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September 04, 2018

U.S. Is Defending al-Qaeda in Idlib
By Ron Paul
Could someone please remind Pompeo and Bolton that al-Qaeda are the bad guys?   - Continue


False-flag Failure… US Cuts to the Chase to Defend its Terrorists in Syria
By Finian Cunningham
Trump comes clean by dropping any mention of a chemical weapons pretext – simply warning Syria not to attack terrorists.   - Continue


Senator Black: Syrian Army Carries On War Of Cvilization Against Barbarism
The Syrian army carries on a war against barbarism.   - Continue


Bizarre Israeli Analyses of Syrian Curriculum Circulate in the Middle East
By Andre Vltchek
The Syrian curriculum bases Syrian national identity on the principles of a continued struggle to realize one Arab Nation that includes all Arab states, constituting one country, the "Arab Homeland.".   - Continue


There Was a Deeper, Darker Agenda Afoot When The US Administration Cut UNRWA Funding
By Jonathan Cook
Central to that disruption is stripping millions of Palestinians of their status as refugees.   - Continue


Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism: The Invidious Conflation
By Sheldon Richman
Central to that disruption is stripping millions of Palestinians of their status as refugees.   - Continue


Burma's Crimes Go Unpunished
By Eric Margolis
The generals in Rangoon know they have carte blanche to commit more crimes.   - Continue


'This is Treason':
By Kevin Breuninger
Read the most dramatic quotes from Bob Woodward's new tell-all book about Trump's White House.  - Continue


'Walk Out!': Progressives Disgusted as Democrats Fold at Brett Kavanaugh Hearing
By Julia Conley
More than 30 people were dragged away in handcuffs on Tuesday for protesting during the confirmation hearing.  - Continue


Artificial Intelligence: It Will Kill Us
The Syrian curriculum bases Syrian national identity on the principles of a continued struggle to realize one Arab Nation that includes all Arab states, constituting one country, the "Arab Homeland.".   - Continue


Playing at Death and Mayhem
By Lawrence Davidson
U.S. Army estimated 1 in 8 combat vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from PTSD. However, this number is too low.   - Continue


5 killed, 6 injured in landmine blast in Hama countryside

Syrian air defenses shot down a number of missiles fired by Israeli aircrafts on Wadi al-Ayoun area in Hama countryside

Israeli jets fly over Lebanon in rare daytime raid on Syria

Russia strikes ISIS stronghold of Idlib hours after President Trump warns against 'grave mistake'

‘Terrorists must be purged’ from Syria’s Idlib, Iran minister says: “Syria’s territorial integrity should be safeguarded and all tribes and groups, as one society, should start the reconstruction process"

What you need to know about Idlib offensive (Live stream)

Must watch - Whoops, US anti-ISIS envoy reveals truth about Idlib

‘Aid-delivering’ Syrian rebels: NYT shows warm, fuzzy side of Al-Qaeda in Idlib

 Israel signals lull in Syria strikes is over, resuming military action

Iran rejects Reuters report of Tehran moving missiles to Iraq as "false"

8 civilians killed in Iraq in suspected IS attacks

Iraqi forces kill 5 protesters in southern city of Basra: Security forces fired bullets and tear gas at protesters demanding better services and jobs

Bomb attack targets house owned by family of Islamic State militant in Anbar

Iraqi parliament holds first session since May election, but fails to elect speaker

India Joins China In Defying Trump, Will Allow Imports Of Iranian Oil

Israel signals it could attack Iranian weaponry in Iraq

Israeli occupation forces kill Palestinian man after alleged stabbing attack

UNRWA funding cut could close Palestinian schools within weeks

EU vows to keep backing UNRWA after Trump scraps US financial aid

Palestine Activists Hopeful as Bachelet Takes Office at UN

Jordan rejects alleged US proposal for confederation with Palestinians

Jewish Voice For Peace Accuses Jewish United Fund of Supporting Islamophobic Orgs : Jewish Voice for Peace accused the Jewish United Fund of “funnel[ing] hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-Muslim hate groups in the years 2011-2014"

Gilad Atzmon: Corbyn and the Jewish Question: To the outside observer, some of the actions of Britain’s so-called Jewish ‘leaders’ may seem to be a form of collective insanity.

