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October 03/04, 2020

China accuses US of trying to take world back to ‘jungle age’
By Reuters
“Some US politicians lie and cheat as a habit." - Continue


OPCW investigation couldn’t find evidence to prove chemical use in 2 Syria attacks
By Mike Corder
In the past, a joint U.N.-OPCW investigative mechanism accused Syria of using chlorine and the nerve agent sarin during the war. - Continue


What Waging War Is Really Like
By David Swanson
What They Are Not Talking About: War and Peace, Healthcare and Jobs Are Non-Issues. - Continue


The United States has by far the world’s most expensive medical care
By Philip Giraldi
What They Are Not Talking About: War and Peace, Healthcare and Jobs Are Non-Issues. - Continue


John Pilger: Eyewitness To The Agony Of Julian Assange
Timothy Erik Ström interviews John Pilger
The U.S. is holding the gavel, they are the ones running this show. - Continue


Assange Extradition Hearing: A Mockery of any Semblance of Justice
By Richard Medhurst
The U.S. is holding the gavel, they are the ones running this show. - Continue


Politics, a snake oil world of deception, manipulation & contempt for ordinary people
By Norman Lewis
The electorate are simply reduced to being data points that can be harvested and maneuvered at will. - Continue


Why is the world going to hell?
By Jonathan Cook
We are fast reaching a kind of human “event horizon”, with our societies standing on the brink of collapse" - Continue


Coronavirus, A crack in the Matrix?
By Tom Feeley
Coronavirus may well be the crack that lets the light in, where we begin to see ourselves for what we are. - Continue




Syria: Fighting kills 18 government forces, jihadists:

Syria: US invasion forces bring convoy of vehicles into Hasaka countryside

6 IS militants killed in airstrike in Iraq

‘Enough is Enough’: Iran’s Zarif Calls on World Community to Force Israel to Destroy Its Nukes

UK’s lead role in 1953 Iran coup d’etat exposed: How the overthrow of PM Mohammed Mossadegh unfolded.

Mercenaries from Sudan, Senegal arrive on Yemen

63 doctors die of COVID-19 in Yemen

Saudis must boycott ‘everything Turkish,’ says commerce head after Erdogan remarks

Palestine condemns Israel’s plan to build another 5,400 illegal settlement squatter units

Here's what happens with the investigations the Israeli army launches when it kills innocent Palestinians

Jewish soldiers and civilians looted Arab neighbors' property en masse in '48. The authorities turned a blind eye

U.S., UAE And Israel Agree On Joint Energy Strategy

Sudan, Oman postpone normalising ties with Israel until after US elections


Nigeria: Airstrikes kill scores of insurgents in Borno

Sudan’s government, rebel groups sign landmark deal


13 killed as deadly car bomb targets gov’t building in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar


28 Syrian mercenaries loyal to Ankara have been killed in Karabakh

Syrian recruit describes role of foreign fighters in Nagorno-Karabakh

Netanyahu and Erdogan in unlikely alliance against Iran in Nagorno-Karabakh?

Azerbaijan & Armenia at war: What you need to know about conflict

How The U.S. Helped Create the Conflict in the South Caucasus

The Saker: Russian options in the Karabakh conflict

Russia says opposition figure Navalny works with CIA, rejects his claims against Putin

Germany: EU must sanction Russia for alleged Alexei Navalny poisoning

Moscow: Berlin Refuses Consular Access to Navalny Despite 4th Legal Aid Request

Russian journalist SETS HERSELF ON FIRE in front of regional police office : ‘I ask that Russia be blamed for my death’:

EU agrees on ‘immediate’ sanctions against 40 Belarus officials, but not President Lukashenko... yet

Macron says Islam ‘in crisis’, prompting backlash from Muslims

Covid cases DOUBLING across English cities & towns


Revealed: Key Assange prosecution witness is part of academic cluster which has received millions of pounds from UK and US militaries

Assange Trial Highlights How US Government Is Likely Deceiving British Court To Win Extradition

Watch: John Pilger: Julian Assange’s Crimes Are Truth Telling & Making War Criminals Look in The Mirror!

US court demands Edward Snowden cough up $5.2mn in royalties from memoir


Luis Arce Remains Favorite To Become Bolivia's Next President: The Socialist candidate has 44.4 percent of the voting intention.

Venezuela’s oil exports hit five-month high

Iranian oil stolen by U.S. unloaded in New York

Venezuela Is 1st LATAM Country to Receive Russia's Vaccine

Mexico deploys army on southern border to block migrant caravan

Mexico Rising: Atlanticist Media-Hate Overdrive as AMLO Drains the Swamp

20,000 US Amazon Workers Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

Trump says he and first lady tested positive for coronavirus

Trump to spend days at military hospital after COVID-19 diagnosis

Trump’s vitals are 'VERY CONCERNING' and next 48 hours are 'critical' WH source reveals minutes after doctor claimed he was 'doing well' in briefing where he REFUSED to give answers to key questions and said he was diagnosed WEDNESDAY

Shock, sympathy, criticism: World reacts to Trump infection

Facebook, Twitter And TikTok Say Wishing Trump's Death From COVID-19 Is Not Allowed

Report: Joe Biden to be tested Friday for COVID-19

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tests positive for coronavirus

Republican U.S. Senator Johnson Diagnosed With COVID-19: Spokesman

Kellyanne Conway says she tested positive for COVID-19

Sen. Mike Lee tests positive for COVID-19 after Amy Coney Barrett visit

Trump denounces ‘all white supremacists’ including Proud Boys

Civil War? 61% say United States ‘on verge of civil war,’ 52% already preparing




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