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Why Censorship is Wrong

By Brian Lamacraft

January 10, 2021 "Information Clearing House" - Our world is increasingly living in a charged political atmosphere. This political chaos is cousin people to censor more than they might otherwise do. Censorship is not the way out of our current problems. In fact, censorship is going to make things worse. There are several reasons why you should not censor anyone.

I have No Control Over Censorship

First of all, I would like to say that I have no control over censorship. Iím not responsible for those that decided to censor. Perhaps those that are censoring other people are trying to hide something themselves. They simply donít want to see the other side. Weíve seen throughout history what censorship does and where it could lead. I donít want to see our world go in that direction. Itís increasingly looking like it might go in that direction. Censorship is not the way forward.

Sites Can Censor All they Want

This is much the same way as if you have your own website. Iím sure you have owned your own website and not liked some of the comments that people have put on your blog or in your forms. You can censor these people and remove their content or simply not let them post on your site at all. This is still a form of censorship. As individuals, we have no control over what sites are going to do. This still doesnít mean that itís not wrong. I believe that it is wrong to censor people no matter what their opinions are. Free speech is one of the cornerstones of our civilization. When we donít have a free speech, we donít have much at all.

Doesnít Address the Problem

When you sent it to someone, youíre not addressing the problem at hand. How can you hope to correct the problem? Opinions should matter, and when they donít youíre going to have problems. This is not the way to go about fixing problems in our society. Those problems are not going to go away if you censor people. Youíre simply going to have the problem manifest in some other area.

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In many cases, as the past shows us, this could result in other issues because no one has an outlet for their frustrations. If you take away free speech, this results in other forms of speech and, in some cases, chaos. This is a direct result of removing somebodyís ability to have a say and their voices heard. Censorship takes a subject that you donít agree with it and sweeps it under the rug. It hides it and hopes you will go away.

Hate Speech

They are in no way promoting any sort of hate speech or classified as something that is dangerous to the general public. Some are looking to censor their political opponents or others that are otherwise engaged in political discussion. When we get to censorship of this nature, this becomes a dangerous and slippery slope. Perhaps itís time to step back and look at what weíre doing. We only have to look at history to see the outcomes of severe censorship.

What Will we Censor? Your thoughts Next?

By listening to somebody talk, you might understand their viewpoint. Only when we understand other peopleís viewpoints can we hope to grasp their feelings about certain subjects. If we donít talk and communicate with each other and bridge the gap between us, that gap will get wider. Before we know whatís happening, people are going to start falling into the hole.

Iím Just One Person

Dark Future Awaits

We will only answer to the masters that are censoring us. George Orwellís 1984 look like a church picnic in comparison. If you can no longer speak, then you are a slave, no matter what side of the fence that you are on. The tragedies of the past will not have been learned and we will move into a future of uncertainty. If censorship of our thoughts and opinions itís going to be at the new normal, and we will have reached a very dark place.

Brian is an online writer and blogger. - "Source" -

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