance
Ambassador Nikki Haley, introduced Trump, and it would be charitable to describe the welcoming applause as “light.”   - Continue


The Silencing of Dissent
By Chris Hedges
The elites, including the Democratic Party leadership, have decided to quash public debate.   - Continue


Why Politicians Lie
By Ron Paul
Politicians are known to be avid liars. Why is that?   - Continue


Whatever Happened to America?
By Paul Craig Roberts
Identity Politics divides a population into hate groups.   - Continue


How I Believe Facebook Was Censoring My Political Speech
By Philip Giraldi
Forget China, the Internet police are already here in U.S.  - Continue


Militarizing Homeland Security in the Climate-Change Era
By Michael T. Klare
Ambassador Nikki Haley, introduced Trump, and it would be charitable to describe the welcoming applause as “light.”   - Continue


In Bangkok: “No Speak Your Language, Speak Thai or Die”
By Andre Vltchek
Ambassador Nikki Haley, introduced Trump, and it would be charitable to describe the welcoming applause as “light.”   - Continue


First-seen footage of Syrian Army crossing the Euphrates River

Syrian troops battling Daesh advance toward US-backed force

Syrian forces begin new offensive northwest of Deir Ezzor city

US-Led Coalition Accuses Russia of Striking US-Backed Forces Near Deir ez-Zor

The Pentagon Is Spending $2 Billion Running Guns to Syrian Rebels

Vanessa Beeley: Investigation: White Helmets Committing Acts Of Terror Across Syria

Iraq; More than 300 militants killed in Anbar in 5 days

Iraq set to expel 500 wives of Daesh extremists to detention center

Iraqi PM demands suspension of Kurdish independence referendum

France warns against Kurdish independence vote

Israel endorses independent Kurdish state

Baghdad Rejects 'Second Israel',: Baghdad says it will not allow the creation of a “second Israel” following Kurds crowding streets to rally ahead of this month's independence referendum vote.

Iran to be at center of Netanyahu-Trump meeting in New York

Netanyahu to give Trump ‘concrete ideas’ on Iran

Iranian Army chief vows to raze 2 Israeli cities to the ground if it makes ‘tiniest’ mistake

France opens door to strengthen Iran nuclear deal for post-2025

China Opens $10 Billion Credit Line for Iran

Saudi kills 12 civilians in Yemen

Yemen’s Children Are Being Shelled While the World Sits Back: HRW

3 Yemeni policemen killed in al-Qaida attack on security checkpoint

Cardin: Turkey's Purchase of Russian missile system may trigger sanctions: Turkey’s recent purchase of an advanced Russian anti-air weapons system may have violated a U.S. law

UK to supply Qatar with Eurofighter jets in billion-dollar deal

Russia to start moving 50 MiG-29 fighters to Egypt : TASS

Israel and US open first American military base in Israel

Hamas Dissolves its Government Amid Challenge of Forming National Unity Cabinet

Palestinian premier plans Gaza visit after Hamas concessions

Ramzy Baroud: How Palestine’s Bedouins Have Withstood Israel’s Attempts to Uproot Them

Chief Rabbinate telling more and more Israelis they aren’t Jews

Dozens killed after Congo soldiers open fire on Burundi refugees

15 dead as female suicide bombers target Nigerian aid seekers

Libya fighting leaves at least three dead

16 militants killed in northern Afghanistan

Six civilians killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan

4 killed in market explosion in Afghanistan

Over 3,000 new US troops headed to Afghanistan - Pentagon

U.S. jets drop live bombs in a new, massive show of force aimed at North Korea

North Korea: sanctions will speed up nuclear program, Kim Jong-un says

China's Xi, Trump discuss Korean peninsula situation by phone: Xinhua

Trump Administration Wants To Kill More People With CIA Drone Strikes

World hunger increasing for first time since turn of the century

14 Cutting Edge Tech Firms Funded By The CIA

White House looking at a 'stricter' travel ban, McMaster says

St. Louis protests enter fourth day in wake of ex-cop's acquittal

The myths of recovery: Why American households aren’t better off

Harvey’s hit to mortgages could be four times worse than predicted; As many as 300,000 borrowers could become delinquent on their loans after Hurricane Harvey, Black Knight Financial Services says.

