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February 14, 2018

Dutch FM Admits Lying About Putin / Russia
By Glenn Greenwald
Is Fake News Used by Russia or About Russia?  - Continue


Russophobia a Futile Bid to Conceal US, European Decline
By Finian Cunningham
Is there any wonder the public has sheer contempt and distrust for “authorities” that have been lying and playing them for fools? - Continue


How The Deep State Stopped Better Relations With Russia
By Robert W. Merry
Few in the general public know what really happened with regard to the allegations of Trump campaign “collusion” with Russia. - Continue


Is John Brennan the Mastermind Behind Russiagate?
By Mike Whitney
The FBI relied on uncorroborated information, funded by and obtained for Secretary Clinton’s presidential campaign. 


Tucker Carlson: Obama Viewed Trump As A Traitor and A Russian Spy
Claims of the Steele dossier are completely absurd. - Continue


John Pilger: How the People of South Africa Were Misled and Can Rise Again
By Eric Ortiz
Why the struggle for freedom in South Africa has yet to be won and why a form of apartheid still rules. - Continue


Do Financial Markets Still Exist?
By Paul Craig Roberts, Dave Kranzler, Michael Hudson
Central banks have learned that they can rig financial asset prices to the delight of everyone in the market. - Continue


'Some May Freeze To Death': Sanders: Trump Budget Would Kill 'Tens of Thousands'
By Jake Johnson
Sanders asked Mulvaney to explain "the morality of a budget which supports tax breaks for billionaires, throws 32 million people off health insurance . - Continue


Trump Privatizes America
By Michael Hudson and Real News
What Trump basically said is that states and cities have to let themselves be robbed blind by the hedge funds and Wall Street. - Continue


Yemeni army kills 40 Houthis advancing near Midi front

Saudi Arabia kills 6 civilians in Yemen

Civilians in Syria Killed on ‘Horrific Scale’: Special Envoy Warns Security Council

U.S. Strikes Killed Scores of Russia Fighters in Syria, Sources Say

Pro-government tank destroyed in second ‘defensive’ US airstrike in Syria

US Military Bombs Russian Tank in Video From Syria Attack on Gov, Supporters

Kremlin: No Info About Reports of Russian Mercenaries Killed in Syria

Russian Foreign Ministry refutes reports about Russians killed in Syria

France will act as U.S. puppet: Macron: France will 'strike' if "proven" Syria using chemical arms

Propaganda in search of war: Enough red lines, time to act, Syria's White Helmets tell Macron

Russian MoD: Al-Nusra, White Helmets Preparing Provocation With Chemical Weapons

In case you missed it: How a Syrian White Helmets Leader Played Western Media ...

In case you missed it: Something is Not Adding Up In Idlib Chemical Weapons Attack

Six people killed, injured as bomb attack targets popular market in Baghdad

Iraq Wants $88 Billion for Rebuilding. Allies Offer a Fraction of That: With barely $4 billion pledged — none from the United States.

Damascus warns Israel of 'more surprises' in Syria

'54 Palestinians die' as Israel refuses medical permits

Israel police recommend corruption charges against Netanyahu

Netanyahu vows to carry on despite corruption charges

Netanyahu's shamelessness is corrupting Israel

The Cheap Indian Cars That Could Drive Netanyahu to Jail

Netanyahu rejects calls to resign after police seek indictment

Egypt forces have killed 38 militants in major operation

South African President Jacob Zuma resigns after his party pressured him to step down amid corruption allegations

South Africa's ruling party finally turns against Zuma

John Pilger: South Africa: 20 years of apartheid by another name

Over 40 Taliban militants killed in Afghanistan

Taliban pens letter asking US to engage in peace talks

Taliban kill 4 security personnel in Pakistan attack

US Pushes Motion to Put Pakistan on Global Terrorist-Financing Watchlist

North Korean wants to boost the "warm climate of reconciliation and dialogue" with South Korea

Propaganda alert: Time is running out for US to confront 'existential' North Korea threat, Director of National Intelligence says

Two Reuters Journalists Face 14 Years in Burmese Prison After Exposing Massacre of Rohingya Muslims

Manafacturing enemies? FBI says the whole of Chinese society is a threat to the US

Six top US intelligence chiefs caution against buying Chinese phones

Ukraine opposition leader Saakashvili deported to Poland by armed officers

Dutch Foreign Minister Resigns After Lying About Putin Meeting

US defence chief to press Europeans on military spending

NATO Salutes Europe’s Defense Budget Increases

Judge refuses to withdraw Julian Assange arrest warrant

Craig Murry: All Pretence is Over in Persecution of Assange

China and Latin America's New Era of Globalization

3 Indigenous Activists Killed in Oaxaca, Mexico

Regime Change Fails: Is A Military Coup Or Invasion Of Venezuela Next?

