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November 21, 2019

What does this tell us about our culture?
The U.S. has wasted $6.4 trillion on wars since 2001, study says:
ICH & Agencies
The post-9/11 wars have expanded to more than 80 countries.   - Continue


US dirty hands behind violent protests in Iran?
By Stephen Lendman
All sovereign independent countries not subservient to US interests are on its target list for regime change.   - Continue


Elizabeth Warren endorses Trump’s war on Venezuela, soft-pedals far-right Bolivia coup
By Ben Norton
There is no functional difference between Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren.   - Continue


China-Bolivia – A Lithium Deal, No More?
By Peter Koenig
The US-induced military coup – has something to do with Bolivia’s lithium – and more precisely with the China-Bolivia partnership deal.   - Continue


U.S. Imperialism and the Rule of Law
Must Read - By Donald Monaco
All U.S. aid comes with strings attached.   - Continue


How Human Rights Watch Whitewashed a Right-Wing Massacre in Bolivia
By Alan Macleod
Human Rights Watch, is performing its actual purpose in reinforcing U.S. hegemony by condemning any leftist challengers in America’s “backyard.”   - Continue


The impeachment crisis and American imperialism
By Patrick Martin
Washington has its hands around the throats of the Ukrainian people.  - Continue


Chinese police release Simon Cheng Man-kit ‘confession’ tape amid torture accusations
By Global Times 
Ex-UK consulate employee visited massage parlor, was ashamed to go back to see his girlfriend and family," Cheng said in the video.   - Continue


Trump Accepts Israeli ‘Realities on Ground’ – Realities Funded by His Administration
By Finian Cunningham
Trump, Friedman and the Kushner family funneled millions of dollars into Israeli settlements. In return, Israeli financial companies made huge investments in Kushner’s family real-estate business.   - Continue


Labour promises to halt UK arms sales to Israel and Saudi Arabia in election manifesto
By The New Arab
Jeremy Corbyn, has been criticised in the past for his approach to UK foreign policy in the Middle East.   - Continue



Syria: 22 killled as Idlib IDP camp hit by deadly missile attack: Pro-rebel white helmets say

Missile strike kills at least 12 civilians, including children, in Syria’s Idlib:

Syria: Five civilians killed, 31 injured due to terrorist shelling attacks in Aleppo

At least seven killed in Iraq: The cause of death was live fire and tear gas canisters

U.S. war criminal faces review following death of Islamic State militant in Iraq

10 migrants killed by Saudi shelling on Yemeni border market

Russia Blasts U.S. Sending Troops to Saudi Arabia

Anti Iran Propaganda? Leaked US intelligence report suggests that Qatar knew ahead of time that Iran would attack four tankers in the Gulf of Oman

Iran begins reconnecting internet after shutdown over protests

U.N. Security Council Members Rebuke U.S. Stance on Israel's Illegal West Bank Settlements

EU should recognise Palestinian state after U.S. backs Israeli settlements - Luxembourg

Rotten to the core: Netanyahu indicted: A-G to charge PM with bribery, fraud, breach of trust

Netanyahu Decries 'Attempted Coup' Against Him After Corruption Charges


Burkina Faso attacks kill three soldiers in north: security sources

Russia slams US threats to Egypt for purchasing Su-35 fighters as ‘aggressive behavior’

Pro-Haftar Forces 'Shoot Down Italian Drone' in Libya

Migrant crisis: Self-immolation exposes UN failures in Libya


Afghanistan- 12 Taliban militants killed, wounded in clashes:

No one trusts U.S.? : Iran supports the Taliban with weapons, training, and money, Pentagon report says

Pakistan prevents unauthorized entry of US aircraft into its airspace

Pentagon denies report U.S. mulls pulling up to 4,000 troops from South Korea

Donald Trump is threatening South Korea:

China summons US diplomat, vows to retaliate if Donald Trump signs Hong Kong democracy act into law

War criminal: Kissinger US-China trade war could spark real war:

Trump backdown? Some Huawei suppliers get US approval to restart sales to blacklisted firm

If FCC bans Huawei, rural carriers may have to 'rip and replace' gear


Ukraine widens probe against Burisma founder to embezzlement of state funds

Owner of Burisma, company at center of Ukraine corruption and the impeachment hearings, indicted in Ukraine

Ukraine widens probe against Burisma founder to embezzlement of state funds: Ukrainian authorities cannot determine Burisma founders whereabouts.

