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January 03, 2021

Trump heard on tape urging Georgia officials to change 2020 election results
By Melissa Quinn
Audio: Trump berates Ga. secretary of state, urges him to ‘find’ votes. - Continue


Let’s Be Absolutely Clear What’s At Stake In The Assange Case
By Caitlin Johnstone
This isn’t just about journalism: we really are collectively deciding the fate of our species. - Continue


Outposts of the U.S. Surveillance Empire: Denmark and Beyond
By Ron Ridenour
Denmark’s military allows the United States’ National Security Agency to spy on the entire Danish population. - Continue


Biden should end the US pretence over Israel’s ‘secret’ nuclear weapons
By Desmond Tutu
The cover-up has to stop – and with it, the huge sums in aid for a country with oppressive policies towards Palestinians. - Continue


Why invent conspiracies when you have the neocons starting the Iraq war
By Philip Weiss
The Israel lobby played a crucial role in pushing the Iraq war. - Continue


Killer Robots Learn to Dance
By Double Down News
The world’s leading scientists in Artificial Intelligence, has come to consider his own discipline an existential threat to humanity. - Continue


The D.C. Political Monopoly Just Does Not Get It
By Richard Wolff
Republicans blame immigrants, foreign trading partners (especially China) and Democrats blame Russia and Russians, China, etc. - Continue



Syria: At Least 9 Killed, 4 Wounded After Terror Attack on Bus

Car bombs kill six in pro-Turkey north Syria

Turkey: 3 YPG/PKK members killed' in N.Syria

Iraq: Airstrike kills two ISIS militants in Kirkuk province:

Iraqis demand US troops pull out on Soleimani killing anniversary

Watch: Iraqis converge on Baghdad airport to remember Soleimani, Muhandis on assassination anniv.

Nasrallah says region resolute to expel US troops after Soleimani martyrdom

Iran cooperates with Cuba in producing COVID-19 vaccine: official

Iran's foreign minister urges Trump to avoid Israel 'trap' to provoke war

Propaganda alert: Israel said bracing for possible strikes by Iran-backed militias in Iraq, Yemen

Iran missile program must be ‘on the table’ in nuclear talks, Biden national security adviser says

Israeli Troops Shot Palestinian When He Tried to Stop Them From Seizing a Generator, Witness Says

Israeli Troops Shot a Palestinian With a Rubber Bullet, Then Tried to Snatch Him From the Ambulance

Jewish extremists violently attack Arab car amid riots over settler’s death

Yemen : Three civilians killed in Al Hudaydah attack


At Least 100 Killed in Attack on Local Villages in Western Niger

Nigerian army kills several alleged Boko Haram militants in airstrikes: spokesman

Sahel conflict: Two French soldiers killed in Mali

Two Algerian Soldiers Killed in Clash With Extremists

US Conducts 2 New Year's Day Airstrikes on Somalia

Libya starts using new exchange rate as economy struggles


60 militants killed in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: 5 killed in Kapisa blast

Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on Pakistan's Shi'ite Hazara minority that kills 11

China blasts Nato as British aircraft carrier ‘heading to South China Sea’

Taking China’s pulse : The survey team found that in China, 95.5 percent were “relatively satisfied” or “highly satisfied” with Beijing. In contrast, U.S. citizen satisfaction revealed only 38 percent were satisfied.


Russia to test 15,000mph missile that can beat any defence and destroy Texas

Russian strategic missile forces to hold over 200 exercises in 2021

Biden camp adds pressure on EU to hit brakes on China deal

George Monbiot on Brexit: Capitalism's Civil War

US Spy Tech firm involved in Locking up Children lands 23 Million NHS deal

Peter Oborne and Millie Cooke: We can’t say we weren’t warned: The extradition of Julian Assange would have important implications for press freedom, so why did so few news organisations bother to report it

Hospitals across UK 'must prepare for Covid surge', senior doctor warns:

UK Prime Minister 'reconciled' to tougher Covid-19 restrictions as cases soar


WHO (secretly) changed their definition of “Herd Immunity”


U.S. Covid-19: Deaths 351,000. Cases 20.6 Million

115,000 more Americans will die of COVID-19 in January: Model predicts

Trump Rages Over His Own Administration’s COVID-19 Death Toll: ‘Fake News’

Coronavirus: US surgeon general defends official numbers after Trump says CDC ‘exaggerates’ cases

Wall Street minted 56 new billionaires since the pandemic began: While Coronavirus has destroyed the lives, savings and small businesses of innumerable Americans.

Breadlines Stretch Across America: This Economic Collapse Is Much Worse Than You Are Being Told

Senate Joins House in Overriding Trump’s Veto of Defense Bill

Mike Pence ‘Welcomes’ GOP Efforts To Disrupt Voters’ Choice For President

Cruz Joins GOP Senate Block That Will Challenge Biden’s Victory

Trade Adviser Claims Inauguration Day Can Be Postponed

Trump Called the Georgia Secretary of State and Demanded that He Find More Nonexistent Votes

Listen to tape: Trump berates Ga. secretary of state, urges him to ‘find’ votes

US House of Representatives Elects Nancy Pelosi as Speaker

Biden Cabinet Picks Pocketed Millions From Corporate Consulting and Speeches

Washington has been lucrative for some on Biden’s team: NYT




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