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July 26, 2017

Say Goodbye to Regime Change in Syria
By Scott Ritter
The CIA’s train-and-equip program, was responsible for the crisis currently underway in Syria.- Continue


Are America's Wars Just and Moral?
By Patrick Buchanan
What justifies America’s participation in this slaughter? - Continue


What Divides America From the World (and Each Other)
By William Hawes
The US elite are not simply anti-intellectual: they are unhinged, mentally ill, and represent a clear and present danger to the world. - Continue


Trump Is Being Moved Aside So That Conflict with Russia Can Proceed
By Paul Craig Roberts
Russia, China, and Iran are in the way, and, thus, they are on Washington’s hit list. - Continue


Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence
The purported “hack” of the DNC - was not a hack by Russia or anyone else. - Continue


CIA Chief Hints Agency Is Working To Change Venezuelan Government
By Andrew Buncombe
The US has a long and bloody history of meddling in Latin America's affairs. - Continue


Ten Myths About Israel
By Dr. Ludwig Watzal
The claim of being the “only democracy in the Middle East” is put in the right perspective. - Continue


America's Militarized Police - Made in Israel?
By Philip Giraldi
There have been hundreds of all-expenses-paid trips including officers from every major American city . - Continue


Policing for Profit: Jeff Sessions & Co.’s Thinly Veiled Plot to Rob Us Blind
By John W. Whitehead
It’s time for what Martin Luther King Jr. called for: “militant nonviolent resistance.” - Continue


The Killing Fields Of Australia - A Matter Of Routine
By Chris Graham
Daniel probably died in the back of a police wagon, like some cattle do on their way to a slaughterhouse. - Continue


Working Toward Tripartite Racial Disunity: Maybe Not a Really Great Idea
By Fred Reed
Constantly attacking forty million American citizens as stupid, dirty, criminals, given to rape, will not make for domestic tranquility. - Continue


Trump and the Christian Fascists
By Chris Hedges
The Christian right has been organizing and preparing to take power for decades. - Continue


US-backed forces have killed at least 18 civilians in Syria's Raqqa

Russia deploys forces to police Syria safe zones

Gabbard: Media misses point of CIA program Trump ended

Iraq: Iraqi jets kill 21 Islamic State fighters in airstrikes in Anbar

IS burns 10 militants to death over fleeing attempt, west of Mosul

US airstrikes have devastated Mosul

'60000 to 70000' ISIS fighters have been killed

Suspected Qaeda gunmen kill 3 Yemeni soldiers: army

U.N. report accuses Saudi coalition of deadly migrant boat attack off Yemen

UN says 80 percent of Yemeni children need humanitarian aid

Jordan: Video Shows Shooting of US Soldiers

Israel removes metal detectors from al-Aqsa compound

Why Israel censored reporting on the Jordan embassy shooting

Amnesty: Saudi should stop 'bloody execution spree'

Iran will ‘strengthen defensive weapons’ in response to US sanctions – Rouhani

UAE Documentary Claims Qatar Complicit in 9/11 Attacks

Qatar's links with 9/11 mastermind revealed in Sky News Arabia documentary

Saudi lobby pays $138,000 for anti-Qatar ads in the US

At least 40 killed in C.Africa day after ceasefire agreed: aid source

2 Moroccan peacekeepers killed in Central African Republic

Libyan Rivals Agree to a Cease-Fire and Elections After Talks in France

26 Afghan soldiers killed as Taliban storms Kandahar base

US weapons complicate Afghan war

Trump Finds Reason for the U.S. to Remain in Afghanistan: Minerals

Pakistan blast: Taliban bomb kills 26 in Lahore

North Korea threatens U.S. with ‘nuclear hammer’ after CIA chief appears to hint at regime change

CIA chief: China tops Russia & Iran as biggest long-term threat to US

US votes to sanction EU firms in Russia project

House decisively passes sanctions bill curbing Trump’s power

Russia says new US sanctions leave relations in uncharted territory : Ryabkov made clear Moscow was growing tired of showing restraint.