Trump Administration Upends the Lives of Asylum-Seekers in So-Called Anti-Fraud Crackdown

Republican Scare-Mongering on “Sanctuary Cities” Backfires: Democrats Win Big Upset in Florida Special Election

Welcome to the USA: Sheriff: 'Multiple dead,' 14 taken to hospitals after shooting at Parkland, Florida high school

WATCH: Graphic Footage Reportedly From Inside the Florida School Shooting

Candidate Ejected From West Virginia House Floor for Listing Lawmakers' Oil and Gas Donors

Intel chief: Federal debt poses 'dire threat' to national security

A majority of voters are proud of the USA;

ANOTHER Dossier: Obama State Department Gave Classified Docs to Democratic Sen. Cardin to Undermine Trump

Porn Star: "Trump Broke The NDA, I Can Now Tell My Story"

February 12, 2018

The FBI and the President – Mutual Manipulation
By James Petras
The US and world public is witness to the spies, lies and crimes of the leadership and elite on prime time.  - Continue


A President Held Hostage
By Justin Raimondo
They've got him surrounded.  - Continue


How Establishment Propaganda Gaslights Us Into Submission
By Caitlin Johnstone
The mass media has given elites the ability to effectively turn a false story that they themselves invented into an established fact.  - Continue


The Deadly Rule of the Oligarchs
By Chris Hedges
Oligarchs, who do not serve in the military, pretend to be great patriots.   - Continue


A Pentagon Budget Like None Before: $700 billion
The budget bill that President Donald Trump signed Friday includes huge spending increases for the military.   - Continue


President Donald J. Trump’s American Infrastructure Initiative
By The White House
President Trump released his legislative goals to rebuild our Nation’s crumbling infrastructure.   - Continue


Trump Proposes to Cut Medicare and Spend Big on Wall, Defense
By Justin Sink
Trump will propose cutting entitlement programs by $1.7 trillion, including Medicare, in a fiscal 2019 budget that seeks billions of dollars to build a border wall.  


180 civilians killed in Turkish military operation in Syria's Afrin

Turkish army says 31 soldiers killed in Syria operation

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: 'Alive but wounded' in Syria

Al Qaeda leader praises Israeli strike on Syria

Syrian Army unleashes major offensive against militants in Rastan pocket on Homs-Hama border

Kremlin Says U.S. Diplomatic Help on Syria Insufficient

Let ISIS Fighters Go Home, U.S. Says

Fact or fiction? Assad quietly aids Syrian Kurds against Turkey

Moscow invites BRICS partners to invest in rebuilding post-war Syria

'IDF performed 1000s of operations in Syria over past year'

Netanyahu started air war over Syria as corruption probes close in on him

Israel squares off for showdown with Iran in Syria

Israel says its airstrikes took out half of Syria's air defenses

Putin's Phone Call With Netanyahu Put End to Israeli Strikes in Syria

Official: US has no leverage in Syria, Israel turning to Russia: Tel Aviv is counting on Russia to help the Israeli regime avoid a war after its airstrikes on the Arab country.

60% of Palestine children arrested by Israel tortured

Israeli publisher slams US ambassador for ‘perpetuating apartheid’ in West Bank

US: Calls for Lorde’s show to be cancelled over support for BDS:

Six Islamic State militants killed in airstrike by int’l coalition on Mosul

5 killed in attacks in central Iraq

We don't build, we destroy : U.S. not planning to contribute money at Iraq reconstruction conference - officials

US kills 6 al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen

Egypt kills 28 alleged militants, 126 arrested

Three Cameroon soldiers killed in restive anglophone region

Taliban invites GOP senator for ‘mutual talks’ in Doha

Donald Trump's Afghanistan strategy will lead to 'perpetual war,' Pakistani official warns

North Korea heads for diplomacy gold medal at Olympics: analysts

Pence says the US is open to a discussion with North Korea

US shifts on North Korea after Kim Jong Un reaches out to Moon Jae In

Dutch FM admits lying about Putin describing land-grab ambitions in 2006

German workers win right to 28-hour week following industrial action

Sweden tried to drop Assange extradition in 2013: UK prosecutors tried to dissuade Swedish counterparts from doing so, email exchange shows

Jonathan Cook : The UK’s hidden role in Assange’s detention:

U.S. Intelligence Shuts Down Damning Report on Whistleblower Retaliation:

No mothers, no Muslims: The new US immigration system

California launches investigation following stunning admission by Aetna medical director

Baltimore is at more than 10 days without a homicide — the longest streak since 2015

Prison guard faces investigation over waterboarding inmates, beating their genitals

Police union balks at policy requiring officers to pay some legal damages themselves

Vanessa Trump taken to hospital as precaution after suspicious letter sent to her home

Suspicious Letter With Unknown Substance Sent to Manhattan Apartment of Trump Daughter-in-Law: Sources

Trump’s New Infrastructure Plan Is Kind Of Underwhelming

"A Historic Reversal": Dollar, Treasurys Slide As Trump Drops Target For "Balanced Budget"


Headlines Continued


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