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November 02, 2017

Trump Is Killing Record Numbers of Civilians
By Marjorie Cohn
In one month alone, the Trump regime killed 1,000 civilians in Iraq and Syria -


Tillerson: US Could Stay In Iraq, Wanted Or Not
By Aaron Mehta
Tillerson said that American forces would stay in Iraq, even if the government in Baghdad requests the U.S. leave. - Continue


Tillerson and Mattis Try Justifying Endless Wars of Aggression
By Stephen Lendman
They urged congressional authorization for unlimited war making anywhere worldwide – a shocking indictment of a rogue state. - Continue


US Govt-Funded Think Tank Praises “Moderate” Al Qaeda
By Whitney Webb
The U.S. is in the uncomfortable position of having to rehabilitate 9/11 and current terrorists into supportable “moderates.” - Continue


How America Spreads Global Chaos
By Nicolas J.S. Davies
The only rule Washington seems to follow is “might makes right”. - Continue


Pandering to Israel Has Got to Stop
By Philip Giraldi
Israel will have a say, over what the United States does in terms of its weapons sales abroad. . - Continue


Balfour Declaration at 100: Seeds of Discord
By Al Jazeera
The British "felt that the Jews held the key to winning the war and so they had to figure out how to bribe the Jews to support them." - Continue


U.S. Is Illegally Detaining 10-year-old Girl With Cerebral Palsy, Lawsuit Says
By Taylor Dolven
Border patrol agents physically removed the girl, Rosa Maria Hernandez, from her hospital bed - Continue


Americans Say This Is Lowest Point in US History
By Julia Conley
A majority say they can't remember a time when their levels of stress over healthcare, the economy, and social divisions were higher. - Continue


Saudi Arabia Kills 26 Civilians In Yemen

House Democratic Whip Resists Effort to End U.S. Involvement in War On Yemen

Russian long-range bombers destroy militant outposts, depots in Syria

Syria opposition rejects Russian dialogue initiative

4,000 US troops in Syria?; U.S. Army Maj. Gen, told reporters on Tuesday that there were 4,000 U.S. troops in Syria, then quickly walked backed his answer.

Iraq: Nine refugees killed by leftover bomb blasts in Mosul

Buchanan: Are our Mideast wars forever? Trump is being led to the Rubicon. If he crosses, he joins Bush II in the history books.

Putin, in Iran for talks, offers support for nuclear deal

UN rapporteur urges sanctions on Israel for driving Palestinians ‘back to the dark ages’

Eritrea opposition: Security forces kill 28 protesters

15 Killed in Airstrikes in Eastern Libya

While Cairo condemns Derna bombing, government source attributes airstrikes to Egyptian Air Force

How much was he paid? Niger defense minister asks U.S. to deploy armed drones against militants

Drone strikes kill 20 IS fighters in eastern Afghanistan

Bombing in Afghanistan sets fire to bus, killing 8

Afghanistan keeps losing territory to the Taliban: Civilian casualties by coalition and Afghan security forces have soared by 52 percent in the first nine months of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016.

Afghan War Data, Once Public, Is Censored in US Military Report

US steps up drone attacks on militants inside Pakistan

US: New Drone Rules Increase Risks for Civilians: HRW:

Mattis: White House Could Order Nuclear Strike if North Korean Attack ‘Imminent’

3 US carriers Are Now in Pacific Amid Tensions with North Korea

US fighter jets launched to escort Russian bombers away from aircraft carrier

Democrats want a law to stop Trump from bombing North Korea

Fact or fiction? U.S. pursues direct diplomacy with North Korea despite Trump rejection

America’s nuclear weapons will cost $1.2 trillion over the next 30 years

Black Death: ‘global outbreak’ warning as NINE new countries place on high alert

Russia & China to extend currency swap agreement to lessen dollar dependence

Spain takes charge of Catalan government

Ousted Catalan leader will not return to Spain to testify: lawyer

Finland is giving citizens $660 a month for free as an experiment

Sir Michael Fallon resigns over past behaviour claims

Facing outcry, UK Labour reverses expulsion of anti-Zionist Moshé Machover

EU to collect biometrics of all visitors - which could include UK citizens post-Brexit

Manhattan Terror Attack Kills 8 and Injures 11

NY attacker linked to IS group

Feds interviewed New York terrorist attack suspect 2 years ago

Defense Department: The War For Terror Has Cost $250 Million A Day For 16 Years

There’s a Shady Puerto Rico Contract You Didn’t Hear About: National outrage has led to the cancellation of a suspicious $300 million contract doled out to a tiny Montana company

Rotten to the core: I've Covered Foreign Lobbying for 20 Years and I'm Amazed Manafort Got Busted: You can count on one hand the number of people prosecuted for what Manafort is accused of.

Muslims to soon beat out Jews in U.S. population

Trump Appoints Zionist Zealot to Top Civil Rights Post: He once boasted about instilling “fear” into activists critical of Israeli practices.

Trump’s Consumer Product Safety Nominee Defended Deadly Products


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