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July 12, 2021


Violent Extremists Took Over The US Capitol Long Before January 6
By Caitlin Johnstone
 It is violent to wage nonstop campaigns of military mass murder and impose civilian-killing economic sanctions on nations which disobey your dictates. .  -Continue


US alarmed as Saudi lawsuits threaten to expose secrets
 Washington could invoke the "state secrets privilege", which would allow it to resist a court-ordered disclosure of information.  -Continue


Assange To Be ‘Moved Around’ Sine Die
By Ray McGovern
 Very bad news for those who still care about freedom of the press and what the fate of Julian Assange .  -Continue


A close run thing in Hong Kong in 2019
By Henry Litton
 What Hong Kong faced was an insurgency, the overthrow of the government, nothing less.  .  -Continue


Drinking Coffee in the Early Morning Rain and Thinking of Donald Rumsfeld
By Edward Curtin
 Here was a man whose entire life was dedicated to the American Empire.  He spent all his allotted time making war or making money from the spoils of war. .  -Continue


A Moving Account of a Battle Against Corporate Power
By Chris Hedges:
 The hidden mechanisms of corporate power in the United States .  -Continue



US occupation troops in Syria come under 'indirect fire attack'

Syria: 48 US occupation vehicles loaded with weapons, ammunition enter Hasaka countryside

Pressed for answers on Syria cover-up, OPCW chief offers new lies and excuses

Syrian government announces steep rise in bread, diesel prices

Syria: Government raises public sector salaries by 50%

Iraq's streets are littered with the memories of our dead

Biden Iran envoy boasted of depriving civilians of food, driving up Iranian inequality

'Cyberattack' hits Iran transport ministry and railway

We’re integrating entire Resistance Axis to prepare for war with Israel: Nasrallah

Jewish Settlers Brutally Attack, Wound Palestinian Child in Hebron

Settlements are War Crimes:: UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

Lapid meets NATO Secretary General in Belgium: Lapid noted at the meeting that "Israel and the [NATO] share the same values

Biden Wants Israel to Cease Palestinian Home Demolition

Biden administration’s criticism won’t make Jerusalem change policy

Israel demolishes Palestinian Bedouin village for seventh time in under a year

Once Again, Israel Plans to Build Villas on the Village That Has Become a Symbol of the Nakba

Israeli regime to withhold $180 million in tax revenue collected for Palestinians

Marriage law vote proves that even 'left' Zionism is racism

Yemen: 2 policemen killed by gunmen in Hadramout

Documents reveal US pressure on ex-Yemeni regime to agree on normalizing ties with Israel

Fresh details of torture emerge from Saudi prisons

Why 'political Islam' can be a gateway to democracy


Assailants on motorcycles attack village in Niger, killing dozens

Six Killed as South African Riots Spread After Jailing of Zuma

South Africa deploys army in two provinces to quell protests


Afghanistan: 11 security personnel killed in Helmand terrorist attacks

UN says half of Afghan population in need of humanitarian aid

Biden Acknowledges 'Over the Horizon' Air Attacks Planned Against Taliban

Pakistan stands firm against allowing US access to bases: Minister

CIA Stories: Death Squads in Afghanistan

China military ‘drove away’ US warship in South China Sea

US must accept its hegemony is waning, says Chinese foreign vice-minister Le Yucheng

China says it will retaliate after US blacklists companies

China-Russia-N.Korea ties reinforced on equal footing


Unauthorized Disclosure: Matt Kennard On British Security State, Latest In Assange Case

Black Sea drills showcase strong NATO-Ukraine defense ties

Poland could purchase M1 Abrams tanks from US


Surging food prices fuel 40 per cent jump in global hunger: UN


Clashes between police, Caracas gang leave 26 dead, Venezuela says

Haiti: 'Key suspect' arrested after President Jovenel Mo´se's assassination

Haiti asks UN, US to send troops after president’s assassination

Haitian officials called for U.S. military assistance. Some Haitians say, ‘No, No & No.’

U.S. Sends Team to Haiti While Holding Off on Troop Request

Murder Mystery: What Were Colombian Military Vets Doing in Haiti?

Colombia: Opposition Politicians Implicate Govt in Mo´se Murder

Thousands of Cubans are taking to the streets to defend their revolution and sovereignty.

Latin America Rejects US Destabilization Attempts in Cuba

In Mexico, AMLO Has a Renewed Mandate for Radical Change

COVID Cases on the Rise in 42 U.S. States; CDC Urges Schools to Reopen in Fall

Rand Paul seeks investigation into Tucker Carlson’s NSA spying allegations

Trump Wins CPAC Straw Poll As Conservatives Urge Him To Run Again In 2024

Trump Explains "Why I'm Suing Big Tech" In WSJ Editorial




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