Note To ICH Community Regarding Our Comment Section

By Tom Feeley

March 08, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -As many of you are aware, for some time now we have been experiencing attacks on our third party comment system. The purpose of this onslaught is an attempt to sow discontent among our community, reduce the impact this website and daily newsletter has on those searching beyond the propaganda outlets we call "news" media.

These attempts include hacking into the comment system, deleting comments, posting comments which any reasonable person would consider offensive, not to mention the continuous attempts to post racist and anti-Semitic rants.

In short, that a person or group of persons are willing to spend time and money to effect the impact of our efforts to better inform others is a testament to our effectiveness. Over the past 16 years that our community has been providing this non commercial source of news and information, we have been hacked more times than we can list, have been subject to  personal threats on our physical wellbeing and that of my family. Despite these endless dirty deeds we have not only survived but grown each year. We will continue to do so with your help.

I am asking for your assistance in finding a more secure comment system. Please take a moment and post your suggestions below. We will also need some help to install what ever system we should choose to employ. If you can help out in that regard please email me at Most of all we need you to be patient while we find a solution to these problems.

Thank you for your support for ICH over all of these years.

Peace and Joy


Please take a moment to read the following - What Or Who is Information Clearing House and Purpose and Intent of this website:

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