I have just witnessed a murder on my TV screen 

Matt Hamon -- 11/11/04: "ICH" -- As I sit here and write this I have tears streaming down my face, I am shaking and my heart is pounding. I have just witnessed a murder on my TV screen. 



While watching Lateline on Australian ABC television there was a report from Fallujah. In the story they showed a marine saying, "I've just injured one, he's between the two buildings". At that moment another marine walks over to the gap between the two houses, he then climbs on a forty four gallon drum aims his gun at the injured Iraqi and fires one shot. 

The marine then climbs back down saying, "He's done". 

Evidence of a war crime right there on my screen, evidence that America takes no prisoners, evidence of a horrendous act condoned by my country. 

How did we become as bad as this, when did the coalition forces become terrorist themselves. 

I am choking, gagging, I want to vomit. I have just witnessed murder by my own people. 

Will this become the norm, will we in the west idly watch as our government send our young men and women to perpetrate crimes against humanity. 

What ever happen to the Geneva Conventions? What happened that we could become immune to the atrocities committed by our own people in what can only be describe as an illegal invasion for selfish, self-serving reasons, oil, greed and power. 

When did we authorise our government to breech international law and to commit acts of terrorism? 

Please tell me, I really want to know. Please, I want to make sense of the murder I have just witnessed on my television. 

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