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October 30, 2019

Beirut Is Burning: Rebellion Against the Elites Has Commenced
By Andre Vltchek
Lebanon may collapse as early as in February 2020. No more money can be looted. The end game is approaching.     - Continue


Syria: The Launch of a Constitutional Committee – A Sign of Hope for Syrian People
By Peter Koenig and Press TV
Syria is part of the list countries mentioning in the PNAC (Plan for a New American Century) that must fall – in order for the US to reach full global hegemony.     - Continue


An Imperfect Bit of Statecraft
By Philip Giraldi
Trump cancels the pullout from Syria then flip-flops, threatens war with Turkey and gives money to terrorists.     - Continue


Baghdadi Story Reveals Divided — and Broken — News Media
By Matt Taibbi
America received two almost completely different versions of the story of al-Baghdadi’s pursuit and suicide.     - Continue


New York Times Confirms: It’s Trump Versus the Deep State
By Robert W. Merry
Trump and the deep state have been in mortal combat since the beginning of his administration. And the stakes are huge.    - Continue


Four ominous reasons Trump will win in 2020
By Jerry Kroth
It is time Democrats partner again with American workers, not elitists who think of the rank and file as deplorable.     - Continue


Making American Schools Less Great Again
By Belle Chesler
Defunding Children, A National Crisis of the Soul:    - Continue


Tulsi Gabbard demands end to US aid to Saudi Arabia
By Rachel Frazin
Gabbard called for the release of the results of an investigation into whether Saudi Arabia's government had any involvement in the Sept. 11, attack     - Continue



Iraq: Death Toll Tops 220, Protesters Stay in Streets Calling For End to Corrupt Government

18 killed as masked gunmen attack protesters in Iraq holy city;

Sadr joins protests in Iraq’s Najaf, vows to unseat government

Iraqi PM Loses Two Main Backers as Resignation is Imminent

Iran closes border crossing with protest-hit Iraq

Seven Syrian soldiers killed in clashes with Turkish forces

Syrian Army clashes with Turkish occupation forces

Turkey says 18 suspected Syrian govt forces captured in north Syria, coordinating with Russia

Iran, Russia condemn US military presence around oil fields in Syria

Lebanese PM Saad Hariri Resigns Amid Pressure From Protesters

US House of Reps Votes to Recognize Armenian Genocide

Yemen; 2 soldiers killed in Houthi missile attack

250K Yemenis at brink of death from hunger

Israeli occupation force soldier gets one month in jail for killed a Palestinian teenager at Gaza protest


At Least 42 People Killed in Cameroon Landslide Caused by Heavy Rains

2 killed in suspected al-Shabab attack on Kenya police post

Libya: Haftar Ignores Local Initiative to End War in Tripoli


Blasts claim 14 lives, wound 22 in Afghanistan within 24 hours

Five soldiers killed in Afghanistan's North in clash with Taliban

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong barred from running in district elections

Huawei Smartphone Sales Jump 66% In China As Apple iPhone Sales Slump


Russia test-fires missile from new nuclear-powered submarine

Denmark removes final hurdle for Russian gas pipeline to Europe

Belgian police find 12 men alive inside refrigerated lorry

UK: Leaders in pre-election clash over NHS, Brexit and economy


After 1 Million Flood Streets, Chile’s Government Announces Serious Changes

Chile Cancels Summit Where Trump Had Hoped to Sign China Accord

Bolivia Gov't Says Election Results To Be Audited by OAS, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay

Jeffrey Epstein’s injuries point to murder, not suicide, says pathologist Michael Baden

Exclusive: Never Before Seen Autopsy Photo of Jeffrey Epstein’s Broken Bones Released

Navy SEAL who posed with corpse to lose up to $200K in retirement funds

White House Ukraine Expert Sought to Correct Transcript of Trump Call; The top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council, told House impeachment investigators Tuesday that the White House omitted crucial words and phrases,

Read the full text of the House resolution on Trump impeachment process

Moody's forecast: Trump will win 2020 election in landslide

Vowing Nationwide Crackdown, Trump Touts More Militarized US Police; The president did not provide any details on the plan but said it is going to be “very dramatic.”

Tulsi Gabbard: Release documents related to Saudis and 9/11

Democratic pro-Israel group attacks Bernie Sanders

Education in America: Of Hungry Wolves and Docile Sheep




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