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Manifesto of Survival

By Anna Tolstoyevskaya

May 19, 2019 "Information Clearing House" -  We have come such a long way since time immemorial, since we were hunters and gatherers living in caves and bundled in hides, trying to invent fire.

Now we have TV and iPhone, we drive cars and fly planes. We can talk to and see each other from the opposite sides of the world.

Our civilization has reached amazing heights of scientific and technical development, but we still have not learnt to see a human being in each other. And a friend. We are still throwing sticks and stones at one another, except they have become so much bigger and heavier. Too heavy even for our planet.

And now we are facing the question of whether anyone will be around tomorrow to greet the sunrise.

Yet, we still have a chance to save our mother planet from and for ourselves, and continue meeting sunsets and sunrises with her. And with our friend, in humanity and in spirit.

Who is he, or her, this friend? Why do we like or hate him? How can we understand and forgive him? Learn to see yourself in her. And your own reflection. After all, we all learn from each other.

How can we learn to love truth and peace, and do no harm to each other, and respect others in ourselves?

Our time in this Universe is not unlimited, and we still have so much to discover.

To help our planet heal from the wounds caused by us and time. To protect and save our disappearing siblings, sharing with us this magnificent ecosphere. To slow down, or at least not exacerbate with emissions and pollution, the ominous warming of our shared environment. It is truly, in the prophetic words of Chris Hedges, “The Last Battle.”

As for the modern sticks and stones, they will be of no use to us. About the only thing we can do to save ourselves from them now is remove all the fast fingers from the proverbial button.

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All nuclear sticks with short fuses on hair trigger alert have long outlived their senselessness. Launch on warning will save no one, but destroy us all.

We’ve had a number of close calls already. Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov was one such “man who saved the world” on the night of September 26, 1983. There were others. Next time, we may not be so lucky.

We are playing the Russian roulette as a race, and in the barrel of cosmic odds all it takes is one evil nuclear bullet. We must at least take the finger off the trigger, so we don’t do the irreparable by accident. We must heed the call of the courageous Daniel Ellsberg, the author of terrifying but largely overlooked The Doomsday Machine and a nuclear war planner in the early part of his career. And Global Zero, ICAN (winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize), and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists with its Doomsday Clock, moving ever closer to midnight, who have all been working for years to bring this about, to give us all our mind and survival back.

Our common most-pressing universal task is to help them bring it about. Every action in this direction counts. As Nikola Tesla, whose genius brought us so many of the comforts of our civilization, put it, “The action of even the tiniest creature leads to changes in the entire Universe.”

We don’t have much time left to make it happen in our lifetime, and not pass this problem to our children, if they should have a future at all.

It’s high time to end all wars. We certainly have no business in Iran or Venezuela after Iraq and Libya.

Israel, first and foremost, needs to understand that you can’t build your own happiness on other people’s grief and graves. Even if you have suffered much in your own life. The law of karma doesn’t change because of it. There will still be heavy consequences, and you still have to pay what you owe, and reap what you sow, even if you conceal it really well. Sooner or later, if not for us, for our children. That was to a large extent the meaning of the Shoah last tragic century.

Truth is one and the same for everyone. To love and trust is always better than to fear and hate.

Let us all love one another. You never know if you are saying goodbye for the last time. Nobody wants to be ill remembered.

Let’s stop giving our attention to all the gossips, scandals and squabbles that are broadcast at us from every screen. They might be profitable for someone for some time, but definitely not for us.

We need to work and take care of each other, our young and our old, and not get plunged as a whole society into massive karmic debt that no one will be able to repay.

We need to learn to listen and understand what we are being told and why. No need to hypnotize us. It won’t work anyway when we are all awake and withdraw our consent. There are many spiritual and conscious streams flowing through us. As Rudolph Steiner used to say, we can and should learn to recognize and tell them apart. The success and happiness of our own life depend on it.

And we need to pay attention to these streams and not to the venal voices of the mass media. Let them show their true selves for what it’s worth, but don’t be swayed by them. “The traits we see most clearly in others exist most strongly in ourselves,” according to the ancient wisdom of Vedanta expressed in the words of Deepak Chopra.

We have no use for the representatives and leaders who think only of themselves. Lots of money and power doesn’t make you either good or happy. They can spew their silliness, court intrigues and lies to themselves for now.

When big money is removed from politics through the grassroots efforts of organizations such as RepresentUs, others, like Ilhan Omar and Bernie Sanders, whom we can trust and respect, will come to replace them.

And no one will be able to manipulate and scare us any longer.

“When human beings today speak of ‘God’ they mean only their angel, the angel who guides them through life,” taught Rudolf Steiner in The Karma of Untruthfulness, a series of lectures on the origins of WWI. “But they persuade themselves that they are speaking of a being higher…”

At long last, we’ll recognize in Yahweh but one of our jealous tribal angelic reflections from the time of sticks and swords, as explained masterfully in Laurent Guyénot’s From Yahweh to Zion.

And we’ll finally find Christ in each and every one of us. A true son and daughter of our true god, infinitely beautiful universal consciousness in all its manifestations on earth and in heaven.

Let there always be the Sun!

Anna Tolstoyevskaya grew up in the Soviet Union and came to the U.S. as a student of Philology and then Foreign Service in the mid-1990s. She is an analyst by trade and an Austinite at heart, having spent a third of her life in that beautiful city. She can be reached at atx3017@gmail.com.

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