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July 20/21, 2020

The undeclared war against Iran
By Paul R. Pillar
The U.S. and Israeli governments seem determined to inflict pain no matter what Iran does. - Continue


Clash of civilizations, revisited
By Pepe Escobar
Turkish President Erdogan’s move to make Hagia Sophia a mosque is part of his masterplan to claim leadership of global Islam. - Continue


Conflict Looms for Egypt and Ethiopia Over Nile Dam
By Finian Cunningham
Ethiopian prime minister may have been involved in a sinister geopolitical move along with Egypt to derail the dam’s completion. - Continue


Protestantism’s troubling history with white supremacy in the US
By Tiffany Puett
How white supremacy permeates all parts of American society, including its religious institutions. - Continue


Root out the perennial scourge of racism, or become a third-rate nation
By Katim S. Touray
These are arguably some of the darkest days of US "peacetime" history. - Continue


What Lies Ahead
By Jack Rasmus
Rent Evictions, Child Care & Education Chaos. - Continue


Masked, Homeless, and Desolate
By Edward Curtin
Do you feel all alone or part of a masked gang roaming the streets incognito? - Continue


President Trump versus Vice President Biden, a disappointing decision for American voters
By Jerry Davich
In a nation of 350 million people, these are the two Americans we’re stuck with for president on Election Day – Trump versus Biden? - Continue



7 Killed in Terrorist Blast in Syria’s Aleppo

Israeli Strikes Target Iranian-backed Militias Near Damascus, Report Says

Syrian Army Air defenses confront an Israeli attack, shot down the majority of the missiles

Iraqi lawmaker slams Turkey’s plan to create buffer zone in northern Iraq

Zarif visits Baghdad ahead of Iraqi PM’s trip to Saudi Arabia

Iran executes man convicted of selling General Soleimani’s location to CIA – official

Could War With Iran Be an October Surprise?

How Netanyahu is already planning for a Biden presidency

United Arab Emirates First Arab space mission to Mars launches from Japan


‘Bandits’ kill 23 Nigerian troops in northwest: security sources

Nigeria: Attack on wedding venue kills 19

Egypt's parliament approves troop deployment to Libya

Turkey hires Tunisian, Sudanese mercenaries to fight in Libya


Over 2 dozen killed as clash erupts in Afghanistan's Kunduz province

At least 8 soldiers killed by suicide truck bomber in east Afghanistan

UK accuses China of 'gross' human rights abuses against Uighurs

China ambassador launches scathing attack on UK for Huawei ban - ‘Rejecting the future!'

China's ambassador to the US says America must make a 'fundamental choice' about whether it can live peacefully with China.

Are China-US relations drifting closer towards war?

China Sends Flanker Fighter Jets To South China Sea Amid Tensions

South China Sea: beware of US ‘sabotage’, Beijing warns Southeast Asia


US pushes fabricated claims of Russian hacking of virus research

UK to change extradition deal with Hong Kong - PM

Spain's monarchy shaken by Juan Carlos's hidden Swiss fortune; Shocking allegations of corruption and money laundering against former Spanish King Juan Carlos have cast doubt over the very future of the monarchy


600,000 dead as coronavirus rebounds around the world:

UK coronavirus vaccine shows early promise

Covid-19 vaccine ‘may never’ be found, warns UK Vaccine Taskforce chief


Bolivian Coup Government Calls for another Canada-backed Foreign Intervention in its Presidential Elections

Ecuador: Rafael Correa’s Party Barred From Running in Elections

COVID-19: Venezuela Begins Radical Quarantine: Only essential sectors such as food, health, and telecommunications will operate this week.

United States Coronavirus Deaths: - 143,515

The crisis that shocked the world: USA’s response to the coronavirus : The U.S. coronavirus fiasco has exposed the country’s incoherent leadership and a lack of investment in public health

Trump plans to resume his ‘successful’ televised coronavirus briefings

GOP considers payroll tax cut, another stimulus check in next COVID bill

Portland mayor demands Trump remove federal agents from city

Portland protests: All you need to know about Trump's crackdown

'Wall of Moms' stand between Portland Black Lives Matter protesters and federal police

Trump to send federal law enforcement to Democrat-led cities

Trump not ready to commit to election results if he loses

War criminal: ' Nancy Pelosi: Trump may have to be 'fumigated' out of the White House

Trump's campaign to paint Biden as mentally unfit becomes a gamble

Biden snags support of prominent Muslim Americans

Kanye West Holds Bizarre Election Rally in South Carolina: He ended up angry, throwing wild proposals and crying in front of the audience.

Kanye West misses deadline to qualify for South Carolina ballot

Gunman Kills Son Of Federal Judge Recently Assigned To Epstein Case

Suspect who shot family of judge on DB-Jeffrey Epstein case found dead after apparent suicide

An eviction and foreclosure crisis is looming: Expect the economic situation to decay tremendously between now and fall 2020




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