In case you missed it: Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire: Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton.

Joe Biden’s son and his partners received $16.5 million from Burisma — Ukrainian MP; Hunter Biden was paid by laundered money for his services for Ukraine's Burisma Holdings energy company

Giuliani Explains "Massive Pay-For-Play" Soros-Ukraine Scheme Facilitated By US Diplomats

Graham requests full transcripts of Joe Biden’s calls with Ukrainian President

MPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln

Belgrade orders probe into 'Russia-Serbia cash handover' video

Just 8 percent of EU aid goes to world’s poorest countries


The Guardian view on extraditing Julian Assange: don’t do it: The US case against the WikiLeaks founder is an assault on press freedom and the public’s right to know

Donald Trump’s block on WTO judges creates ‘doomsday scenario’ for world trade disputes

Watch: From Brazilian Pastures to Middle Eastern Slaughterhouses: - Warning -


At Least 6 Killed As Political Turmoil Continues In Bolivia

Watch: Coffins bearing the victims of Tuesday's massacre in El Alto by the Bolivian junta began descending on the capital: 1000s of indigenous & working class Alteņos are accompanying the bodies to the seat of power & demanding Aņez resign immediately

Church turned into morgue after violence in Bolivia

Morales calls for int’l help to stop Bolivia ‘genocide’

Bolivia Is Descending Into a Full-Blown Far-Right Military Dictatorship

Bolivian coup was all about the lithium & OAS had a hand in it, ousted president Morales says

Bolivia’s current elections are jeopardized by U.S. involvement

Watch; Former President Morales instructs "journalist" not to lie. "What kind of journalist are you?"

Scandal: Evidence Of Colombia Diplomats Plot Against Venezuela; Ambassador and Foreign Minister call for covert action in Venezuela,

Colombia to close its borders in attempt to contain mass protests: Border closures, curfews and bans on sale of alcohol announced as tens of thousands are expected to march amid wave of turmoil

Chile: Thousands Take to Streets to Mark One Month of Protests

Haiti: Police Brutalize Protesters of Arriving U.S. Ambassador Kelly Craft

Sit-Ins at U.S. Embassy in Haiti Will Continue, Protesters Declare

AFP & Reuters scrub story about 100,000 detained migrant children after UN says it happened on Obama’s watch

U.S Prepares to Send Asylum Seekers to Guatemala

Trump vows the Navy will not revoke war criminals SEAL trident

Trump Vows To Release Financial Record Before Election Day

Lindsey Graham says DOJ report on FBI's alleged spying on Trump campaign released Dec. 9; Graham asked Mike Pompeo to release transcripts of three phone calls between then-Vice President Joe Biden and the Ukrainian President Petro Proshenko.

War criminal: Pompeo planning to resign over Trump, report claims: Mike Pompeo has reportedly told three prominent Republicans that he is planning to resign from the White House to run for a Senate seat.

Thank you for your service bull*hit: The Civilian Government Doesn't Owe Deference to Military Officers

Yawnnnnn: Watch: Full MSNBC & Washington Post Democratic Debate - November 20, 2019

Cory Booker goes after Biden on marijuana — and lands Biden in a string of gaffes

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard slams her own party during Democratic debate

Senate OKs FL Justice Barbara Lagoa for 11th Circuit, flipping it Republican

Judge halts all scheduled federal execution effectively freezing Trump effort to resume death penalty

Mother of Hunter Biden's baby went public with a DNA test because he stopped paying child support, lawyers say

Cops shoot 82 year old partilly deaf man 10 times, because ‘he couldn’t hear them’

Video Shows Palo Alto Police Roughing Up Resident Over Suspended Driver’s License

Utah woman fights charge after kids see her topless at home: If convicted, Buchanan could be required to register as a sex offender for 10 years.




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