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October 30, 2017

In Shocking Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War
By Tyler Durden
Qatar has "full documents" and records proving that the war was planned to effect regime change. - Continue


Michael Fallon Finally Tells the Truth About Britain's Deals With Saudi Arabia
By Tracy Keeling
Fallon's revelations should topple the UK government. - Continue


Hillary Clinton Keeps Pointing Fingers
By Dennis J Bernstein and John Pilger
The very people backing jihadism, especially Saudi Arabia, were donating large sums to the Clinton Foundation. - Continue


The Silencing of the Left
By Chris Hedges and Robert Scheer
The McCarthyism underway to silence the left-wing press. - Continue


New York Times Acknowledges US Global Empire
By Sheldon Richman
The U.S. government has a knack for creating the threats it then claims it must defend against. - Continue


One Day Tomorrow Won’t Arrive
By Paul Craig Roberts
The US military is now second class compared to the Russian military. - Continue


US Masses Ships and Aircraft Outside North Korea
By Peter Symonds
The world may be closer to the brink of nuclear war than at any time in history. - Continue


Bush Goes To Rehab: The Role Of The “Resistance” In Normalizing War Crimes
By Whitney Webb
Trump is uniting those opposed to him on both sides of the aisle into what is essentially a single party that supports American exceptionalism and its license to wage endless war around the world. - Continue


Manafort Indicted : Admits to Lying About Ties to Russia
How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia. - Continue


American Oligarchs Are Plotting the Biggest Heist in U.S. History
By Robert Reich
If the plot succeeds, most Americans will be robbed in three ways. - Continue


And This We Call Civilization?
How We Sold Our Selves Into Slavery
Watch -
Are you a slave? - Continue


The Balfour Declaration Destroyed Palestine, Not the Palestinian People
By Ramzy Baroud
No lessons were ever learned in the 100 years since Balfour made his ominous promise to establish a Jewish state at the expense of Palestinians. - Continue


Syria: 11 killed north of Damascus, say activists

Syria accuses US-led coalition of celebrating Raqqa victory over dead bodies of victims; The Syrian defence ministry alleged that the US-backed SDF destroyed over 90% of the city and sacrificed the lives of hundreds of civilians.

Foreign Ministry: Raqqa still occupied, can only be considered liberated when Syrian Army enters

Syrian Army advances in operations against ISIS in Deir Ezzor

Syria: Russia sees end in sight at peace talks

Iraq: Eight Islamic State militants killed in Hawija: commander

Islamic State military official, 6 companions killed in airstrike in Anbar

Iraqi, Kurdish troops deployed at disputed regions, as agreement reached

Iraqi Kurdish Leader Barzani Resigns After Failed Referendum

Yemenis Left Ravaged by War with No Help in Sight; According to UN figures, more than 21 mil people, about 82% of the population are in need of humanitarian assistance

The Balfour Declaration explained : It is regarded as one of the most controversial and contested documents in the modern history of the Arab world and has puzzled historians for decades.

At least 15 killed in air strikes in eastern Libya - medical source, witness

Bodies of 36 'jihadists' found in Libya

Benghazi attack suspect detained by US special forces In Libya:

Making ‘a million dollars per day,’ welcome to ISIS’s oil smuggling empire

Boko Haram attacks kill at least 16 in Cameroon, Nigeria

5 killed in suicide bombing at Nigeria mosque

The American War Machine Is Already on the Death March Across the African Continent

U.S. Military Officials Requested Armed Drone For Green Beret Niger Team, But Were Denied

2 Navy SEALs under suspicion in strangling of Green Beret in Mali: Navy criminal authorities are investigating whether two members of the elite SEAL Team 6 strangled an Army Green Beret in June while they were in Mali on a secret assignment

15 police personnel killed in attacks on checkpoints in Afghanistan

If Trump Attacks North Korea, There's 'No End' to Wars He Might Start, Senator Warns

Eco-Friendly Hydrogen-Powered Tram Up and Running in China: The eco-friendly vehicle, is the first commercial hydrogen-powered tram in the world.

Catalan leader has right to seek asylum in Belgium, official says

Dismissed Catalonia officials told to clear their desks

Madrid prosecutor calls for sedition charges against Catalan separatist leaders

Labour MP says Westminster sexual misconduct cases could run into hundreds - Politics live

Westminster sexual harassment: MPs outline claims

'Alarm Bells Ringing': Global CO2 Levels at Highest in 3 Million Years

JFK Files Reveal US Plotted to Use Biological Weapons in Cuba: The recently published JFK files have shed further light on U.S. plans to use biological weapons as part of its Cuban Project

Who Ordered Killing of Honduran Activist? Evidence of Broad Plot Is Found

Things in Puerto Rico are worse than our government's admitting; To hear President Donald Trump tell it, everything's going well in Puerto Rico.

Manafort, Gates Placed Under House Arrest After Not Guilty Pleas

Manafort and Gates face decades in prison, millions in fines

Manafort, former business partner indicted on money laundering, tax charges in connection with special counsel probe

Rick Gates is real threat to President Trump: The charges move the Russian investigation into a new and dangerous phase for the White House

WikiLeaks Reveals: Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian, Chinese, Arabic.. : The latest release is said to potentially allow for ‘thousands’ of cyber attacks to be attributed to the CIA which were originally blamed on foreign governments.

US federal judge blocks President Donald Trump's military transgender ban

US Savings Rate Crashes To 10 Year Lows As Spending Surges Most Since 'Cash For Clunkers'


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