Tell Congress: Don't Attack Syria


By Code Pink

April 11, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  Trump is promising imminent U.S. missiles strikes on Syria. But Senator Tim Kaine, Senator Mike Lee, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus have a different idea. They are invoking the Constitution and the War Powers Act, which says that Congress, not the President, decides when to use military force. Missile strikes on Syria will only cause more death and destruction.

Tell your Rep. to sign the Lofgren-Amash letter to stop an unconstitutional strike on Syria.

As Senator Tim Kaine has pointed out, President Trump should be required to have permission from Congress before taking military action. “He’s a president, not a king, and Congress needs to quit giving him a blank check to wage war against anyone, anywhere,” Kaine said. “If he strikes Syria without our approval, what will stop him from bombing North Korea or Iran?”’

Democrat or Republican, your Rep. should help stop Trump from striking Syria. Tell your Rep. to sign the Lofgren-Amash letter to stop an unconstitutional strike on Syria.

We stopped an unconstitutional military attack on Syria in August 2013 when 200 Democratic and Republican House Members signed letters to the President, saying under the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution you have to come to us for authorization before striking Syria. We must do this again. 

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In case you missed it: Syria: armed opposition group committing war crimes in Aleppo - new evidence : The Aleppo Conquest armed groups may have used chemical weapons, as well as ‘hell cannon’ gas canister munitions.

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