It’s about the Benjamins - Trump’s smearing of congresswomen demonstrates Israel’s influence in US politics

By Philip Weiss

July 23, 2019 "Information Clearing House" -  Donald Trump has brought up Israel again and again in his racist tweets aimed at the four Congresswomen he says should leave the country. He says that “the Radical Left Congresswomen” “hate” Israel and the United States and should “apologize” both to America and to “the people of Israel.”

Our media have been forthright in explaining that the demagogic president is appealing to his white nationalist base with the attacks on four women of color. What they don’t say is that Trump is also using the attack in a tactical manner to attempt to divide the Democratic Party over Israel and carry off pro-Israel Jewish donors and voters from their traditional home and into the Republican Party.

Democrats and the media can’t talk about that angle because they are involved in that racket. Liberals want to preserve Democratic Party support for Israel and that has meant doing a similar thing to what Trump has done to the four congresswomen: castigating them for their criticism of Israel.

Listen to David Axelrod and Jake Tapper allude to the politics of Israel in discussing the congresswomen on CNN yesterday. See how they move from condemning Trump to condemning the congresswomen:

Axelrod: We are going to be having this discussion a lot in the next 17 months because [Trump] thinks it’s to his advantage to do it…

Tapper: You can find things that Congresswoman Omar said that are patently offensive… How do Democrats deal with offensive comments, bigoted comments, made within their own ranks, because… I mean Congresswoman Omar has said things that a lot of Jewish Democrats in Congress found blatantly anti-Semitic, her and Congresswoman Tlaib.

Axelrod: The House voted on a resolution and there was a rebuke by the speaker about [Omar’s comments]… I do think you need to call out your own… Democrats need to be strong in condemnation of things that are viewed as antisemitic.

I have no idea why Tapper is accusing Rashida Tlaib of blatant anti-Semitism. But it is important to review Everything that Ilhan Omar, a Muslim and Somali immigrant, has said that has resulted in this false charge, issued by Donald Trump and liberals alike. Four statements are the heart of it.


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