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September 04/05, 2020

Israel attack kills dozens of Syrian soldiers and “Iranian militia operatives.” But who's counting?
By Gideon Levy
It will go on until Israel pays a price for its strikes.   - Continue


‘Christian Zionists’ dictate the agenda of the Republican Party
By Ramzy Baroud
“Israel is not as a real country but a fantasyland, backdrop for Christian myth.”   - Continue


U.S. pro-Israel groups failed to disclose grants from Israeli government
By Aiden Pink
The Israeli governmental has given at least $6.6 million to U.S. organizations since 2018.   - Continue


NSA surveillance exposed by Snowden was illegal: U.S. court says
By Raphael Satter
U.S. intelligence leaders who publicly defended it were lying.   - Continue


Stop the extradition of Julian Assange
By Peter Oborne
Future generations of journalists will not forgive us if we do not fight Julian Assange extradition.   - Continue


Poisoning Nord Stream-2
By Finian Cunningham
Nord Stream-2 is set to double Russian gas supply to Germany.   - Continue


Novichok and Nonsense
By Gilbert Doctorow
Our leaders seem to have taken leave of their senses and are putting to us narratives that absolutely defy logic.   - Continue


DHS: Russia Will Interfere With U.S. Elections By Promoting Alleged Russian Interference With U.S. Elections
By Moon Of Alabama
It is amazing how all this is unfolding in plain sight.   - Continue


American environmentalism’s racist roots have shaped global thinking about conservation
By Prakash Kashwan
Indigenous and rural communities protect up to 80 percent of global biodiversity, but receive little benefit in return.   - Continue



Strikes on east Syria kill 16 Iran-backed fighters

Syria: Israel attacks airbase in Homs: Syria's air defense on Wednesday shot down most of of Israeli rockets

Mass graves with remains of 57 Syrian soldiers killed by IS found

US invasion forces brings in 52 military vehicles to its illegitimate bases in Hasaka countryside

Illegal US occupation forces’ presence in Syria inflame tension in region: Syria, Russia

Syria: Turkish occupation mercenaries kidnap citizens in Hasaka countryside

Al-Qaeda joining Saudi-led forces in Ma'rib province: Yemeni govt.

UAE, Israel are working to establish a spy base in Yemeni Island to target Iran, China, Pakistan :

Israel PM privately approved US sell of F-35 to UAE

Saudi Arabia officially allows all UAE-Israel flights through its airspace

Pro-Israel US lobby group opens office in UAE

Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli soldiers near West Bank city of Nablus

IAEA report envisages constructive prospects in ties with Iran: Official

Lebanon army unearths 4.35 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in Beirut port


Gunmen kill 22 people in two attacks in Nigeria's middle belt

Ten soldiers killed In central Mali attack

Khalifa Haftar sued in US court for $50m over alleged war crimes

Switzerland freezes Angolan tycoon’s $900 million fortune


15 militants killed, highway reopened in Afghanistan's western Badghis province

Premature blast kills 3 militants in N. Afghanistan

China applauds PM Imran Khan’s remarks on Sino-Pak relations

Liar says: Entire world beginning to unite against China, says Mike Pompeo

Debunking the disinformation in Pompeo's anti-Chinese diatribe

China's Military Has Surpassed US in Ships, Missiles and Air Defense, DoD Report Finds

China carries out secretive launch of ‘reusable experimental spacecraft’

Biden Joins the Anti-China Chorus

China may dump U.S. Treasuries as Sino-U.S. tensions flare: Global Times

China threatens to retaliate after US tightens leash on Beijing diplomats

U.S. Slaughter of Japanese Civilians in WWII Was Evil

75 years later, Japanese man recalls bitter internment in US

U.S. teaching history for indoctrination: Chris Hedges discusses the teaching of history as a form of indoctrination with Professor James W. Loewen.


Russia: No grounds yet to suspect criminality in Navalny’s case

German military toxicologists find traces of Novichok in Russian opposition figure Navalny’s blood, urine & skin – Der Spiegel

Russia’s potential coronavirus vaccine shows ‘no serious adverse’ effects and creates antibody response: The Lancet study

Assange extradition hearing will be a key test for UK and US justice: US authorities must drop all charges against Julian Assange relating to his publishing activities.

Declassified: The husband of British judge who ruled against Assange was involved with right-wing lobby group briefing against WikiLeaks founder

The U.S. Is Determined to Make Julian Assange Pay for Exposing the Cruelty of Its War on Iraq

Must watch: The War on Journalism: The Case of Julian Assange


UN dismayed over US sanctions on top International Criminal Court officials

International Criminal Court: Statement on US sanctions

World Coronavirus Deaths: 876,607

WHO Official Warns No Widespread Covid-19 Vaccine Expected Until Mid-2021


Owners of oil tankers seized by US deny they were destined for Venezuela

Owners of oil tankers seized by the US file lawsuits; US becoming the self-appointed global policeman.

Venezuela's top diplomat accuses Washington of hypocrisy over elections claim

Seeking Asylum? Not Here! : The proportion of asylum court decisions that have been denied in the United States has increased markedly during the last several years

Must Watch: The USA and Nicaragua - an interview with Brian S. Willson. In this interview he discusses the current turmoil in the United States following the murder of George Floyd

Part of Trump’s border wall at risk of collapse just months after it was built

United States Coronavirus Deaths: 191,771

Key coronavirus forecast predicts over 410,000 total U.S. deaths by Jan. 1:

Protests hit New York after black man choked to death in police custody

Portland shooting suspect fatally shot by US Marshals task force

Economic Hitman Makes a Confession About America’s Biggest Threat

Pro-Israel Groups Celebrate Victory in Crucial Massachusetts Primary

U.S. Marshals Find 25 Missing Children in Ohio Days After Finding 39 in Georgia

9 in 10 voters say civil unrest a key issue in presidential race: poll

Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’

Trump denies report claiming he called dead U.S. service members 'losers' and 'suckers'

Trump Believes Vietnam Veterans Are ‘Losers’ and MIA Soldiers Deserved Their Fate

Retired general blasts Trump on reported military comments: 'You're no patriot'

Biden claims Black man invented light bulb during campaign event

An election unlike any other officially kicks off as North Carolina mails first ballots to voters

North Carolina kicks off mail voting as requests spike

Donald Trump campaign repeatedly doctoring videos for social media ads

Woman spends $500,000 on anti-Biden ads

Trump mocks the way Biden wears his mask

Joe Biden’s Kenosha town hall marred by eyebrow-raising statements

Watch: Biden reading the words “end of quote” out loud from the teleprompter

Trump and Biden: Equally awful

50% in U.S. Fear Bankruptcy Due to Major Health Event

Unemployment Claims Improve But It's a Manipulation Mirage

Trade Deficit Soars to 12-Year High Despite President's Promises to Wipe It Out

U.S. threat to pull WADA funding could leave Americans out of Olympics




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