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The Truth of US Foreign Policy is a Bitter Pill to Swallow

By Joseph Clifford

September 11, 2015 "Information Clearing House" -  As we watch countless immigrants make their way from war torn countries to find a safe haven in Europe, media and nation states only focus on how to stop it, and never the cause. So countless immigrants are meeting death while trying to get out of harm’s way, as boats sink, fleeing immigrants die, babies wash up on beaches, a truckload of fleeing people suffocates, and daily the carnage goes on. All this and no serious discussion of the cause for the migration, perhaps because we don’t want to face the truth.

While we might not like to admit it, much of the blame lies with the US and its foreign policy. We have completely destroyed Iraq, reducing it to rubble and outright anarchy. Well over one million have died since our initial involvement with Iraq, and about 4 million have been displaced by the horrors of war, with Iraq now a quagmire of endless death and violence. The US bombed Iraq for years, starved it with brutal sanctions for years, invaded and occupied it for years, set the stage for sectarian violence and civil war, set up a puppet government, and then left, to watch the country totally disintegrate. Try to answer: why?

Afghanistan has been subjected to a US invasion and war for more than 13 years, and that country has been devastated and reduced to tribal wars. This is an ongoing civil war between the Taliban and a puppet government installed and propped up by the US government, so the war has raged for many years because of undue US interference and military support for an unpopular government. That civil war would end in weeks if the US left, but we would rather stay to insure total devastation and then leave, but maintain military bases. US drones have only escalated the anti-US hatred as we continue to kill innocents by wiping out wedding parties and the like in the name of fighting a bogus “war on terror”. This civil war has nothing to do with terrorism. The initial reason given for the invasion and devastation of Afghanistan was to get Bin Laden, even though the Taliban had agreed to give him to us, the US President at the time, George macho Bush, said he would not negotiate with anyone and invaded. So we invaded, devastated, and continue to do so, even though Bin Laden is now, according to the US government, dead. So why is the US still in Afghanistan? Why did we enter in the first place?

The US turned on its former friend, Muammar Gaddafi, and decided he had to go, so the US and its complicit media propaganda machine led the public to believe we had to save Libyans by a “humanitarian bombing”, an oxymoron if there ever was one. For over 7 months the US and its allies laid complete waste to the once nation of Libya. Gaddafi of course was killed, and Libya has been turned into a failed state characterized by absolute chaos. Guns and weapons from Libya have made their way to nearby North African nations, and are being used in local wars, so the devastation of Libya has caused turmoil throughout North Africa. Libya, like Iraq, and soon to be Afghanistan, are, and will be, characterized by absolute chaos. Why did we really choose to destroy Libya?

Next on the US hit list was Syria, after we decided that their leader also had to go. So once again, in the name of humanitarian bombing, we have wrought total devastation in Syria, and that nation now exemplifies the true meaning of anarchy. In Syria we are helping our former enemies, while Israel, an alleged ally of the US, is helping al-Qaeda, our most bitter enemy. Turkey has now attacked the Kurds and the country of Iraq, so there is a total free for all in that part of the world. The only thing we seem to care about is the overthrow of the Assad regime and the total destruction and breakup of the nation of Syria. Why do we want to bring anarchy to Syria? Cui Bono?

Saudi Arabia illegally attacked neighboring Yemen because the Saudis feared the democratic movement led by the Houthis might succeed in Yemen, and then spread to the most autocratic nation in the world, Saudi Arabia. The last thing in the world the Saudis want is a democratic movement to succeed in a neighboring nation, so that war is on, and the US has turned a blind eye to that illegal war by the Saudis on the Houthis, and has assisted Saudi Arabia by providing satellite images and weapons to the invading Saudis. Strangely the Houthis were bitter enemies of Al Qaeda and until the Saudi attack had managed to keep al-Qaeda at bay. Now we are siding with the Saudis, and therefore helping al-Qaeda, by supplying the Saudi’s with the killing weapons they need to kill innocents in Yemen and destroy the county. During a recent cease fire in Yemen, we used the peace to re-arm the Saudi military, just as we re-armed Israel during their illegal slaughter of civilians in their last “mowing the lawn” excursion in Gaza. Israel, never missing the opportunity to bomb someone, has joined the fray in Syria by helping al-Qaeda and dropping bombs on Syria.

The end result of all the US attacks and flooding the Middle East with the weapons of war, is the chaos that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of people trying to flee to safety. We did this, we turned the Middle East into a free for all, and reduced Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and in the near future Afghanistan, to anarchy; but media of course will not discuss the ramifications of the US bringing death and destruction to the entire Middle East. The footprint of the US in the Middle East is quite pronounced. Everywhere we go there is destruction, chaos, and failed states, which has resulted in millions trying to escape the total devastation of their country. You need not be a “rocket Scientist” to conclude that the intended policy of the US is anarchy, and that millions are fleeing from it due to US policy, you just need to admit to a very severe and harsh truth.

Joe Clifford lives in Rhode Island.


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