War criminal; Obama Goes From White House to Wall Street in Less Than One Year: Obama will be paid about $400,000, according to a person familiar with the arrangement.

Here Are All the Times Donald Trump Bashed the United Nations Before Speaking There


September16, 2017

Why Peace is Alien to the U.S.
By Finian Cunningham
Washington does not want peace in Korea.  - Continue


William Blum on the Korea War
By William Blum
Why did the United States choose to wage full-scale war in Korea?   - Continue


The Politics of Military Ascendancy
By James Petras
The establishment of a military junta within the Trump Administration.  - Continue


In Case You Missed It
Former CIA Agent Blows Whistle On Secret Shadow Government
Why don’t more “whistle blowers” come out to expose illegal or unconstitutional secret government operations?  - Continue


The Russian Hacking Story Continues to Unravel
By Mike Whitney
This is a stunning development that will, in time,  cut through the fog of government propaganda and reveal the truth.  - Continue


GOP Congressman Sought Trump Deal on WikiLeaks, Russia
By Byron Tau, Peter Nicholas and Siobhan Hughes
The CIA “has its limitations” and wanted “to cover their butt by having gone along with this big lie.” Rohrabacher said.  - Continue


Rohrabacher: Someone Leaked 'Very Important' Call With John Kelly Concerning WikiLeaks
By Steven Nelson
Rohrabacher said someone leaked information, possibly to undermine his ability to speak directly with President Trump about.  - Continue


Israel’s Foreign Agents Don’t Register, Why Should Russia’s?
By Grant Smith
A FARA order could mean RT’s departure from the American scene.  - Continue


The Occupation of the American Mind
Video Documentary
This is a film that demands to be seen. It shows, how effective propaganda can hide crimes that are epic in scale.  - Continue


ICH Will Not Provide A Platform For Hatred
By Tom Feeley
Due to troll attacks, it is now necessary to register before making your comment on ICH. - Continue


Car bomb kills three in Iraq's Kirkuk before Kurdish vote

Turkey, US urge Barzani to cancel planned independence referendum

Syrian government forces ‘set to cross Euphrates’

U.S.-backed "Syrian" fighters say will not let government forces cross Euphrates

Assad aide says Syria will fight any force, including U.S.-backed militias

Pentagon: Russia knowingly hit US-backed SDF in Syria; Russia denies targeting alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters in Deir Az Zor as both sides battle ISIL in the province.

After ten days of breaking the siege, Deir Ezzor city is recovering its vitality

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards infiltrated US military, obtained proof of ISIS collusion – commander

Russia Rejects Israeli Request of 70 km Buffer over Iran Militias Presence

Israeli Minister Threatens War With Syria Over Iranian Presence in the Country

20 Houthi rebels killed in coalition airstrikes in Yemen's Medi

Saudi-led airstrike kills 12 civilians in central Yemen

Video: Israeli Occcupation Force Soldiers Assault Woman

The 2014 war through the eyes of Gaza's youth: Six young people from Gaza share their thoughts and experiences living under siege.

Egypt court sentences Morsi to 25 years in Qatar spy case

36 Burundi refugees killed by Congo forces: UN

9 killed in Somali Army and police clashes

Taliban, IS clashes leave 5 dead in eastern Afghanistan

U.S. Plan for New Afghan Force Revives Fears of Militia Abuses: The size of the new force is yet to be finalized, but it could number more than 20,000

The CIA Wants Permission to Kill "Terrorists" in Afghanistan with Drones

US kills 3 people in Pakistan after new strategy declaration

Bangladesh PM seeks help for Rohingya crisis as exodus tops 400,000

Bangladesh restricts movement of 400,000 Rohingya refugees

N. Korea leader says he will complete nuke program

Propaganda alert: U.S. reiterates military action against N. Korea still possible

Watch; These are some of the people trump wants to Kill

Nearly 60% Of Americans Support Killing People In North Korea

Trump stands in front of nuclear bomber to warn Kim Jong-Un

US must stop North Korea threats, says China: Kim Jong-un aims for military 'equilibrium

Russia urges US to take diplomatic steps if it seeks ‘strict implementation’ of N. Korea sanctions : The US must deliver on its obligation to pursue diplomacy to defuse the crisis.

