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Alice And The Mad Hatter Gang Making Foreign Policy, Will Get You Killed

By Joe Clifford

June 03, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - Unless Americans start paying attention to foreign policy and the insane decisions being made, we will all be dead. First a quick study of the totally irrational situation the decision makers have gotten us into, then a look at how your life is being risked by idiots and fools.

A quick summary of America’s current position in the Middle East is simple to understand and easy to follow. Try this. We are allied with our declared enemy Iran, against the Islamic State, which grew from the chaos created by our earlier decision to invade Iraq, which was based on lies. We are trying to overthrow Assad in Syria, which has us fighting side-by-side with jihadist groups financed by Saudi Arabia, whom we are supporting against the Houthis in Yemen, the bitter rivals of al-Qaeda -- the perpetrators of 9/11. Meanwhile, our best friend Israel, is siding with al-Qaeda in Syria, and our other best friend Turkey, is helping ISIS. All makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Iraq is an absolute disaster which is due to the 25 year US policy of brutal sanctions from 1990 - 2003 which killed about one million innocent people. Sanctions were followed by a US invasion and bombings which continue to the present day. The country has descended into a living hell so the US just decided what Iraq needs is more weapons. We are sending more weapons to Iraq which are to be used against the weapons that we previously sent to Iraq. Makes perfect sense huh??

Think that’s bad, then think of all the additional “bad guys” and people that are currently on our hit list. In addition to fighting al-Qaeda and ISIS while trying to overthrow Assad in Syria, at the same time we keep an eye on Hamas and Hezbollah, both Israel’s enemies, but what’s a couple of more wars for us. Lest we forget the 13 year ongoing war in Afghanistan which started supposedly to get the supporters of bin Laden, but now has become a crusade to defeat the Taliban, a large group who is trying to overthrow a puppet US government in Afghanistan. We are embroiled in a long bloody Civil War which has been ongoing for years in Afghanistan. While we are bombing in Iraq, ISIS is all over the Middle East, Assad is still in Syria, the Taliban are still effectively resisting in Afghanistan, but the deciders say, we must also go after Boko Harem in Nigeria and the Houthis in Yemen who are being attacked by our other best friend Saudi Arabia, even though the Houthis are historically bitter enemies with al-Quida. So in helping Saudi Arabia against the Houthis, we are aiding al-Qaeda in Yemen. Understand??

All this is accompanied by an agreement this past week to give Israel an additional 2 billion dollars’ worth of weapons to be used, I guess, against either the Palestinians once again in the near future, or perhaps Iran, which Israel has been begging the US to attack.

We support the current Egyptian dictator with 1.3 billion worth of weapons, and we supported the last Egyptian dictator Mubarak, for 30 years. He was finally overthrown, followed by a democratic election, in which a Mr. Morsi was elected. He, Morsi, was overthrown by another dictator, whom we now support. The current dictator just sentenced the formerly democratically elected leader, Mr Morsi to death. But this dictator is our guy, so we give him weapons and military supplies to remain in power, and look the other when a democratically elected leader is given a death sentence. Understand??

All this death and destruction was unleashed by 9/11. We were lied to by the neocons, and the public bought into the lies hook line and sinker, aided by a complicit press who just parroted the official government line about the non-existent WMD’s in Iraq; and Iraq was also falsely blamed for 9/11. Those lies caused millions of deaths, yes millions, by US military attacks all over the globe since 9/11.

OK things are getting a bit confusing here, so how about a quick “Jeopardy question” to help with the confusion. How many nations has the US bombed since 9/11?? Here is a hint, because I know it is easy to lose count. Fourteen!!

All these have been, relatively speaking, little wars, but the stage is currently being set by Alice and the Mad Hatter gang for two giant wars. The decision makers are backing Russia and China into a corner, from which there is no escape. Both Russia and China are being provoked by the US in their own back yards. NATO just completed “War games” 300 yards from the Russian border. How is that for provocation, or stupidity? The provocation of Russia is ongoing, because we accuse them of “interfering” with their next door neighbor, Ukraine; but it was we, led by Alice gang member Victoria Nuland who orchestrated an overthrow of a democratically elected pro-Russian leader of the Ukraine. It was Ms Nuland who so eloquently said: “F___ the EU”, when they would not move fast enough to support her overthrow. Meanwhile we send troops to all the Balkans states, a stone’s throw from Russia, and we push to establish missile bases surrounding Russia, but the Russians, we are told, are completely at fault for their “interference’ in the next door neighbor’s affairs. Understand??

We have troops 5000 miles from home in Russia’s back yard and surround it with missiles. You might remember or have read about the Cuban Missile Crises, an event that almost led to the first full scale nuclear war when Russia tried to install missiles 100 miles from Florida. Hmmm!

Now, Alice and the Mad Hatter gang say China is starting to interfere and bother us, so we are provoking China. Where are they “interfering” you ask? Why the South China Sea! Get it, the South “China” Sea! So last week we sent spy planes into what China considers its territory, islands in the South China Sea, and were warned repeatedly by China to get out or else. It almost came to blows. China called the US intrusion “provocative” and asked the US to try to remain “rational”. Unfortunately the US decision makers are not “rational”, they are insane, and while fighting wars all over the globe they are now pushing Russia and China into a corner, and we all know what happens when someone is “cornered”.

Millions will die unless you take in interest in these idiots, fools, and knaves. It’s your life here. Pay attention. It is out of control. It is no surprise that in a world poll of people in 65 nations, the US was voted the greatest threat to World Peace.

Joe Clifford lives in Rhode Island.

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