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July 29/30, 2017
New US Sanctions... Bring It On
By Finian Cunningham
It’s so absurd. The biggest rogue nation on Earth, makes a mockery of international laws and trade rules. - Continue


The New Russian Sanctions Bill Is Washington’s Monument To Its Criminality
By Paul Craig Roberts
Washington has chosen conflict with Russia as the main element of US foreign policy. - Continue


PBS’ Anti-Russia Propaganda Series
By Rick Sterling
PBS has joined the anti-Russia propaganda stampede with a five-part documentary series. - Continue


When In Doubt, Nuke China
By Pepe Escobar
A situation in which the US military feels 'unhampered' has precedent. - Continue


Urgent Warning: Time to Hit the Reset Button on US-Korean Policy
By Medea Benjamin
The North Korean leadership is not acting irrationally; on the contrary. - Continue


The Mask Is Off: Trump Is Seeking War with Iran
By Trita Parsi
According to The New York Times, the groundwork for this strategy has already been laid. - Continue


Should AIPAC Register as a Foreign Agent?
By Philip Giraldi
While the Congress is busy searching for Russian agents it just might examine the pernicious influence of the Israel Lobby. - Continue


The Left and Venezuela
By Claudio Katz
The triumph of the Right over Maduro, - would entail a terrible political regression. - Continue


Watch Trump's Encourages More Police Brutality
Trump advocated rougher treatment of people in police custody during a speech in New York. - Continue


A F**king Paranoid Schizophrenic: Scaramucci Unloads About White House Leakers
By Ryan Lizza
“What I want to do is I want to f**king kill all the leakers" - Continue


The Elites Are Jumping Ship As The Financial Collapse Draws Near
By Mac Slavo
It’s practically an admission by the elites, that they think the economy is completely unstable. - Continue


Biological Annihilation on Earth Accelerating
By Robert J. Burrowes
We are now accelerating the sixth mass extinction event in Earth’s history and virtually eliminating any prospect of human survival. - Continue


53 killed as IS claims deadly attack in Syria against US-backed force

US-led coalition airstrikes kill more than 18 civilians in Deir Ezzor

Fresh US-led airstrikes kill ten civilians in eastern Syria

Syrian army, allies reach last IS-held town in Homs province, Hezbollah says

Lebanon: 9,000 Syrian militants, civilians to leave Arsal - Security

Three civilians killed, seven injured in bomb blast southwest of Mosul

HRW accuses US-trained Iraqi forces of war crimes in Mosul

Officials say 7,000 Islamic State affiliates remain in Iraq

40 Al Houthi militants killed in Yemen

Yemeni Forces Capture Saudi Bases in Jizan, Najran

Palestinians clash with Israeli forces in Jaffa after local shot dead by police

Israel to strip Amnesty International of tax benefits over support for BDS

U.S. Sanctions Iran Over Satellite Rocket Launch

Iran rules out halt to missile tests as tension with US rises

Iran’s IRGC reports 2nd US naval provocation in Persian in less than a week

14 killed after suicide bombing in northeastern Nigeria

Paris hand-shakes on Libya peace deal mask deep fractures

Foreign Investors Snap Up African Farmland

Afghanistan: 10 Helmand Policemen Reportedly Killed In Taliban Attack

The Real Scandal: Americans Don’t Care About Afghanistan

Four killed five injured in blast in Pakistan

Ousted Pakistani PM names brother Shahbaz as successor

China closes east seas for fresh round of ‘large-scale’ military drills

US and South Korea discuss 'military options' in wake of latest North Korea ICBM test

Trump Intel Chief: North Korea Learned From Libya War to “Never” Give Up Nukes

In cold blow to US, Japan ups tariffs of 50 percent on imports of frozen beef

Hamburg stabbing suspect known as radical, mentally unstable

Russia orders US to cut embassy staff in retaliation for sanctions

Germany warns US against Russia sanctions

US says will work with (Lap dogs) allies after Russia sanctions anger EU

Russia and US must ‘start anew or everything will be in tatters’ – Russian Deputy FM

Moscow not ruling out any measures to ‘bring US to its senses’

Trump says he will sign bill imposing new sanctions on Russia

The Washington Post forced to admit Russia “collusion just isn’t there”

EU explores account freezes to prevent runs at failing banks

Saudi tycoon invests millions in the British Independent

Brazil Deploys 8,500 Armed Forces in Rio de Janeiro

America’s War On Venezuela and the Fascists We Get to Fight It

New York Times Runs Editorial Today on the Mega Banks: You Need to Pay Attention

Foxconn's corporate welfare deal will cost Wisconsin taxpayers more than 3 billion dollars

Couple leaps to their death because they 'can't afford' health care

Trump threatens to end Obamacare payments unless repeal passes

Judge slams 'incompetent' police after SWAT raids innocent family for growing tomato plants

Man Assaulted By Cop For Cutting Grass!

Watch: Trump Speech 'Condoning Law Enforcement Brutality': Trump told officers "Please don't be too nice" to crime suspects. Some officers appeared to cheer the remarks

2 Psychologists in C.I.A. Torture, Interrogations Can Face Trial, Judge Rules

How the TSA and Drug Enforcement Administration Joined Forces to Seize Cash at U.S. Airports

'Calexit' ballot measure can now gather signatures

Paul Craig Roberts: What Explains amazon.com’s Share Price?

Scaramucci's Rant Should Terrify Trump Voters

Trump ‘loved’ Scaramucci’s profanity-laced rant to a reporter

Reince Priebus Replaced: Donald Trump Names Gen. John Kelly as New White House Chief of Staff

This is the most clueless, incompetent, and self-defeating administration in American history

McCain Blasts Rand For Blocking Annual Defense Bill Vote

No Hero: John McCain is a War Criminal

McCain’s Brain Cancer Draws Renewed Attention To Possible Agent Orange Connection

Democrats' ex-IT man nabbed for bank fraud: Underreported?

Watch; Doug Schoen, on the arrest of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz's ex-IT worker'srrest.

Top Democrat fires IT staffer after arrest

Lawyer for Wasserman Schultz' ex-IT aide: Fraud count might be 'placeholder' for more charges



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