China rebuffs US demand to cut off oil exports to North Korea

'A US trade war with China will end US monopoly on global financial system’ – Jim Rogers

U.S. Wars and Hostile Actions: A Long List

US official barred from Myanmar conflict zonet

German minister looks to 'relax' EU sanctions on Russia; Foreign has repeated calls to relax EU sanctions on Russia in return for UN peacekeepers in Ukraine

Putin's proposals on peacekeepers no grounds for easing sanctions, says Merkel

US special envoy welcomes Putin idea on UN peacekeepers in Ukraine

Chinese Navy officers arrive in Vladivostok ahead of joint Russia-China drills

World Anti-Doping Agency Clears 95 Russian Athletes

British police arrest London bomb suspect at Dover border point

Inside the Sale of Venezuela Oil in Non-US Dollar Currencies

Suddenly, “De-Dollarization” Is A Thing: For what seems like decades, other countries have been tiptoeing away from their dependence on the US dollar.

32 Arrested As Protests Turn Violent After Ex-Officer Acquitted in Killing of Black Man

Iraqi immigrants detained in US go on hunger strike: Iraqis in custody had complained of mistreatment, psychological abuse and racial slurs at the hands of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

California :Landmark 'sanctuary state' bill to expand protections for immigrants

Fearful of Trump's America, asylum seekers from across the globe stream into Canada

Did the Canadian government pay Omar Khadr $10 million not to expose the CIA torture program?

Pennsylvania Will Run Out Of Cash Tonight, Leaving $860MM Of Bills Unpaid


September 15, 2017

The NYT’s Yellow Journalism on Russia
By Robert Parry
Reading The New York Times these days is like getting a daily dose of the “Two Minutes Hate”  - Continue


An Economic Lesson for China and Russia
By Paul Craig Roberts
Take a moment to think about Mnuchin’s threat to China.  - Continue


The Russia-China Plan For North Korea
By Pepe Escobar
Largely unreported by Western corporate media, what happened in Vladivostok is really ground-breaking  - Continue


5 Lies Nikki Haley Just Told About The Iran Deal
By Ryan Costello
Haley made the case for Trump to kill an agreement that is forestalling both a nuclear-armed Iran and war with Iran.  - Continue


Israel Security Forces Are Training U.S. Cops Despite History of Rights Abuses
By Alice Speri
“It fits in with this ideology of police as warriors” .  - Continue


Roger Waters: BDS is One of "Most Admirable" Displays of Resistance in the World
Video and Transcript
Waters Criticizes Senate Bill Criminalizing BDS & Radiohead's Recent Concert in Tel Aviv. - Continue


Caving to CIA, Harvard Rescinds Manning Fellowship
By Jon Queally
"This is what a military/police/intel state looks like," says whistleblower. - Continue


Over 100 persons killed, injured in Islamic State attack in Iraq:

Bomb blast leaves four civilians killed, injured in southern Baghdad

Iraq's Kurdish parliament backs Sept 25 independence referendum

Iraqi parliament votes to remove kirkuk governor from office: lawmakers

Deterring Israel? Russia deploys MiG-29SMT fighters to Syria

Fact or fiction? US Reportedly Allots Billions to Send Soviet-Style Arms to Syrian Rebels

US pushes for regime change as war in Syria winds down

Have We Been Deceived Over Syrian Sarin Attack? Scrutinizing the Evidence in an Incident Trump Used to Justify Bombing Syria

Saudi airstrike kills 4 civilians in southwest Yemen

China backs U.N. call for justice in Yemen, while U.S. and Saudis don’t

Desperate Yemenis sell organs to survive

Robert Fisk Nikki Haley needs to do her homework on Israel

Propaganda alert: U.S. must consider broader Iran threats when formulating new strategy: Tillerson

Ethiopia sending troops to region of deadly ethnic clashes

Afghanistan- 70 Militants killed as Afghan Forces Repulse Major Attack

Romanian soldier killed in Afghanistan convoy attack

Pakistan Christian sentenced to death over blasphemous WhatsApp text

North Korea fires missile over Japan in longest-ever flight

UN to meet after North Korea fired second missile over Japan

Moon says dialogue with North Korea now “impossible”

North Korea missile test splits world powers

'Sanctions not working but only give Pyongyang time to master ballistic & nuclear programs'

Propaganda alert: Lindsey Graham says U.S. should threaten military option against North Korea:

U.S. nearing limits of "diplomacy" on North Korea: Trump adviser McMaster

Poll: 58% of U.S. would back military action against North Korea if peaceful means fail

Trump bars Chinese-backed firm from buying U.S. chipmaker Lattice

UN says 389,000 Rohingyas have fled in 3 weeks

Who is selling Myanmar military weapons?