Russia sanctions: EU vows to retaliate over US measures

EU warns U.S. it could swiftly counter new sanctions on Russia

German Islamist preacher sentenced to 5-1/2 years in prison

HRW: French police routinely abuse Calais refugees

Venezuela accuses Rubio, CIA of plotting to topple Caracas government

7 Pictures That Prove Venezuela’s Opposition ‘Strike’ Is a Flop

Honduran Police Fire Tear Gas, Water Cannon at Student Protest

Police shoot, kill man while serving warrant at wrong home

52% Say US Would Lie About Foreign Chemical Weapons

Trump: US military will 'not accept' transgender people

Sessions to announce investigations into intelligence leaks: source

Don’t Be Fooled by This Senate Vote: The Road to Repealing Obamacare Is Just as Long as It Was Yesterday



July 22, 2017

Trump: End The Syria War Now
By Eric Margolis
Expect the media war against Trump to intensify. - Continue


John McCain and The Cancer of Conflict
By Patrick Henningsen
John McCain has in fact lost his mind – and is no longer fit to serve in public office. - Continue


Is Iran in Our Gun Sights Now?
By Patrick Buchanan
Who else wants a U.S. war with Iran, besides ISIS?. - Continue


Wake Up! 45 Senators and 237 Congress Members Support Bill That Makes Boycotting Israel a Crime
By Emily Shugerman
The American Civil Liberties Union calls the bill a 'direct violation of the First Amendment'. - Continue


Saudi Arabia is 'The Kingdom Whose Name We Dare Not Speak At All'
By Robert Fisk
Saudi Arabia is now as sacred as Israel used to be; that is, largely inoculated from all criticism. - Continue


Debunking Fake News With Scott Ritter
By Ron Paul
Scott Ritter, explains why in his vast intelligence and WMD experience he believes the "Russia hacking" US Intel Report is bogus. - Continue


Brennan, Rice, Power -- Lock Them Up!
By David Stockman
The violent coup on the streets of Kiev was organized by agents and organs of the US government. - Continue


Hundreds Died in Rohingya Camps on Thai-Malaysia Border
By Asia Times
Those in good enough physical condition, young, male and strong, were sold to be militants for the opposition party of Malaysia. - Continue


How the Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Was Created by Big Pharma
By Sally Painter
Scott Ritter, explains why in his vast intelligence and WMD experience he believes the "Russia hacking" US Intel Report is bogus. - Continue


6 killed, 20 injured in rocket attacks in Homs and Hama:

FSA action retreats from front lines near Arsal as Hezbollah advance: security source

VIDEO: Hezbollah gives no quarter to Al-Qaeda with Qalamoun offensive in full throttle

Syria army announces halt in fighting in parts of Eastern Ghouta region outside Damascus.

US allies hammer the Syrian Army, Hezbollah with GRAD rockets

US-led coalition refusing to hit Nusra terrorists in Syria: Russia

Moscow warns of political and military consequences of US “manipulation” of “militants” in Syria

Turkey Reveals Extent of Illegal US Base Building in Syria

Syria demands reparation from US, allies for destroying Syria infrastructure

While the US drops bombs, China invests $2 billion in rebuilding Syria

Ten IS members killed as paramilitary troops foil attack near Iraqi-Syrian borders

US contributed to ISIS creation, now tries to claim victory over it – Iraqi VP talks tough

Moscow, Baghdad Sign Huge Arms Deal

9 Turkish soldiers shot dead after Kurdish insurgents lay an ambush

Turkey: 6 Kurdish militants killed in drone attack

Germany Freezes Arms Shipments to Turkey after Warning Its Citizens against Travel to Turkey

4 killed as Iranian troops clash with 'terrorists' on border with Iraq: statement

Murder Of Green Berets In Jordan Exposed Secretive CIA Syria Program Details

Israeli occupation forces kill 3 Palestinians protesters

UN 'deplores' Israel killings of Palestinian protesters

Three Israelis squatters, killed in occupied West Bank attack

WHO: 5,000 suspected cholera cases recorded per day in Yemen

The United States is culpable for war crimes in Yemen: UN

Egypt says 30 suspected militants killed in Sinai raids

20 Taliban militants were killed in Afghanistan's north

U.S. Kills 16 Afghan Policemen

Philippine Congress agrees to extend Mindanao martial law to end of year

350 diplomatic Silk Way Airlines flights transported weapons for war conflicts across the world

UK Arms Dozens of Nations on Its Human Rights Watch List

Protesters SHUT DOWN Minneapolis Mayor Hodges Press Conference

Jury recommends 132 years in prison for man who stole tires and rims

U.S. lawmakers reach deal on new sanctions bill for Iran, N.Korea, Russia

Watch; CNN host shocked to learn US meddled in 81 elections in 47 countries

A History of John McCain’s Calls for War

WikiLeaks wants to ‘take down America any way they can,’ says CIA chief

Trump claims a president's 'complete power to pardon'

Can the president pardon himself? 4 questions about the presidential pardon

Donald Trump attacks 'illegal' report on Sessions Russian meeting

U.S. investigators seek to turn Manafort in Russia probe: sources

Gingrich: Mueller's Law Firm Gave 99.81% of Its Donations to Hillary Clinton Last Year

Florida inmates denied toilet paper, toothbrushes

Man sentenced to jail time for passing out pamphlets outside courthouse



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