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 Further down the rabbit hole. Tom's medical adventures

By Tom Feeley

Updated January 30, 2022

Despite many, many, hours spent on the phone with Medicare, social security and every cancer related website that we could find online, there has been no help available to reduce the wait time (July 01 2022) on part B (outpatient services) of Medicare.

I was able to speak with my oncologist who repeated my medical prescriptions. She was professional enough to tell me bluntly that  will not live through the summer without outpatient care and a bone marrow transplant. My son has started a gofundme account https://gofund.me/8b902e5a as I will have to pay cash for all outpatient care until such time as I am admitted for bone marrow transplant. Its difficult to calculate the total cost involved since the  hospitals will not provide exact amount for each treatment. (5 Months) I want to thank everyone who responded to my call for solutions to this Medicare problem. Thanks also to those who wrote encouraging emails.

January 19, 2022: Information Clearing House -- As many of you know I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in September of last year. I have just been discharged from Hospital (UCSDH) having had two months of successful chemotherapy treatment the cancer is in remission. During my stay in hospital I was able to update the website every 2 or 3 days. I want to apologize for the lack of regular updates and to thank those of those of you who continue to support me, the website and the newsletter.

I have been relying on Medicare to cover my medical expenses. When I was discharged, I was provided with dates I should attend as an outpatient for further blood work and chemotherapy. This section of Medicare is covered by part B of the health plan that they provide. When I last attended as an out patient I was refused service because part B will only become effective on July 01, 2022. Having called Medicare on a number of occasions they finally admitted that an error had taken place with part B, but they could not correct the error and they suggested I call the Social security office as they are the only ones allowed to correct the mistake. In the meantime I am unable to talk to my oncologist to get a repeat of my medicines or attend as an out patient. All my treatments and medicines have stopped. I was hoping to have a bone marrow transplant, which would have extend the time of the remission by years rather than months when successful. Each day I am without medicine or treatment it puts the success of the bone marrow transplant in jeopardy.

I was hoping that someone who visits our website or receives the newsletter has encountered this problem and found a solution, if so I would appreciate it if you send me details to tomfeeley@live.com Any suggestion that you provide will be greatly appreciated.

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