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Update: Tom's Further Medical Adventures

By Tom Feeley

November 21, 202: Information Clearing House --As many of you may know I was discharged from Hospital on November 01, 2021, with a diagnosis of acute Lukemia after having 1 months chemotherapy treatment. My cancer was in remission.

On Thursday November 11th I was admitted to the emergency room and test showed I had pneumonia and that I was no longer in remission. I have been having further chemotherapy and hopefully I will be  able to return home next week with a more positive diagnosis.

I have my laptop and am pleased to be able to divert myself and can continue to update the website and send out our newsletter.

I want to thank all of you for your good wished, prayers and continuing support Information for almost 21 years.  You have given my life cause and purpose.

Peace and Joy

Tom Feeley

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