Senator Black: Syrian Army Carries On War Of Cvilization Against Barbarism


September 04, 2018 "
Information Clearing House" Aleppo, SANA- US Senator Richard Black said ’Monday that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies have been able to expel terrorism from most of the Syrian territory, and nobody remained except those terrorists in Idleb who take civilians as human shields.

“The Syrian Army seeks to protect the civilians via safe corridors to evacuate them from the terror-controlled areas,” Black told journalists following his tour to a number of areas liberated by the Syrian army from terrorism in Aleppo.

He indicated that the US “has been carrying on a war against terrorism for 17 years, but there were no results.”

The American senator affirmed that terrorists destroyed all civilized sites in Syria; mosques and churches, killed civilians.

He added that the Syrian army carries on a war against barbarism, reiterating that Syria will rise with the efforts of its people.

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US Senator Richard Black stressed that the Syrian people are defending the historical heritage of all humanity.

Visiting Homs City on Monday and inspecting the restoration process of the ancient markets in the city, Black indicated that terrorists have sought to destroy the historical identity of Syria.

He considered that restoration works at Homs City have shown the determination of the Syrian people who have been able to defeat terrorism.

After Senator Black visited Um al- Zennar archeological church, Homs and Hama Archbishop for Syriac Orthodox Selwanos Boutros Al-Nemeh said that the visit of Black to Syria conveys a message to the world that Syria is recovering.

For his part, Homs Governor, Talal Brazi said that Black visited Homs in 2016 and he inspected the destruction in it at the hands of terrorists, indicating that the city today restored its natural life with the return of more than 60 percent of its locals who were displaced.

Barazi added that the reconstruction in Homs is carried out on stages, affirming keenness on preserving the cultural aspect of the archeological city.

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