Poland hikes defence spending surpassing NATO target

A thousand tanks and howitzers from the United States arrived in Poland

Soldiers on Europe's streets dent NATO's defense edge

Improvised 'terrorist' bomb on packed London commuter train injures 22

London Underground blast a terror incident, say police

ISIS claims responsibility for London terror attack

Theresa May slaps down Donald Trump over London terror suspect tweet

UK weapons demand "through the roof" boasts defence secretary

Two women injured as man shouting Allahu Akbar attacks them in France

Knifeman shouting 'Allah' attacks a soldier on patrol in Paris

Spain threatens to cut funding for Catalonia over independence referendum

Trump to Meet Latin American Leaders With Eye on Venezuela

Venezuela state oil firm's credit woes spread to US unit Citgo

Venezuela Begins Publishing Oil Basket Price In Yuan

Petrodollar end looming as China & allies dump it in oil trading - Jim Rogers

Pelosi and Schumer Say They Have Deal With Trump to Replace DACA

Trump throws a wrench into any immigration deal, saying 'chain migration' can't be included

Right "Explodes In Anger" Over Trump's New Immigration Push

Trump renews calls for travel ban after 'loser' attack in London

Judge blocks Sessions from withholding federal funds from sanctuary cities

House backs $1.2T spending bill with more money for military

Permanent War: Trump Becomes Third President to Renew Extraordinary Post-9/11 Powers

NSA Quietly Awards a Classified $2.4B Tech Contract, With More to Come

Former acting CIA director quits Harvard over Chelsea Manning post

Protesters pour into St Louis streets after murder acquittal for ex-cop

Trump invites Orthodox, but not Jewish groups who snubbed him, to High Holidays conference call

Trump again blames both sides for deadly Charlottesville violence

The United States is a Racist Monument, Tear it Down!

September 14, 2017

Reagan Documents Shed Light on U.S. ‘Meddling’
By Robert Parry
“Secret” documents from the Reagan administration show how the U.S. manipulatedforeign governments. - Continue


Interventionism Produced the 9/11 Attacks
By Jacob G. Hornberger
We live in a society of forever wars, assassination, kidnappings, regime change, coups, and foreign aid for dictators. - Continue


US Threatens to ‘Cut China Off’ From Dollar if it Does Not Uphold Sanctions Against N. Korea
“We sent a message that anybody who wanted to trade with North Korea – we would consider them not trading with us.” - Continue


China and Russia Warn the U.S.
By Ting Shi and David Tweed
Do Not to Seek North Korean Regime Change. - Continue


Have Russia and China Capitulated Out Of Fear?
By Paul Craig Roberts
Behold a Pale Horse, and its Rider is Death. - Continue


U.S. Senate Votes For More War
By Connor O'Brien
“What we have today is basically unlimited war anywhere, anytime, anyplace upon the globe,” Rand Paul. - Continue


16 Years Ago, We Began A “War On Terror” That Will Never End
By Rare
How many generations of Americans are going to put up with this? - Continue


”America: Imperial Bully Threatening World Peace”
By Stephen Lendman
America’s rage for unchallenged global dominance represents the greatest threat to world peace. - Continue


Who Rules America?
By James Petras
The left became an organizational weapon of the pro-war, pro-Wall Street, pro-Zionist Right. - Continue


America’s Fragile Future
By Gilbert Doctorow
Will our political class accept an equal seat at the global board of governors or just walk away from the table? - Continue


Kleptocracy in America
By Sarah Chayes
We must develop an inspiring vision that elevates values other than material growth and the accumulation of money. - Continue


