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Syria, Russia and American Desperation

By Margaret Kimberley

December 30, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - It is no coincidence that anti-Russian propaganda is being ramped up at the same moment the Syrian government is poised to retake its country from terrorists. Barack Obama and the rest of the war party are left to sputter nonsensical statements because their grand plan to realize the neocon Project for a New American Century is in very big trouble.

The American corporate media ignored the suffering of Syrians in the city of Aleppo until their captivity was broken by the Syrian Arab army. Ever since 2012, ISIS and other terrorist groups sponsored by the United States, NATO, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have held thousands of people hostage there. Turks picked the region apart, raiding Syrian factories and transporting them piece by piece back to their country.

Playing on emotions
Now that the Syrians are retaking the city with the help of their Russian and Hezbollah allies, there is a steady stream of news about Aleppo. All of it is meant to pull at the heartstrings of uninformed people as the human rights industrial complex reliably goes about its dirty work.

Human Rights Watch and other groups who work to promote United States foreign policy speak endlessly about war crimes. They didn’t say much when America’s allies were terrorizing Syrians; but now they suddenly point fingers, and always at the people who run afoul of regime-change plans.

The five-year-long effort to destroy the Syrian state has produced many victims in that country, and it always threatened to spark a larger international conflict. The assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey could be such a moment. The gunman’s last words and obviously his actions were a call to jihad. Even 100 years later, the 1914 assassination in Sarajevo is not far from memory.

The key player
But the United States is the principal actor in this drama. None of the other nations involved in this crime would have acted absent American direction. All the casualties, the sieges, the hunger and the frantic search for refuge can be placed at America’s feet. So too the death of the Russian ambassador. This international tangle is covered with American fingerprints.

The Syrian government is determined to take back its country and the Americans and their allies are equally determined to thwart it. The recent successes of the Syrian army explain part of the desperation coming from Obama, the Democratic Party and corporate media.

Blaming Russia kills several birds with one stone. It continues the propaganda war against a country that will not knuckle under and accept American hegemony. The “hyper-Russophobia” was also an attempt to make the unpalatable and incompetent Hillary Clinton more appealing. And its continuation is being used by Democrats and Republicans to stop the incoming president from having any chance to improve relations with that country or curtail the regime change doctrine. The war party never sleeps.

Barack Obama’s last press conference was replete with lies and insults aimed at Russia and Vladimir Putin. He should have been embarrassed to say that Russia was “smaller,” “weaker” and “doesn’t produce anything that anybody wants to buy except oil and gas and arms.” He completed his bizarre rant by saying that Putin was “the former head of the KGB.” He was no such thing, and of course Obama knows that. It isn’t clear if he expected anyone to believe him, or if facing his failure carried him away to heights of rhetorical foolishness.

Hollow legacy
Obama thought that Hillary Clinton would win and complete his regime change plans. Not only did she lose and deprive him of his third term, but the hollowness of his legacy is clear. Obviously “hope and change” was a marketing tagline meant to hide his commitment to the worldwide neoliberal project.

Donald Trump will be president of the United States in just four weeks. That is a short period of time in which to pull off a soft coup. He will be inaugurated, but team Obama want to make sure he cannot upend the status quo they work so hard to uphold.

While the Democratic Party rank-and-file are anxious about racism, immigration, Islamophobia, judicial appointees and voter suppression, their leaders only care about maintaining imperialism. Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party are unworthy of the loyalty they engender. On January 20, thousands of people will head to Washington to protest Trump. Meanwhile, the Democrats will be making last-ditch efforts to help jihadists destroy Syria.

Protest the Dems
Some of the protesters ought to target their ire at Obama and the Democrats, and not just because of their electoral failure. They ought to pledge an end to support for warmongering Democrats altogether.

If it is true that Trump is a fascist, he won’t be the first one in the White House. His predecessor fits that description just as well.

But events may have spun out of his control. The fate of Syria may not be in American hands any longer. And that is why the desperation is so evident.

Margaret Kimberley’s column appears weekly in BlackAgendaReport.com. Contact her at Margaret.Kimberley@BlackAgendaReport.com.

Vanessa Beeley and Andrew Ashdow ASP report East Aleppo with Tom Duggan and Sinan Saeed


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