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June 19/20, 2020

The Global Reset – Unplugged
By Peter Koenig
Your life and fate is in the hands of a few ultra-rich, ultra-powerful and ultra-inhuman oligarchs. - Continue


Churchill, Columbus and Leopold Fall Down
By Margaret Kimberley
Criminals are being exposed decades and even centuries after their atrocities took place. . - Continue


U.S. Without the Sugar Coating: Wishing Ill Will On Our World
By Phil Butler
As an American, it’s hard to admit things are not as they seem. .. - Continue


Who needs ‘Russian hackers’? Report reveals CIA incompetence to blame for Vault 7 breach
By Nebojsa Malic
An internal CIA report about the Vault 7 fiasco paints a damning picture of the main US spy agency. - Continue


Exclusive Excerpt
John Bolton: The Scandal of Trump’s China Policy

By John Bolton
Trump said that people were saying that the two-term constitutional limit on presidents should be repealed for him. - Continue


It’s Trump vs. Bolton, and I’m Rooting for a Meteor
By William Rivers Pitt
Two of the worst people ever to foul the skin of the Earth are at each other’s throats. - Continue


Get Rid of the Presidency
By Matthew Stevenson
One of the biggest problems with American democracy is the presidency itself. - Continue


Pandemics Result From Destruction of Nature: UN, WHO & WWF Warn
By teleSUR
“the risk of a new [wildlife-to-human] disease emerging in the future is higher than ever, with the potential to wreak havoc on health, economies and global security.” - Continue



An act of war!: Syria: The US Caesar Act Is the New Way of Terrorism,: Syrians have hit the streets in huge numbers to protest the new criminal US sanctions which are aimed at starving Syria.

Iran, Russia, China Denounce US Sanctions Targeting War-Ravaged Syrian Economy

Kurdish Militant Attack Kills Four in Southeast Turkey: Governor's Office

Turkey says it hit more than 500 PKK targets in northern Iraq

Lebanon: Protesters clash with security forces in Jounieh

Sayyed Nasrallah: Our Weapons Will Remain, We Will not Starve, We Will Kill You

Watch: Iran Navy successfully test-fires new-generation cruise missiles during drills

Israeli Police execution of disabled Palestinian is a war crime

Bolton revelations cast unintentional harsh light on Trump-Netanyahu alliance – and annexation

UK's Johnson: Israeli annexation breaches international law


Militia Group Killed 16 People in Northeast DRC

4 civilians killed in bombing in Somalia


Taliban Raids on Afghan Security Posts Kill 18

6 killed in northern Afghan fighting

Despite U.S. sanctions, the International Criminal Court will keep investigating alleged war crimes in Afghanistan

Pakistan army says Indian fire kills 4 civilians in Kashmir

India-China Border Violence LIVE Updates

Three reasons for China-India tensions flare-up: These include India’s pursuit of a strategic partnership with the United States, as well as simmering historical tensions and military build-up

In propaganda exercise: Donald Trump Signs Sanctions Law Over China's Alleged Treatment Of Uighurs

U.S. Leads a Coalition of One Against China: The United States cannot count on military support from its allies in a showdown with China.

China claims quantum supremacy with satellite test: 'This would achieve the Holy Grail that all cryptographers have been dreaming of for thousands of years'

Propaganda alert: China develops weapons to fry US electric grid, eyes high-tech ‘Pearl Harbor’ attack

Hong Kong security law: China backs city’s status as financial hub: Interests of foreign investors will be protected in Hong Kong, says Vice-Premier Liu He


German Prosecutors Accuse Russia Over 'Contract Killing' of Georgian Man

Ukraine receives US military aid worth more than $60m

UK scientists find £5 steroid cuts COVID-19 deaths

Julian Assange in Limbo: Western media have ‘largely ignored what is, by far, the single greatest attack on press freedoms by the US government in the last decade


UN Chief Calls for Reparations to Amend Slavery's Legacy; "Systemic racism... has become emblematic of the excessive use of disproportionate force by law enforcement, against people of African descent

Mexico, India, Ireland, Norway Elected to UN Security Council;


Brazilian police arrest Bolsonaro ally in corruption inquiry

Trump said invading Venezuela would be ‘cool’ and called Guaidó a ‘kid’ in new Bolton book

Supreme Court rejects Trump bid to end 'Dreamer' immigrant program

United States Coronavirus Cases: 2,235,734 - Deaths: 119,959

Poll: Americans not buying White House spin on coronavirus

45 million unemployed as another 1.5 million file jobless claims

A Big Oops in the Government Unemployment Numbers: The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics survey takers mistakenly misclassified about 4.9 million people as employed, although they were unemployed.

Americans Skip Millions of Loan Payments: Auto loans in some type of deferment doubled to 7.3 million accounts. Personal loans in deferment doubled to 1.3 million accounts.

Nine People Shot in Minneapolis as Post-Riot Unrest Continues

Atlanta Police Officers Call Out Sick After 2 Charged

Every Atlanta Police Officer to Receive $500 Bonus Today From Private Group Linked to Mayor and Police Chief – Day After 56% of Police Call Out

“Most Overpaid Cops in the Country” Seattle Police Rake in up to $300k per Year

Trump signs modest police reform order, defends police as ‘brave’

American police act like occupying armies. They literally studied their tactics: ‘Demilitarizing’ police will be harder than taking away their tanks

Trump regime seeks restraining order to block Bolton book

Scott Ritter: John Bolton’s new book slating President Trump may have delighted the MSM, but seems to be driven by venom, not facts

Portland protesters barricade streets and declare new ‘autonomous zone’

As protests spread to small-town America, militia groups respond with online threats and armed intimidation

40% of GOP Voters Think Civil War Likely

'Wednesday night massacre' as Trump appointee takes over at global media agency; The heads of four organizations overseen by the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM) were all dismissed Wednesday night -




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