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October 19, 2022

Exposed: Behind The Iranian Riots
By Moon Of Alabama
Mahsa Amini had previously had brain surgery and her collapse and death were related to that, not to police action.


Biden's Tech-War Goes Nuclear
By Mike Whitney
The Biden administration is admitting that we are at war with China


Westerners live in denial, convinced they’re the good guys
By Jonathan Cook
The ugly truth is that westerners dwell permanently inside their own bubble of disinformation,


A war Russia set to win
By MK Bhadrakumar
The Europeans have been nicely played by the Americans


Where US and Ukrainian War Aims Collide
By Patrick J. Buchanan
Kyiv pushes its war with Russia closer and closer to a nuclear war.


Soros and the Kiev Regime… Supping With the Devil
By Finian Cunningham
A Jewish-born billionaire funding a Nazi regime in Ukraine?


We’re Being Pushed Toward Nuclear War On A Fiction:
By Caitlin Johnstone
These people are depraved.


What Social Security Should Really Be Paying to Survive in This Economy
By Sonali Kolhatkar
U.S. ranked 24th on the ratio of worker benefits to earnings. This is lower than the benefits paid by countries like Turkey, Greece, Estonia, and Latvia



40 terrorists killed as clashes resume in NW Syria

U.S. forces steal 92 tankers of oil, wheat from Syria to Iraq

Envoy says UN to push for nationwide cease-fire in Syria

French company fined $777 million and pleads guilty to paying ISIS as terror group killed Westerners

2 pro-gov't soldiers killed, 5 wounded in roadside bombing in S. Yemen

Israeli forces kill two Palestinians during raid on Jenin refugee camp

A Palestinian Boy Went Out With Friends. An Israeli Soldier Shot Him in the Head

Waving a pistol, Israeli official urges settlers to kill Palestinians

’24 hours of hell’: Israeli settler gangs terrorize Palestinian town under army protection

Documents Reveal Israeli Army Poisoned Water Wells in Palestinian Towns During 1948 War

Malaysia police free Palestinian kidnapped by Mossad agents: Report

US ‘furious’ over Palestinian leader’s comments to Putin

Four inmates killed in fire at Tehran’s Evin prison:

Saudi Arabia: US citizen jailed for 16 years over tweets was tortured, says son

Iraqi Parliament elects a new president

Iraq investigates $2.5 billion 'theft' from tax agency in latest corruption scandal

Iran-Russia SWIFT-like financial system to be launched soon


UN says renewed tribal clashes kill 13 in southern Sudan

Passenger Bus Hits Improvised Bomb In Central Mali; 10 Dead

Somalia: Six, Including Children Dead in Roadside Bomb Near Mogadishu

Revisiting the hidden US war in Somalia

Ethiopian army captures several towns in war-torn Tigray

Aid worker killed in air strike in Ethiopia's Tigray region, IRC says

Ethiopia's Tigray conflict: Civilian bloodbath warning as offensive escalates

'Where is humanity?' ask the helpless doctors of Ethiopia's embattled Tigray region

Uganda locks down two districts in bid to check spread of Ebola


Senate to add $10 billion in Taiwan aid, scale back arms sale reform

China President Xi Jinping says world must abandon ‘outdated Cold-War mentality’

China Halts LNG Sales to Foreign Buyers to Ensure Own Supply

Unilateral Sanctions Are 'Tumor of Human Society': China

Chip war policy hurting US firms more than China

On World Food Day, 19 Million Afghans Face Food Insecurity

Afghans in UAE Facility 'Psychologically Suffering,' Canada Refugee Says

U.S. Grants Philippines $100 Million in Foreign Military Financing


7 killed as Kyiv hit with 'kamikaze drones',

Russia has destroyed 30 per cent of Ukraine’s power stations: Zelensky

New Strikes In Russian Region Bordering Ukraine: Governor

Trains Suspended in Parts of Russia's Belgorod Region After Defences Shoot Down Missile -Governor

Chinese nationals in Ukraine sign up for evacuation after call from FM

Russian Official Warns of World War Three if Ukraine Joins NATO

NATO to hold nuclear exercise despite warnings from Russia

Russian troops arrive in Belarus

Russia Leans on Turkey, India, China for Oil Sales Before EU Ban

Another $725 Million in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

U.S. Lawmakers seek emergency powers to help Ukraine fight Russia and to refill U.S. stockpiles.

EU approves Ukraine training mission, arms funds

EU’s weapons kitty runs dry as Ukraine seeks more arms

Musk says SpaceX can no longer fund internet service Ukrainian military uses in war: Musk said the cost is nearly $20 million a month and SpaceX has asked the Pentagon to take over financing

Spain to Send Air Defense Systems to Ukraine: NATO Chief

Saudi Arabia Announces $400 Million Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

Putin Offers Additional Gas Supply to Europe

Putin suggests Turkey become regional 'gas hub' to Europe

Musk Sends Ukraine a Broadside With Threat to Cut Starlink Funds

SpaceX calls on Pentagon to foot Ukraine bill – media

Fifteen European Countries Join Missile Shield Initiative

Turkey, Greece trade accusations over 92 naked migrants

Germany to Extend Life of Nuclear Plants to Ease Energy Crisis

Germany to Slide Into Recession in 2023

Declassified papers show Berlin’s position on Nord Stream 2

France begins nationwide strikes, copes with major disruptions

Doctors Implore UK & US to Release Julian Assange

UK’s new finance minister scraps almost all planned tax cuts in bid to appease markets

Liz Truss apologises for chaos caused to Britain by mini-Budget

UK Lawmakers Will Try To Oust Liz Truss This Week: Report

Far-Right Kristersson is Elected as Swedish Prime Minister


Australia reverses recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital


Inflation leading to ‘horrifying’ food insecurity — IMF


U.S. will support sending ‘multinational rapid action force’ to Haiti

Lula Speaks to Rio de Janeiro Favela Inhabitants

‘Catastrophic situation’: Haiti’s gang violence spurs outbreak of cholera, other illnesses

Photos: Haitian protesters demand PM’s resignation

Mexico: Military officials sold weapons, technical equipment and key information about rival gangs to cartels.

U.S. May Extend Humanitarian Migrant Access Beyond Venezuelans, Mexico Says: Washington will grant up to 24,000 Venezuelans humanitarian access to the United States

Retired U.S. brass cash in with Saudis, other repressive governments

BQ.1.1 is among the most immune-evasive COVID variants yet. It’s coming in hot in the U.S.

US Navy spending money like a drunken sailor

Forecast for US Recession Within Year Hits 100% in Blow to Biden

Home asking prices tumble at record pace as mortgage rates surge

DC tent cities stain the nation’s capita

1.3 Million US Adults With Diabetes Ration Insulin Due to High Cost

US midterms: The 10 key races that will decide fate of the Senate

Bipartisan Group Of Senators Reportedly Wants Congress To End Iraq War Authorization

AOC heckled at town hall for Ukraine support: ‘You’re voting to start a nuclear war’

Americans’ nuclear fears surge to highest levels since Cold War

Jan. 6 committee plans to vote on subpoena for Trump, sources say

New Evidence Shows How Trump Planned to Falsely Declare Victory and Steal the Election

Secret Service knew of Capitol threat more than a week before Jan. 6

High court rejects Trump plea to step into Mar-a-Lago case

Biden’s Student Loan Debt Relief Portal Now Live



Headlines Continue


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