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September 07, 2021

9/11 was strictly speaking a coup d’état?
By Thierry Meyssan
The people who perpetrated this crime wanted to create a shock comparable to Pearl Harbor.   Continue


In The End, Bin Laden Won
By Michael Moore
He couldn’t have done it without us.   Continue


In Case you missed it
Full text: bin Laden's 'letter to America'
By Osama bin Laden
Full text of Osama bin Laden's "letter to the American people", reported in theObserver, Sunday November 24, 2002   Continue


Enduring Terror Forever: From Al-Qaeda to ISIS-K
By Pepe Escobar
ISIS-K may be just another CIA shadow army, in collaboration with the NDS.   Continue


Ending the US Empire of War, Corruption and Poverty
By Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J.S. Davies
The US can either continue with its fruitless attempt to control others through militarism and coercion, or it can rethink its place in the world   Continue


Imperial Business-As-Usual… Biden-Zelenksy Meeting Shows U.S. Learned Nothing From Afghanistan
American militarism, war-making and imperial “nation-building” will continue.   Continue


How the U.S. War on Terror Fueled and Excused Right-Wing Extremism at Home
By Spencer Ackerman
The connection between the rise of right-wing extremism in the United States and the so-called war on terror.  Continue


It’s Happening Now But People Don’t See It
By Roger Waters
The ruling class are murdering you.   Continue



17 Houthis killed in Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen's Marib: source

U.S. refutes reports of withdrawal of US invasion forces from 3 Syria bases

Syrian army resumes shelling of rebel enclave after collapse of deal

Another ceasefire agreement in the city of Daraa!

BBC admits Syria gas attack report had serious flaws in 'victory for truth'

Islamic State says it carried out Sunday's attack on Iraqi police near Kiruk, killing 10

Shia militia commander killed in attack in central Iraq

Iraq: French energy company signs major investment deal

Six Palestinian prisoners escape from Israeli prison: "The escape stems from the Israeli injustice imposed on our male and female prisoners in the occupation’s prisons,”

Palestinian prison break leaves Israelis red-faced, confused and amused : Celebratory gunfire rung out over Jenin after the news of the escape broke

Palestine: The meeting between Abbas and Gantz was shameful : The bottom line is that Abbas's loyalty lies with Israel

Bennett won't meet Abbas because he took apartheid Israel to ICC

Iran-UAE trade reaches more than $1.b in 5 months

Afghanistan withdrawal is a shock to the Israel lobby


Dozens killed in northeast DR Congo by suspected ADF rebels

US-led airstrikes killed 22,000 civilians in Africa, West Asia in past 20 years:

Guinea coup leader bars foreign travel for government officials


Taliban claims victory in Panjshir as it calls to end war:

The Other Afghan Women: Endless killing of civilians turned women against the occupiers who claimed to be helping them

How MI6 backed ‘right-wing religious fanatics’ in Afghanistan

Military Analysis Raises Questions About Deadly Drone Strike in Kabul

Taliban Say U.N. Promises Aid After Meeting With Officials in Kabul

U.S. and other countries owe reparations to the people of Afghanistan

Taliban: Int'l Help to Fight Terrorism Not Needed

India denying subsidised food grains to millions of its poor


Revealed: MI5 and MI6 are training senior spies from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt

More than 500 arrested as Extinction Rebellion protests continue in London

More than 140,000 French citizens protest against health pass


Australia is no longer a well-run society.

Climate crisis to "wreak havoc" on coal-reliant Australian economy: UN climate adviser


New ‘mu’ COVID variant now found in 49 U.S. states : Health officials believe mu is even more transmissible that the delta variant and has the potential to resist vaccines.

Over 200 health journals unite in calling for urgent action on climate change

How Facebook Undermines Privacy Protections for Its 2 Billion WhatsApp Users


2/3rds of Nicaraguans support leftist Sandinista Front: Poll debunks 'dictatorship' lie

Venezuela: There Will Be No Impunity for Guaido With the Dialogue: Maduro

US air strikes after 9/11 attacks directly killed up to 48,000 civilians

How the US created a world of endless war: In 2008, many of Barack Obama’s supporters hoped he would bring the global war on terror to a close. Instead, he expanded it

9/11 militarized law enforcement and made every American a suspect

9/11 attacks: Why the 'war on terror' will not end: The saddest epitaph of 20 years of fruitless war with a million people dead, is that no one appears to have learned from it

US military bases prepare to house up to 50,000 Afghans

US to give each incoming Afghan evacuee up to $2,275 in aid

New poll finds majority of Americans open to sending troops to defend Taiwan

Biden administration will pursue federal charges against anyone trying to stop a woman getting an abortion in Texas

35 Million Americans Are Losing Unemployment Income Today

Tent cities now part of the landscape

Overwhelmed Morgues Belie U.S. Illusion of a Defanged Pandemic

There’s No Wake-Up Moment on Climate in America: Even as disasters strike daily, politics will keep obstructing solutions.

Matt Taibbi: NPR Trashes Free Speech.




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