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November 07, 2017

US Mideast Axis Reels As Russian-Backed Forces Power Ahead
By Finian Cunningham
Saudi-backed Lebanese premier Saad Hariri makes a “surprise” resignation, which wasn’t really a surprise - Continue


Israeli-Saudi Tandem Adjusts to Syria Loss
By Alastair Crooke
It seems that matters are coming to a head in the Middle East. - Continue


The Inside Story of the Saudi Night of Long Knives
By Pepe Escobar
War breaks out within the House of Saud. - Continue


"Explosive" Leaked Secret Israeli Cable Confirms Israeli-Saudi Coordination To Provoke War
By Tyler Durden
The first formal evidence proving that the Saudis and Israelis are deliberately coordinating to escalate the situation in the Middle East. - Continue


Britain’s Disgrace
By Abdel Bari Atwan
The Balfour Declaration laid the foundations for one of the grossest injustices in modern history. - Continue


Mattis, Tillerson Want Blank Check To Wage Illegal War
By Marjorie Cohn
Mattis, Tillerson said that the Trump regime has all the legal authority it needs to kill people anywhere in the world. - Continue


Libya, Syria, Ukraine – Same Playbook, Same Puppet Masters
By Chris Kanthan
This stratagem of toppling governments while appearing noble should perhaps be called the “geopolitics of crocodile tears.” - Continue


US Sells Out The Kurds — Again
By Reese Erlich
Democracy is in retreat in Kurdistan as the US refuses to support independence. - Continue


100 Years of Screwing Imperialism!
By Andre Vltchek
You cannot murder dreams. You cannot murder the courage of the human race, unless you murder the entire human race. - Continue


Reviving the Spirit of Existential Rebellion in a World of Propaganda, Lies, and Self Deception
By Edward Curtin
The self is an illusion. Freedom is an illusion. Responsibility is an illusion. Guilt is an illusion.. - Continue


Washington Corruption Is Unparalleled In History
By Paul Craig Roberts
Manafort may buy his way out by providing Mueller with false charges against Trump. - Continue


Steven Mnuchin, Foreclosure King of America
By Nomi Prins
Secretary of the Treasury for the .01%. - Continue


Daesh attack killed at least 75 displaced Syrians

20 killed as Syrian Army overwhelms ISIS at large Deir Ezzor island,

‘10 killed Damascus shelling exchange’: Six civilians, including two children, were killed by shelling on Saqba, in the Eastern Ghouta area

US helicopters seen evacuating ISIS leaders from al-Mayadeen before arrival of Syrian Army

US official 'met Syrian security chief' in Damascus

Aden death toll rises to 46: Yemeni government

Seventeen killed as 'Isil militants' storm security compound in Yemen

Yemeni President Hadi 'under house arrest' in Riyadh

Closure of Yemen's borders to aid deliveries is 'catastrophic', UN warns

Saudi Bombing and Blockade Are Devastating Yemen, And Yemenis Know the U.S. Bears Responsibility

Watch Members of Congress Attempt to Explain Why They Won’t Vote on War in Yemen

Missile Fired From Yemen Came Close to Riyadh: Yemen’s Houthi-controlled defense ministry said it had targeted the airport with a missile called the Burqan 2H in response to an attack by the Saudi-led coalition on Wednesday that killed 26 people in a hotel and a nearby market.

Saudis accuse Iran of 'direct aggression' over Yemen missile

Saudi Arabia Charges Iran With 'Act of War,' Raising Threat of Military Clash

Saudi Crown Prince 'Hungry for War' and Trump Seems Perfectly 'Eager to Comply'

Donald Trump praises Saudi purge and detentions

US calls for UN action against Iran over Yemen missile

Saudi princes' five star prison: Humiliation of Saudi royals as they are photographed sleeping on bare mattresses in luxury hotel

Saudi banks freeze more than 1,200 accounts in probe,

Saudi government insist prince is 'alive and well' after claims he was killed in firefight while resisting arrest

The Saudis seem to have given the Lebanese premier a stark choice: resignation or imprisonment

Peshmerga says 60 fighters killed in confrontations with Iraqi troops

Rotten to the core: Nikki Haley: Unless UN rights council reforms capitulates, US is out

Rotten to the core: Priti Patel suggested UK should give aid to Israeli army after secret meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu: The International Development Secretary apologised yesterday after holding 12 meetings in 12 days during a "family holiday" in Israel. She was reprimanded by the Prime Minister

How Palestine became Jewish: More than 90 percent of Palestine’s population in 1917 were Arabs (including local Sephardi Jews), but they did not figure in Britain’s policy.

Glencore’s secret loan for Israeli billionaire to secure Congo mining rights revealed

US kills dozens of Afghan civilians

15 killed in police training center attack in Afghanistan

NATO to Send Another 3,000 Troops to Afghanistan by 2018

Another Record Breaking Year for Opium Production in U.S. Occupied Afghanistan

Trump Wants $6 Billion Boost In Military Spending, Citing North Korea Threat

Trump is using North Korea to peddle pricey US weapons in Asia and at home

Trump: North Korea must 'come to the table' for talks

12 people killed in two attacks in Mali – UN

Italy probes deaths of 26 Nigerian women from migrant boats

Finian Cunningham: German-Russian rapprochement is timely… and crucial - News Analysis -

The Saker: Do you think Paul Craig Roberts assessment regarding Russia is accurate?

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: US Nuclear Attack against USSR Planned During World War II

Leaked German military doc predicts EU collapse & rise of pro-Russian ‘Eastern bloc’ by 2040

Greek Economist Yanis Varoufakis on Nazi Resurgence in Europe & Why ”ISIS Loves Donald Trump”

UK: Party leaders act to contain scandal as new rape allegations emerge

End these offshore games or our democracy will die; The message of the Paradise Papers could not be clearer. Tax-avoiding elites must be reined in.

More US Troops in Latin America: Signs of an Invasion Foretold?

US ends protected immigration status for Nicaraguans

Latin America Celebrates Centenary of Russian Revolution

Gunman opened fire at Texas church killing 26, including children

California: Husband kills estranged wife, boyfriend outside church before shooting himself: cops

U.S. Hyper-Capitalism Breeds Lonely, Alienated Men Who Become Mass Killers: Despair, rage and lack of human connection among white males are key culprits in America's mass shooting epidemic.

Trump was asked whether gun buyers should be subject to ‘extreme vetting.’ His response was a mess.

Sen. Rand Paul Recovering From 5 Broken Ribs After Assault

Ex-Trump aide on Mueller indictment: Trump is 'f---ed'

“We don’t know what’s in Trump’s tax returns. But the GOP tax plan offers clues.”

Inside Hillary Clinton's Secret Takeover of the DNC

Donna Brazile Dedicates Book To "Patriot" Seth Rich


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