Iraq; Over 100 persons killed, injured in Islamic State attack in Dhi Qar

Attacks on Iraqi restaurant and police checkpoint kill at least 50 people

Twelve IS suicide attackers killed in clashes with paramilitary troops in Mosul

Paramilitary leader warns of “inevitable” civil war after referendum

Russian, US-led strikes kill at least 39 in Syria's Deir Ezzor: Monitor

BREAKING: Syrian Army pushes deep behind ISIS’ defensive line north of Deir Ezzor

Large number of Russian soldiers deploy to northern Hama

US Coalition Allows ISIS Convoy Free Passage To Eastern Syria

Evacuated IS fighters reach Syria's Deir al-Zor

ISIL suffers embarrassing defeat in central Syria as SAA troops liberate 14 towns, 6 hills

2 Russian submarines fire cruise missiles from Mediterranean, hitting ISIS targets in Syria

Hundreds of Isis defectors mass on Syrian border hoping to flee

The Pentagon's $2.2 Billion Soviet Arms Pipeline Flooding Syria

US sent weapons to Syria through Ramstein military base - report

Syria talks in Astana aim for lasting ceasefires

Iran strikes deal with Syria to repair power grid

Israel Demanded 60km Buffer but Russia Let Iranian Forces in Syria Approach the Border

Israel Is Getting Ready for a Major War — and No One Is Talking About It; News analysis

China backs U.N. call for justice in Yemen, U.S. and Saudis don't

Senators Try To Rein In Saudi Arabia's Brutal U.S.-Backed Campaign In Yemen

United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia Threaten Attack On Qatar

Leaked UAE emails: Saudi Arabia came close to 'conquering' Qatar

Trump Is Leading the US Into a War of Choice Against Iran

US kills 6 alleged Al-Shabab rebels in Somalia

Four killed in suicide attack in Cameroon's restive north

How the NSA Built a Secret Surveillance Network for Ethiopia

Gun battle kills six militants in northeastern Afghanistan

SAS soldier cleared of war crimes after cutting hands off dead Taliban suspects in Afghanistan

Watch - Jimmy Dore - The Taliban surrendered in 2002

Rohingya crisis: Refugees fleeing Myanmar encounter land mines at Bangladesh border

N Korea Responds To UNSC "Sanctions Resolution" The group of gangsters should never be pardoned for having ruthlessly trampled down our sovereignty and right to existence.

US threatens to ‘cut China off’ from dollar if it does not uphold sanctions against N. Korea

President Moon says no to nuclear weapons in South Korea

Jimmy Carter brands US ‘oligarchy’ & urges Trump to sign N. Korea peace treaty

Thousands evacuated from Moscow buildings as Russian cities inundated with bomb threats

Kremlin accuses West of 'whipping up hysteria' over Russian war games

U.S. Army Sends Two Tank Brigades to Europe Amid Russia Tensions

Sweden holds biggest war games in 20 years

Kremlin condemns US ban on Kaspersky Labs software

EU extends individual sanctions against Russian citizens, companies

Russia Sought A Broad Reset With Trump, Secret Document Shows

Authorities says 11 killed in clash with Venezuelan soldiers

Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars for Oil Payments Following U.S. Sanctions

Venezuelan Govt Advances 'Definitive' Talks with Opposition

Guatemala President Allegedly Received Bribes from Army

Remembering the US-Backed Coup in Chile

Warning for those on antidepressants: The commonly prescribed drugs raise the risk of an early death by 33%, controversial study finds

Snowden Archive: Sloppy behavior by U.S. spies, NSA cooperation with Ethiopia, and a secret NSA joint facility in the U.K

Chelsea Manning Named Visiting Fellow at Harvard

Trump vows to work with Dems to legalize Dreamers, says ‘the wall will come later’

Marjorie Cohn: Will the Courts Save the Dreamers?: Legislators on both sides of the aisle condemned the ending of DACA.

