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Julian Assangeís Extradition Case is a Show Trial

By John Pilger

October 25, 2019 "Information Clearing House" -  The worst moment was one of a number of Ďworstí moments. I have sat in many courtrooms and seen judges abuse their positions, This judge, Vanessa BaraitserĖ actually she isnít a judge at all; sheís a magistrate ó shocked all of us who were there.

Her face was a progression of sneers and imperious indifference; she addressed Julian with an arrogance that reminded me of a magistrate presiding over apartheid South Africaís Race Classification Board. When Julian struggled to speak, he couldnít get words out, even stumbling over his name and date of birth.

When he spoke truth and when his barrister spoke, Baraister contrived boredom; when the prosecuting barrister spoke, she was attentive. She had nothing to do; it was demonstrably preordained. In the table in front of us were a handful of American officials, whose directions to the prosecutor were carried by his junior; back and forth this young woman went, delivering instructions.

The judge watched this outrage without a comment. It reminded me of a newsreel of a show trial in Stalinís Moscow; the difference was that Soviet show trials were broadcast. Here, the state broadcaster, the BBC, blacked it out, as did the other mainstream channels.

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Having ignored Julianís barristerís factual description of how the CIA had run a Spanish security firm that spied on him in the Ecuadorean embassy, she didnít yawn, but her disinterest was as expressive. She then denied Julianís lawyers any more time to prepare their case Ė even though their client was prevented in prison from receiving legal documents and other tools with which to defend himself.

Her knee in the groin was to announce that the next court hearing would be at remote Woolwich, which adjoins Belmarsh prison and has few seats for the public. This will ensure isolation and as close to a secret trial as itís possible to get. Did this happen in the home of the Magna Carta? Yes, but who knew?

More Important Than Dreyfus

Julianís case is often compared with Dreyfus; but historically itís far more important. No one doubts ó not his enemies on The New York Times, not the Murdoch press in Australia Ė that if he is extradited to the United States and the inevitable supermax, journalism will be incarcerated, too.

Who will then dare to expose anything of importance, let alone the high crimes of the West? Who will dare publish ĎCollateral Murderí? Who will dare tell the public that democracy, such as it is, has been subverted by a corporate authoritarianism from which fascism draws its strength.

Once there were spaces, gaps, boltholes, in mainstream journalism in which mavericks, who are the best journalists, could work. These are long closed now. The hope is the samidzat on the internet, where fine disobedient journalism is still practised. The greater hope is that a judge or even judges in Britainís court of appeal, the High Court, will rediscover justice and set him free. In the meantime, itís our responsibility to fight in ways we know but which now require more than a modicum of Assange courage.

John Pilger is an Australian journalist and BAFTA award-winning documentary film maker. He has been mainly based in the United Kingdom since 1962.  http://johnpilger.com/

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