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July 18, 2017


Netanyahu Pushes Trump Toward Wider Wars
By Robert Parry
Russia-gate is empowering Israeli Netanyahu to strong-arm Trump into escalating the Syrian war and challenging Iran and Russia. - Continue


AIPAC Still Our Biggest Foreign Agent
By Grant Smith
AIPAC is an Israeli foreign agent for three reasons. - Continue


Mass Media Siege: Comparing Coverage Of Mosul and Aleppo
By Media Lens
Media coverage of the 'victory' over ISIS in Mosul has omitted this history. - Continue


After Mosul’s “Liberation,” Horror of US Siege Continues to Unfold
By Bill Van Auken
Unidentified corpses are washing up “with grim regularity on the banks of the Tigris downstream from Mosul. - Continue


The Korean Matrix
By Pepe Escobar
Now for some crude, hard facts. - Continue


U.S. Military Spending Boost Threatens Our Economy and Security
By Ron Paul
Our military empire is the source of rather than the solution to our problems. - Continue


US Admits Fake News of Russian Hacking
By Finian Cunningham
CNN is once again caught out faking news about Russian hackers. - Continue


Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?
By Paul Roderick Gregory
The Clinton campaign (not Trump) was the prime sponsor of Russia’s intervention in the 2016 election. - Continue


"Zero Day" for Violent Regime Change in Venezuela
By Moon Of Alabama
The opposition in Venezuela is heavily supported by the regime change institutions of the United States. - Continue


Poll: Americans’ Massive Disapproval of Both Parties
By Eric Zuesse
It’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery. - Continue


Mandela Day: 15 of Nelson Mandela's Most Inspiring Quotes
By Jessica Durando
"Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies." - Continue


Syria: Clashes between rebels and US-backed Kurdish fighters kill 11 in Aleppo province

Syria: US-led airstrikes kill several Syrian civilians in Dayr al-Zawr

Suicide bomb attack kills four in Kurdish-held Syrian northeast

US Government Officials Caught On Camera Meeting With White Helmets and FSA Terrorists

Iraq: Four paramilitary fighters killed in clashes with IS west of Mosul

Relief teams recover bodies of 5 children from Mosul rubble

Neocons Have Been Destroying Sovereign Nations for 20 Years

11 civilians killed in Saudi-led coalition airstrike in Yemen

Yemen: US Military Industrial Complex Benefits from Suffering of a Brave Nation

British Public Overwhelmingly Opposes Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

Saudi police arrest woman who wore ‘indecent clothing’ in viral video

US hits Iran with new sanctions over missile programme

Iranian Parliament Passes Bill Aimed at Countering 'American Terrorism'

White House: Iran Is Complying With Nuclear Deal

Iran to US: Worry about your own domestic problems

The blockade of Qatar is failing

Israeli forces shoot young Palestinian in East Jerusalem, raid hospital where he is treated

Chinese President voices support for Palestine during meeting with Abbas

Radiohead in Israel: A fig leaf for apartheid

Bodies of 8 killed soldiers found in northern Mali

South Sudan declares state of emergency

Taliban militants kill five policemen in northern Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Civilian deaths at record high in 16-year war, says UN:

Bannon & Kushner Want to Outsource Afghanistan to Mercenaries

3 killed in new round of Pakistan, India border clashes

China demands India withdraw troops from disputed Himalayan territory

China’s advanced destroyer to take part in joint drills with Russia in Baltic Sea

China Dispatches Troops To Djibouti To Set Up Its First Overseas Base

Is China Becoming the World's Most Likeable Superpower?

Separatists in Ukraine declare creation of new 'state' Malorossiya

Lavrov calls U.S. preconditions to return Russian property 'robbery':

Leaked Email: Clinton Campaign ‘Killed’ Bloomberg Story Linking Bill’s $500k Moscow Speech To Russia-

A list of all the speeches for which Bill Clinton received a fee of $500,000 or higher

Trump warns Venezuela it faces strong, swift 'economic actions'

All options on the table for dealing with Venezuela: U.S. official

Venezuela Votes: Will the World's Media Ever Get It Right?

So How Many Did Vote in Venezuela's Opposition Plebiscite?

Trump administration outlines negotiating priorities for NAFTA

US To Issue 15,000 Extra Visas to Seasonal Workers

Drug War Gone Mad: Three-Year-Old Forcibly Catheterized By South Dakota DSS Workers

Watch: Mom attacked by cops in front of her children

Dollar drops as Trump agenda flails; stocks wobble on earnings

Health care bill collapse leaves divided GOP at crossroads

Senate Fallback Plan Would Mean 18 Million Lose Health Insurance In First Year

Why the GOP Congress will be the most unproductive in 164 years

American Fears of War Grow

Headlines Continued


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