Paul Craig Roberts: An Economic Lesson for China and Russia

Prominent establishment economist William White warns “More dangers now than 2007”

Irma: Eight dead at Florida nursing home left without power

Senate Intel slips sentence into bill that could lead to spying on US citizens

Why Are US Universities Arming Themselves With Grenade Launchers? : Universities across the US are once again able to equip their police forces with castoff military gear

Trump promised not to work with foreign entities. His company just did

Pharma CEO Worries Americans Will Embrace Bernie Sanders’s Single-Payer Plan

Watch: What Hillary Clinton really thinks : Interview with Mrs Clinton for those with a strong stomach

Watch: This is what happened, Hillary : Liz Wheeler:

Has the NYT Gone Collectively Mad?: The New York Times published a front-page opus suggesting that Russia was behind social media criticism of Hillary Clinton

'Pharma Bro' Shkreli sent to jail after offering $5k for Clinton's hair in cloning joke

September 12, 2017

Myanmar: Why the World Turns a Blind Eye to Another Muslim Genocide
By CJ Werleman
Sang Suu Kyi has attempted to justify the state’s violence with accusations that the besieged are “extremist terrorists” - Continue


The Genocide of the Rohingya: Big Oil, Failed Democracy and False Prophets
By Ramzy Baroud
People around the world must take a stand. - Continue


A New Clash Looms in Syria's East
By Moon Of Alabama
The U.S. and it's proxy forces in Syria will not be condoned. - Continue


The People of Afghanistan Have Had Enough of Western Imperialist Barbarism
By Andre Vltchek & Alessandro Biancchi
The US will not simply go down the drain without a great fight. - Continue


The Superpower That Fought Itself -- And Lost
By William J. Astore
When it comes to the “world’s greatest military,” the news has been shocking. - Continue


Free Healthcare?
What We Saw in North Korea Goes against Everything Western Media Wants Us to Believe

By Tim Anderson
Most seem proud that their country is standing up to an imperial power that has occupied their country for a lifetime. - Continue


Israel, White House Abandon Pretense of Peace Process
By Geoffrey Aronson
The strongest Arab states have been Netanyahu’s “enablers.” - Continue


End Warrantless Deep State Spying
By Zach Weissmueller
Now there's a way to end these unconstitutional practices. - Continue


Steve Bannon Declares War On The GOP
Watch - 60 Minutes - The Full Interview
Trump's ex-chief strategist, tells why he's out at the White House. - Continue


U.S., Russian-led airstrikes kill 28 civilians in Syria's Deir el-Zour,

US-led coalition warplanes attack Syrian army convoy near Deir Ezzor

Russia says Syrian government controls 85 percent of country

Hundreds of Isis defectors mass on Syrian border hoping to flee

Twelve IS militants killed in coalition airstrikes southwest of Kirkuk

Iraqi forces kill 17 Islamic State militants northwest of Tal Afar

Nine army personnel killed in confrontations against IS near Tal Afar

Iraqi parliament rejects Kurdish push for independence

Saudi kills '26 children in Yemen

Bombs 'Made in Britain, dropped on children':

HRW: Saudi-led air raids in Yemen are 'war crimes'

Saudi Security Forces Arrest 20 amid Report of King Salman Abdicating

Cleric who tweeted for peace with Qatar arrested by Saudi police

Israeli Minister: Trump must freeze, change or cancel Iran nuke deal

Trump to weigh more aggressive US strategy on Iran, sources say

UN slams Israel: Report reviews effects of Israel's 50-year occupation of the Palestinian territories and settlement growth

Islamic State's Staging a Comeback in Libya as Divisions Linger

Clashes kill 45 in E. Afghanistan - Security

8 killed in northern Afghan airstrike

Rohingya fall victim to landmines:

Myanmar treatment of Rohingya looks like 'textbook ethnic cleansing', says UN

In Pictures: Rohingya Muslims Flee Ethnic Cleansing by Myanmar's Military

Israel Continues Arms Sales to Myanmar Amid Rohingya Crisis

Watch: Rohingyas in Bangladesh desperate for aid

War criminal: John McCain: North Korea must know price for aggression is 'extinction'

Moscow 'Removed All Unacceptable Points' From UN Resolution on North Korea

Germany's Merkel Open to Iran-Style Solution with North Korea, Signaling Break with US

Leaked’ email alleges AfD co-chair called Merkel ‘pig & puppet,: “These pigs are nothing other than puppets of the WWII Allied Powers tasked with keeping the German people down

