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NATO Blues

By One Earth

"You come screaming through the skies
The look of Satin In your eyes"

One Earth is an Los Angeles based musical project which features a diverse group of players ranging in age from 13-85. Some are up and coming in the industry and others are industry veterans. Our music is theme-based around the universal ideals of peace, social justice and environmental preservation. In short, we are a musical and creative revolt, as well as a spear-tip leading the charge toward profound social, economic, artistic and environmental change.

Posted February 08, 2017


One Earth music can be downloaded on iTunes  – ‘NATO Blues’, ‘Ecuador’ and ‘Refugee’.  The music is also available on Google Play, Spotify, etc.  Their contact email is 1earthmusic@gmail.com. Click here for their YouTube channel and here for their Facebook page.

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