Marianne Williamson Announces Her Candidacy for the Presidency


Marianne Williamson is best known as a self-help, spiritual author who has sold three million books. She ran as an independent for Congress in California in 2014. Now, she is running for president as a Democrat.

Standing in front of an enormous American flag, Williamson gave a forty-minute, emotionally-charged speech. Besides her gathered supporters in the 2,500 seat arena, roughly 3,300 viewers watched the speech via live streaming.

Speaking without notes or apparently any teleprompter, Williamson spoke extensively about her parents and the inspirational advice she received from them.

“My father never let us forget to really see. He would always say don’t just look, really see,” she said.

Encouraging American voters to change their perceptions and “really see” became a central theme of the speech in its second half.

I don’t want to do this to waste my time and I don’t want to do this to waste your time,” she explained. “Something bigger has to happen than just electing someone president.

“I’m asking for you to join with me for a year of talking about things that matter.

“Let’s talk about waging peace and not just prepare for war.

“Let’s talk about what it means to have a massive realignment in the direction of America’s children.

“Let’s talk about what it means…to wage economic and racial justice in America.

“Let’s talk about what it would actually end mass incarceration.

“Let’s talk about what it would actually mean to fight climate change.

“And let’s take responsibility for the fact that none of that’s going to happen unless all of us rise up.”




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