Turkey signs deal to get Russian S-400 air defence missiles

Wagenknecht: End NATO, and replace it with a security organization that includes Russia:

Watch: France: Tear gas flies as Paris protests labour law reforms

Russia Sought A Broad Reset With Trump, Secret Document Shows

Sputnik, the Russian news agency, is under investigation by the FBI

Russian Journalists Union Calls US Attack on Sputnik 'Next Wave of McCarthyism'

US DOJ uses WWII-era legislation to demand that RT supplier register as a ‘foreign agent’

Venezuela accuses UN of lying over alleged rights abuses

Caribbean residents fend off looters after Irma; Branson urges 'Marshall Plan'

NSA Quietly Awarded a Classified $2.4 Billion Tech Contract With More to Come

UN Commissioner Notes Increase of Detentions of Law-Abiding Emigrants in the US

Lest we forget: Mountain Meadows Massacre September 11, 1857: : The Mountain Meadows massacre was a series of attacks on an emigrant wagon train in southern Utah. The attacks resulted in the mass slaughter of the emigrant party

Forget Equifax. Facebook and Google Have the Data That Should Worry You

Chatbot lets you sue Equifax for up to $25,000 without a lawyer

Justice delayed justice denied: Will accused 9/11 architect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed ever come to trial?

Rand Paul Protests Against Wars In Afghanistan, Iraq On Senate Floor

U.S. Debt Tops $20 Trillion for First Time; Jumps $317,645,000,000 in 1 Day

The real story behind America’s new $20 trillion debt : The debt is growing over THREE TIMES FASTER than the economy.

Watch: Chris Christie accuses Steve Bannon of lying about him

Watch: Catholic clergy fires back after Bannon criticism

Maryland Judge Demands Bar Investigation Of Hillary Aides Who Helped Destroy Private Emails

Rasmussen poll: More than half say Clinton should retire

The price of Clinton's 2016 tell-all slashed by 40 percent -- and it isn't even available yet

Congressman says Imran Awan will get immunity for “disturbing story” that will destroy Wasserman Schultz

Ted Cruz blames his 'staff' for porn tweet

September 11, 2017

Echoes of Iraq-WMD Fraud in Syria
By Robert Parry
U.S. intelligence community had warned Obama how weak the evidence against Assad was.   - Continue


Losing in Syria, the US will target Russia more than ever
By Finian Cunningham
The US and its partners-in-crime against Syria are licking their wounds.   - Continue


Saudi Crown Prince's "Secret" Visit To Israel Brings Embassy Scramble
By Tyler Durden
The meeting seems more than just coincidental in relation to Israeli airstrike on a Syrian military facility.   - Continue


Israeli Media Begs US to Prepare For War With Syria, Russia, Iran
By Andrew Illingworth
How Israeli pro-war interest groups, try to entice the US government and population into participating in wars.   - Continue


Roger Waters: Congress Shouldn’t Silence Human Rights Advocates
By Roger Waters
This criminalization of support for B.D.S. in the United States mirrors similar efforts in Israel. - Continue


Saudi Government Allegedly Funded A ‘Dry Run’ For 9/11
By Paul Sperry
New details paint “a pattern of both financial and operational support” for the 9/11 conspiracy from official Saudi sources.  - Continue


Who is the Islamophobic Conspiracy-Theorist Behind the Saudi 9/11 'Dry Run' Story?
By Al Bawaba
It is not hard to see why many of the outlets using the story were not overly keen to double check its background.   - Continue


Fake 9/11 Activism on 9/11. “Saudi Arabia was Behind the Attacks”
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Many 9/11 truthers have been sucked into the “Saudi Arabia did it” narrative.   - Continue


16th Anniversary of 9/11 Brings New Development
By Paul Craig Roberts
The study of Building 7 might have implications that people do not want to face.   - Continue


President Trump 9/11 Speech at the Pentagon
How President Trump has talked about 9/11, then and now.   - Continue


No Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela
Video and Transcript
Because one person looks for food through the rubbish, you try to justify foreign intervention here?.   - Continue


The Great Flood
By Chris Hedges
We are entering this final phase of civilization. - Continue


Activists: At least 17 killed in east Syria airstrikes

US Kills 23 in air strikes on Syrian prison

Syria army readies push into Daesh-held parts of Deir al-Zor

US asks Syria militant groups to retreat to Jordan amid Syrian army advances

US forces had better leave Syrian territory on their own: Deputy FM: Otherwise, they would be treated as “occupying forces.”

