Israel Directly Targeted Palestinian Children During the War on Gaza: Report:

By Patrick Strickland

April 21, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - "al Jazeera" -  Jabaliya, Gaza Strip - Issam Abu Mustafa Joudeh struggled to hold back tears as he recalled the drone strike that killed his wife and four of his children during the 51-day war in Gaza last summer.

Around 4pm on August 24, 2014, just two days before a lasting ceasefire was reached, Issam went inside to prepare lunch while his wife and five of their kids played outside in the yard. "I was talking to them at the time," he told Al Jazeera. "I hollered at them out the window to see if they were hungry. Then I heard a loud whiz, followed by an explosion, and the whole house rumbled."

Issam rushed outside to find an immense crater in the ground. "They were all on the ground bleeding," he said, noting Thaer, 10, was still conscious. "He was calling for me to help him... I knew it was bad, that there was death."

Issam and Thaer - along with three other grown children who no longer live at home - were the family's only survivors. Issam's wife, six-year-old Osama, eight-year-old Mohammed, 12-year-old Raghad and 14-year-old Tasneem all died on the spot. Thaer had his right leg amputated above the knee and he was then sent to Germany, where doctors are still treating him for severe burns that cover most of his body.