Global Peace and Human Security: India and Pakistan Itching for Showdown on Kashmir

By Dr Mahboob A Khawaja

August 11, 2019 "Information Clearing House" -  Has civilization taught us to be more friendly towards one another? Asked Bertrand Russell, the British philosopher and intellectual and explains further:  …Within the herd we are more friendly to each other than are many species of animals, but in our attitude towards those outside the herd, in spite of all that has been done by moralists and religious teachers, our emotions are as ferocious as those of any animal, and our intelligence enables us to give them a scope which is denied to even the most savage beast. It may be hoped, though not very confidently, that the more humane attitude will in time come to prevail, but so far the omens are not very propitious.

People of Kashmir Live in Denial of their Freedom

History made India and Pakistan enemy and geography made them neighbors. They never learned from history and geography to be friendly nations. The State of Jammu and Kashmir is at the heart of all political and strategic problems which characterize the nature of relationships between the two nuclear rivals. Under the current BJP Government, India is tainted by Hindu nationalism and its ideological and normative connotations and supremacy of thoughts. But its unilateral claim on the people of Kashmir negates the British constitutional act of freedom for both states and does not have the characteristics of truth, wisdom and honesty to assert moral and intellectual justification. There are more than dozen of UN Security Council Resolutions on the Kashmir dispute accepted by India and Pakistan calling for a plebiscite (referendum) to be held respecting the rights of self-determination of the people of Kashmir. If both countries were responsible in global affairs, an impartial referendum could have paved the way for a peaceful resolution of Jammu and Kashmir.

This week, Indian parliament using a legal stipulation of its own paperwork has changed the status of Kashmir without any consent or reference to the people of Kashmir. Strange democracy at work in violation of its basic tenets, questions the essence of Indian secularism, Farooq Abdullah many times former chief minister of Indian administered Kashmir. Legal vices or falsehood do not change the human behavior and intellect. Political leaders of conscience and humanity can never enforce animosity on innocent people.


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