US troops and Russia-backed Syrian forces set to come into contact

Alleged US Evacuation of Daesh Field Commanders: 'We Are Rescuing Our Allies'

As Syrian War Ends, Mainstream Media Silent to Hide Extreme US Embarrassment

Syrian Army poised to retake Tanf Crossing from Americans

Syria: Israel will pay for its attacks

Israeli army forces invade Syrian territory

Iranian military strengthens presence in southern Syria

Russia, Jordan agree to speed de-escalation zone in south Syria

As Jordan and Russia Talk Syrian Ceasefire, Diplomats Say Iran-backed Fighters to Be Pushed From Border

Iraqi forces kill 17 Islamic State militants northwest of Tal Afar

Islamic State executes seven people over cooperation with security

2,100 bodies of civilians discovered in aftermath of Mosul

US troops amass in N. Iraq in advance of anti-Daesh ops

‘Didn’t come to kill’: Hundreds of ISIS wives, traumatized kids stranded in UN-backed Iraqi camp

Kirkuk expects 900.000 voters in Kurdish independence vote

2 UAE soldiers killed in Yemen

UK has sold £3.6 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia since conflict with Yemen began

Fact or fiction? Saudi forces arrest 20 opponents amid report of King Salman abdicating

State Department approves $3.8 billion in arms sales to Bahrain: Pentagon

Bahrain: Brutal government repression to crush dissent: Amnesty Report:

IS attack on Sinai convoy 'kills 18 Egyptian police'

Egypt Blocks Human Rights Watch Website/Report

17 killed as Somali army repels al Shabaab attack

Foreigners among 4 militants killed in eastern Afghanistan

Indian soldiers kill two Kashmiri militants, capture one

US Formally Requests UN Vote on North Korea Sanctions

Pyongyang Threatens the US over Push for Further Tightened UN Sanctions

Major Chinese banks suspend North Korean transactions

Reagan-era invasion drove North Korea to develop nuclear weapons

In case you missed it: A Lot of What You Know About North Korea Is Racist Nonsense

Myanmar rejects ceasefire by Rohingya insurgents

Rohingya insurgency declares ‘open war’ in Myanmar TheAugust 25 attacks were staged in 'self-defense' and would continue until Rohingya rights are restored

Ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, says UN

Aung San Suu Kyi Calls Atrocities On Rohingya 'Fake News'

Rohingya crisis: Seeing through the official story in Myanmar

Commentary: Aung San Suu Kyi, a tarnished icon with a fading legacy

Bangladesh seeks support to move fleeing Rohingya to remote, flood-prone island

UN deplores India’s stand on Rohingya deportation: A top UN human rights official on Monday castigated India for its bid to deport Rohingyas who have taken shelter in the country.

Fenian Cunningham: Russia’s UN Peacekeeper Plan Anticipates US-Backed Kiev Offensive: News analysis

Moscow to bring diplomatic missions in US, Washington’s in Russia to parity – Lavrov

US demands that RT supplier register as a ‘foreign agent’

Former governor Mikheil Saakashvili 'forces entry' to Ukraine

Survey shows crisis-ridden Greek households cut consumption on milk and bread

Scott Ritter: U.S. Missile Defense: Not as Effective As We Think: News analysis

Death toll in Mexico quake rises to 96

US should give 'Dreamers' durable legal status: UN says

Hurricane Irma: Nearly half of Florida in the dark, Tampa takes pounding

Alligator wanders into downtown Melbourne during Hurricane Irma

Watch: Cop pulls over a black man for failure to signal, walks to his car with his gun drawn

Welcome to 1984: Big Brother Google now watching your every political move

Watch: Steve Bannon - 60 Minutes Videos - CBS News: Steve Bannon, Trump's ex-chief strategist, criticizes the GOP for not supporting the president. "They're gonna be held accountable," he says.

Steve Bannon is deeply tied to the Mercer empire. 60 Minutes didn't ask him a single question about it.




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