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March 15, 2021

Iran’s supposed threat to the U.S. is a scam
By Philip Weiss
The pity is that the U.S. media and political system fall again and again for the Iran scam. - Continue


The Occupation of the American Mind
Must watch documentary
Israel's public relations war in the U.S. - Continue


West’s Cynical Concern for Myanmar
By Finian Cunningham
This is the cynical politics of condemnation. - Continue



Congressional Testimony: The Leading Activists for Online Censorship Are Corporate Journalists
By Glenn Greenwald
This was one of the most direct acts of information repression about an American presidential election in decades. - Continue


It Is Time To Remove The Debt Barrier To Economic Growth
By Michael Hudson and Paul Craig Roberts
The Covid checks do not come close to replacing the missing wages, salaries and business profits from lockdowns. -


The world’s mental health epidemic is caused by the system we’re forced to live under
By Caitlin Johnstone
Help wake people up to the injustices of our system, by whatever means you have access to. - Continue



15 Yemeni soldiers, 3 children killed in Al Houthi attack on Taiz

Yemen is heading toward the biggest famine in modern history: A child dying every 75 seconds.

US tops world’s weapons supplier, Saudi Arabia biggest importer:

Mideast arms imports grew by a quarter in a decade

Iraq: Islamic State Massacres Family of Seven

7 rockets hit military base housing US troops in Iraq

Iran declares it was not behind attacks on U.S. bases in Iraq

US reiterates: No ‘unilateral gestures’ to Iran to jumpstart nuclear talks

Iran's FM Zarif warns clock ticking for US to return to JCPOA

UAE Sheikh Lays Claim to Oil Cargo US Says Is From Iran

Blaming Israel for cargo ship blast, Iran warns it has right to respond

US Lawmakers Call on Biden Administration to Oppose Israeli Demolitions of Palestinian Homes

Why American Jews should reject Israel's Law of Return: Israel's Law of Return entrenches Jewish exceptionalism and suffocates democracy

Canada took ‘no actions’ to incriminate Israel over shooting Canadian journo:

Syria: Foreign Ministry: The EU responsible for suffering and bloodshed of the Syrian people

He was killed brutally in Syria’s war. Now his family seek justice against his alleged killers in Russia

Saudi Arabia arrests 241 in new "corruption" crackdown

Jordan condemns inauguration of Kosovo Embassy in Jerusalem


Islamist attacks kill about 30 soldiers in northeast Nigeria in four days

Rebels kill at least 15 civilians in eastern DR Congo

Four soldiers, many terrorists killed in Lake Chad: Army

Libya interim government sworn in

Uganda’s opposition leader Bobi Wine arrested during protest


Myanmar: 50 people were reported killed when troops and police opened fire on protesters

At least 25 Taliban fighters killed in avalanche on Afghan border

Afghanistan- Sunday's blasts 'death toll' rises to 5

Back-to-back blasts kill 3 civilians in Afghanistan

U.S. Has 1,000 More Troops in Afghanistan Than It Disclosed

Propaganda alert; U.S. Pacific Commander Warns China Likely To Move On Taiwan; Guam A Target

How the US military is preparing for a war on China

The U.S. Marines Have a New Missile to Sink China's Navy

US designates Huawei, four other Chinese tech firms national security threats

U.S. Congress-created commission warns of brain drain to China, pushes new artificial intelligence policy

China’s arms sales drop : US leads weapons exports with 37 per cent of market share for 2016-20 while China accounted for 5.2 per cent of sales

China factory, retail data surge


Moscow would retaliate if U.S. deployed missiles in Japan: Russian foreign ministry

Biden readying new sanctions on Russia over Nord Stream 2 pipeline

EU launches legal action against UK over Brexit deal

Much of Europe tightens anti-pandemic rules as virus surges

France, Germany and Italy join other nations in suspending AstraZeneca vaccine

Ireland, Netherlands halt AstraZeneca shots

Dutch police break up anti-lockdown protest ahead of election

British Airways To Launch Digital Vaccine Passports

Europe's droughts since 2015 'worst in 2,000 years'

Spain to launch trial of four-day working week


US is world’s top weapons supplier

Which countries have stopped using AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine?

US health officials lobbied Brazil to REJECT Russian-made Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine

West ‘weaponizes’ vaccines to divide world aimed at maintaining hegemony


Is the White House greenlighting Haiti’s descent into dictatorship?

Brazil: The 'Ranchadinha' Case Reveals How the Bolsonaro Clan Got Rich

Bolivia ex-president Anez appears before judge accused of fomenting coup

Bolivia’s Jeanine Anez ordered to four months pre-trial detention

Venezuela Donates 19 Tons of Humanitarian Aid To Equatorial Guinea

Number of unaccompanied migrant kids in US custody up 25% since last week

US will hold 3000 immigrant teens in Dallas convention center

Fact or fiction? 62 percent of US adults approve of Biden's pandemic policies: poll

Trump Should Encourage His Supporters To Get Vaccinated, Fauci Says

Vaccine brawl riles House: Only 75% of the House is confirmed as vaccinated against the coronavirus

Watch: Maskless woman arrested in Galveston day after mandate lifted

Hundreds of Tesla workers got Covid after Elon Musk reopened factory

Biden planning first major tax hike in almost 30 years: report

Senate Dems introduce ‘assault weapons’ ban bill on 205 gun models, incl. shotguns, hunting rifles

Lara Trump FUNNELED Dog Rescue Money into Donald Trump’s Pockets

Army reviewing investigation into Michael Flynn's dealings with Russia, foreign firm

These Recruits Were Promised Citizenship in Exchange for Military Service. Now They Fear the US Has Forgotten Them

Explainer: Striking jurors in ex-cop’s trial in Floyd death

At least 100 protesters detained in Portland, Oregon




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