Over 30 Yemeni rebels killed in Hudaida: military sources

Spain cancels bombs sale to Saudi Arabia amid Yemen concerns

Libya says death toll from Tripoli clashes climbs to 61

Hundreds escape Libya prison amid deadly clashes in Tripoli

As clashes rage in Libya’s Tripoli, Italy takes swipe at France: Italy has blamed French interference for the latest bout of violence in the Libyan capita

3 Algerian soldiers, 2 extremists killed in clash

China’s Xi pledges $60 billion for projects in Africa: China makes efforts to link the continent's economic prospects to its own.

Finian Cunningham : Ethiopia – Breaking the Dam for Western Debt Slavery: Ethiopia stands alone as the one African nation never historically colonized by foreign powers.

Egyptian arrested after suspected bombing attempt near US Embassy

Afghanistan: 21 Taliban militants killed in clash

US Service Member Killed in 'Insider Attack' in Afghanistan

Jalaluddin Haqqani, founder of Afghan militant network, dies

Pakistan: US aid cut was money owed, not assistance

India to go ahead with S-400 deal with Russia despite threat of US sanctions

How Myanmar forces burned, looted and killed in a remote village; On Sept. 2, Buddhist villagers and Myanmar troops killed 10 Rohingya men in Myanmar's restive Rakhine state. Reuters uncovered the massacre and has pieced together how it unfolded.

China's Xi sending party official to North Korea in his place for anniversary

Ukrainian intelligence agency involved in slaying of Donbass leader – FSB

United States to Drastically Expand Military Assistance to Ukraine: The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 allocated $250m in military assistance to Ukraine, including lethal arms

Tests confirm same chemical used in both Novichok nerve agent poisonings

UK: Labour body adopts anti-Semitism definition

Still not happy: Labour pro-Israel group slams ‘free speech’ addition to anti-Semitism definition

European Chief Negotiator says he strongly opposes May's Brexit trade proposals: EU negotiator also suggests European carmakers will have to use fewer British-made parts

Tory Remainers join Boris Johnson in slamming May's Chequers plan for Brexit

'Strange disappearance' of WikiLeaks consultant in Norway: WikiLeaks has raised concern after Arjen Kamphuis, an associate of founder Julian Assange, went missing in Norway.

Evo To Rubio: US is The Real Global Threat, Not Venezuela: President Evo Morales denounces Senator Marco Rubio's threat of using the 'Empire's army against the people of Venezuela because he assumes a threat against the security of the US.'

Video: Venezuelans Ask Government For Help To Return Home

Venezuela Launches New Gas Payment System Along Border

Congress looks to give Nicaragua a taste of what it feels like to be Iran: The new proposal by Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican, and Rep. Albio Sires, D-N.J draws - almost word-for-word - from key sections of a 2012 sanctions law against Iran that Hillary Clinton touted.

Argentina seeks help after peso collapse; President Mauricio Macri admits his country faces an 'emergency' in the wake of market panic after the peso’s collapse

Emerging Market Currencies Collapse To Record Lows As Global Financial Chaos Accelerates

Central American Migrants Rescued in Mexico;

Donald Trump’s Former ICE Chief to Be Honored at Notorious Anti-Muslim Convention

'Don't Use Mollie' To Push Racism, Says Dad Who Points To 'Heartless' Donald Trump Jr.: The father of slain University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts lashed out at those who are using her tragic death to promote their own political agendas

Bob Woodward's new book reveals the "nervous breakdown" of Trump’s presidency

White House Slams Woodward's "Fabricated Stories"

Exclusive: Listen to Trump’s conversation with Bob Woodward

Watch: Kavanaugh Hearing Spirals into Chaos as Democrats Refuse to Allow Opening Statement from Republican Chair

'Mob rule' rocks Senate hearing for judge : Democrats demand an adjournment and two dozen protesters are dragged out in chaotic scenes.

Trump's White House hiding Kavanaugh documents should be a much bigger scandal

WatchTrump lashed out on trade with Canada and the Russian investigation

Canadian dollar drops after Trump says there's 'no political necessity' to keep Canada in a new trade deal

GM Sales Plunge 13% As August Passenger Car Sales Collapse

Disabled Vet Killed by Police as They Raided Home to Arrest Her Tenant for Selling a Plant

Nike 'Just Did It' With Colin Kaepernick, And You Should Applaud




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