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July 04, 2021

Happy “Independence” Day"
By Caitlin Johnstone
U.S. warmongers want to bring democracy to Iran, China, North Korea, Russia, Syria, and, eventually, at the very bottom of the list, perhaps to the United States as well. -Continue



The long and winding multipolar road
Must Read - By Pepe Escobar
Russia-China say it’s time to return to law-based order. -Continue


The Chinese Miracle, Revisited
By Pepe Escobar
Over the past two decades, China’s GDP grew 11-fold, and now accounts for 17% of global economic output. -Continue


America Leader of the Free World? How to Forget U.S. interference in Foreign Elections
By Philip Giraldi
Russia-China say it’s time to return to law-based order. -Continue


The Horrifying Rise Of Total Mass Media Blackouts On Inconvenient News Stories
By Caitlin Johnstone
“For those who still believe the media provides news, please read this,”. -Continue



The Sum of All Lies - Biden Bombs Syria & Iraq

Iraq: ICC urged to reopen case on UK war crimes

Erdogan: 'We are present in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Azerbaijan, and will remain there'

Russia: Vienna talks seek to restore JCPOA in original form, nothing more, nothing less

How the downing of Iran Air flight 655 still sparks US-Iran enmity

Click here to watch Press TV Live

Israel carries out another attack on besieged Gaza Strip

Israeli army kills Palestinian man in occupied West Bank

Palestinians urge intl. probe into Israel’s killing of Palestinian youth in West Bank

Gaza: Nine out of ten children suffering from PTSD after Israel's May attacks

As Health Care Workers, We Stand in Solidarity with Palestine: Israel continues to deny Palestinians essential care and resources

How Europe sustains Israel

Squatters take over Palestinian building in Jerusalem's Silwan

Bought and paid for: US Republicans call for FBI probe into alleged BDS terrorism links

Yale students approve statement denouncing Israeli 'apartheid' and 'ethnic cleansing'

The Zionist assault on Judaism: Zionism has not yet murdered Judaism but it has undermined its moral and historical integrity.

Hundreds of Palestinians in West Bank protest against PA’s Abbas

WATCH: US Lawmaker Urges Biden to End Israel’s Expulsions of Palestinian Families

Yemenis forced out of Saudi Arabia find a new refuge in Djibouti


At least 43 migrants drown in shipwreck off Tunisia, Red Crescent says

Somali military claims killing 15 al-Shabaab terrorists

Libyan coastguard caught firing at migrant boat

French spy-tech firms accused of 'complicity in torture' in Libya and Egypt

Egypt's Sisi opens naval base close to border with Libya

How To Lose a Country in 10 Years: The Burkina Faso Formula: If the US Government was trying to destroy Burkina Faso, it could hardly have done it any better.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front demands a full withdrawal of Eritrean troops and Ethiopia’s Amhara state fighters.


Taliban seizes key districts in Afghanistan as gov’t forces flee

Over 300 Afghan troops fleeing from Taliban cross over to neighboring Tajikistan

Defeated By Taliban Western Forces Skulk out of Afghanistan

241,000 people have been killed in the Afghanistan war zone since 2001. More than 71,000 of those killed have been civilians.

The war in Afghanistan has cost $2.26 trillion, and the bill will keep rising even after last US troops leave

China, India Move Tens of Thousands of Troops to the Border in Largest Buildup in Decades

Pakistani PM Backs China on Uyghurs & Praises One-Party System

A history of China’s fight against poverty: In 1949, China was one of the world’s poorest countries, but now its economy is on the road to 'high income' status


Kremlin says 'provocations' like UK warship episode demand tough response

China, Ukraine sign deal to strengthen infrastructure cooperation

Why Ukraine Is a Dangerous and Unworthy Ally

Marine Le Pen re-elected as leader of French right-wing National Rally party

The DUP’s non-apology for its anti-LGBTQI+ bigotry is an utter joke


Diplomatic cables show Australian Labor leader Bob Hawke was US informant


Key Assange Witness Recants—With Zero Corporate Media Coverage

News of key witness lying is ‘devastating’ for US case against Assange; it must be dropped

Assange Supporters Demand Release Amid Key DOJ Witness's Admission Testimony Was Fabricated

Must Watch: Julian Assange and WikiLeaks — story of a whistleblower | DW Documentary


Brazilians Want Bolsonaro Out After a New Corruption Scandal

Bolsonaro says he’ll refuse to leave power if he loses to ‘fraud’

Bolsonaro And The CIA Conspire Against “New Pink Tide” In South America

World Food Program Begins Humanitarian Shipments to Venezuela

President Maduro Meets with Democratic Socialists of America

Free the Children: Advocates Demand Biden Close Fort Bliss Detention Center Holding 800 Migrant Kids

One-month-old among 32 people shot in Chicago

'I'm embarrassed to be American': Students struggle to articulate pride in the US on July 4

Biden Report Card: Slumping poll numbers, nixes Mount Rushmore fireworks

Trump tells Florida rally that NY prosecutors are behaving like third world DICTATORS

Attorney General Merrick Garland Halts Federal Executions

The Democratic Party Establishment is out to stop Nina Turner, and a pro-Israel lobbying group is helping

The Stryker is a ‘deathtrap’ but you’re paying for it anyway: Despite cuts, the Army wants nearly $1B to upgrade a vehicle that literally put our soldiers in harm’s way.

Ransomware hits hundreds of US companies, security firm says

Judge tosses frivolous lawsuit by heiress Sulome Anderson seeking to destroy The Grayzone

Rachel Maddow "Is Not News" Says Court Ruling!

A Case of "Intellectual Capture?" On YouTube's Demonetization of Bret Weinstein




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