Selling Murder as The Greater Good

By Gary D. Barnett

What is absurd and monstrous about war is that men who have no personal quarrel should be trained to murder one another in cold blood. – Aldous Huxley

December 12, 2018 "Information Clearing House"    War is the scourge of mankind, the death of sanity, and oftentimes exists when armies of consenting soldiers band together in a military formed and controlled by those among us bent on killing for profit and power. War can only be justified for actual self-defense in a time of aggressive invasion. Sadly, today’s U.S. wars are pure aggression, offensive in nature, and not waged due to any foreign invasion.

What could drive soldiers to kill simply on orders from the state? Why would normal men risk all for the murderous desires of others?

There are many factors of course but the primary incentive necessary for men to voluntarily risk their lives in war boils down to a dangerous ideological mindset referred to as “the greater good.”  This refers to the notion that one is killing not for himself, but for the benefit of community, country, or the entire human race. This can be disguised as patriotism, nationalism, or love of country, but those false justifications are purposely embedded into the weak minds of brainwashed citizens throughout their lifetimes. Some progressive leftists describe the greater good as “actively participating with accountability in the positive growth of social, economic, and political change. “ This is absurd, and is meaningless poppycock. Wars are sold to the common man by using fear and guilt as motivations, all under the guise of this idiotic politically correct ideology.

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Selling this concept has been a key component in the warmongers arsenal used to further its mission to marginalize all independent thought and action in favor of community. It is a brilliant strategy used to fool the general population into supporting state sponsored aggression. That aggression is war, and war needs the support of the masses in order for it to exist and prosper. It is not winning that matters to the controllers you understand, it is the perpetuation of war that is desired because continual conflict is what they seek. The purposely crafted and unending “war on terror” is the perfect vehicle to affect this strategy. This is accomplished by fomenting fear among the masses, and chaos is always the result. Continuous war is necessary to gain the money and power sought by the elite in charge. The more fearful a society becomes, the more it is willing to support war, and war is, as Randolph Bourne said, the health of the state.

The state understands this concept and has been successful in its efforts to incite fear among the people. In the past just as it remains today, an enemy was created and demonized, and the controlled media was used to inundate the sheep with targeted propaganda in support for war. In order for this strategy to continue to be effective for the long term, the public must remain continually frightened of monsters from afar. This state of mind alone is enough to cause not only panic, but will guide the crowd to band together behind powerful agents of force they think will protect them. This is exactly what the powerful deep state and its government puppets seek.

Warmongering is dependent on an extensive military-industrial complex, with a strong and effective propaganda arm. The U.S. propaganda machine is fully in place, and would render even Hitler speechless. Over the past century, the U.S. government has built the largest and most powerful military the world has ever known. It is monstrous not only in size and scope, but equally in its thirst for tyrannical supremacy. This military complex needs to not only have a huge standing army of willing soldiers, but weaponry and capital as well. It also needs to control the political class and the media. It accomplished this mission some time ago, and it is still gaining strength.

The United States is an empire based on aggression and expansion and accomplishes much of this lust for power today by gaining geopolitical control. This is not a recent phenomenon, but this empire continues to expand its reach through aggressive measures. In today’s world, it is not necessary for this monster to actually claim and take physical possession of all the territory it conquers. But with military bases numbering well over 8oo in more than 70 countries, the effect is the same. America is the most prolific empire in world history. In order to continue this empirical expansion, war must be waged unabated and endlessly.  War is what sustains the deep state and those dependent on it, including the political class, the financial and banking system, the corporate elite, and the entire military industrial complex. The actions of this behemoth are as cold as ice, and pathological in nature.

Why are so many filled with hate? Why do so many continue to torture, maim and kill? Why are imperialist wars applauded and those who orchestrate and prosecute them revered? Why are the masses mesmerized by those who support the death and destruction that accompany these wars?

Selling murder as salvation is the mission of an unscrupulous state apparatus. Those involved in this carnage are the worst among us. They are the benefactors of empire and war. They are the ones who gain money and power from it. They are parasites using the complicit masses to advance their murderous agenda.

The survival of mankind as I see it lies in the concept of peace. Peace can never be achieved through aggression. Wars of aggression perpetuate more war and more suffering, while peace encourages peace, prosperity, and harmony.  There is no such thing as the greater good in any act of aggressive war; there is only greater evil.

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