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January 30, 2018

Hamas Leader Ismail Haniya Added to US 'Terror List'
By Al Jazeera
His financial assets wil be frozen. He will be banned from travel, and this makes it easier for the US to try to bring him to trial. - Continue


Will U.S. Fight Turkey?
By Tom O'Connor
American Soldiers Will Not Leave City About to Be Attacked, Says Top General. -


Too Many Wars. Too Many Enemies
By Patrick J. Buchanan
U.S. troops in Manbij, Syria, could be under fire by week’s end. - Continue


Washington Reaches New Heights of Insanity with the “Kremlin Report”
By Paul Craig Roberts
Everyone in the world should realize the threat of nuclear war that is inherrent in Washington’s policy toward Russia. - Continue


Russia’s Doomsday Nuclear Torpedo
By Eric S. Margolis
A ‘third strike’ weapon designed to obliterate the US east and west coasts in a nuclear war. - Continue


Kill Me, Kill Me
'Fruit of War' Photo of Nagasaki Victims
Taniguchi-san spent most of his life warning people that the survival of humanity is threatened by the existence of nuclear weapons. - Continue


The Economist: Humanity Teeters on the Brink of World War
By James Cogan
The US spend staggering sums on new nuclear weapons, to ensure that it retains the military superiority - Continue


Lewis Black "Hide Under Your Desk
2 minute Video
Republicans and Democrats Working Together? - Continue


Will Congress Face Down the Deep State?
By Ray McGoverns
Past precedent suggests that the cabal that conjured up Russia-gate will not have to pick up a “go-to-jail” card. - Continue


President Trump-The Piers Morgan Interview - Davos
Donald declares he is not a misogynist (nor a feminist). "I have tremendous respect for women" - Continue


The Hacking of the American Mind: Pleasure vs. Happiness
Dr. Robert Lustig
The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of Our Bodies and Brains. - Continue


Yemen: At least 15 killed in a suicide car bomb

Militants kill 12 troops in south Yemen

UAE-backed separatists seize Aden army base

Yemen PM 'holed up' as Aden palace surrounded

Saudi Arabia and the UAE fight it out by proxy in the South

Assange blasts US ‘subservience to Saudis’ as Trump triples drone strikes in Yemen

US General: We Will Not Leave Manbij

'More civilians killed' as Turkey hits targets

Turkey says 5 soldiers killed in Syria's Afrin

Afrin calls for no-fly zone as civilian casualties mount: Kurdish military commander in Afrin called on the world to establish a no-fly zone over the northwestern Syrian region to protect civilians under threat from Turkey’s military operation.

Kurdish PM refuses to send Peshmerga to defend Afrin

PYD/PKK rockets land in civilian areas in south Turkey

Turkey detains 300 people over criticism of Syrian offensive

Sochi conference backs Syria's territorial unity, 'democratic' path

Ten Islamic State members, attempting infiltration, killed, south of Mosul

Four people killed, injured in two bomb blasts in Baghdad

Israeli occupation force kills Palestinian teen in West Bank

US no “peace broker” in Palestine; Trump cannot destroy a “peace process” that doesn’t exist.

UN workers in Gaza protest Trump’s aid cuts

Israel's Shin Bet to face first-ever torture probe

Judge Blocks Kansas Law Aimed at Boycotts of Israel: It is the first ruling addressing a recent wave of laws nationwide aiming to punish people who boycott Israel.

39 feared killed by military drone, invasion in Nigeria

Africa: Bloodiest Year Ever in UN Peace Keeping History

Somehing to hide? Pentagon restricts release of Afghanistan war data

Propaganda alert: Russians will meddle in upcoming US election, CIA chief says

US releases list of Russians eligible for sanctions

Putin reacts to US Treasury 'Kremlin List': 'Dogs bark but the caravan moves on'

Second Trump-Russia dossier being assessed by FBI

Majority of Russians support ‘own internet’ for BRICS nation

Catalan parliament postpone re-election of fugitive leader

Excerpts from Trump's first State of the Union address

Palestinian man deported after living 40 years in US

Watch: Ravi Ragbir Speaks Out After Being Freed from “Unnecessarily Cruel” ICE Detention

Haitian Detainees are Captive Capital for Private Prison Corporation

Louisiana man freed after 37yrs in prison for crime he didn’t commit

Search warrant document shows 2nd ‘person of interest’ after Las Vegas shooting

2018 begins with US police reign of terror: While largely ignored by the mass media, the reign of terror by police officers continues to rage across the United States.

Audit finds US Defense Department wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars

Amazon, Berkshire, JP Morgan to form healthcare behemoth ; The three firms are the largest private employers in the US, with more than 1 million workers and a combined market capitalization of $1.6 trillion.

Gowdy: FISA Memo Will Be "Embarrassing To Adam Schiff"

Where did this guy, Barrack Obama come from, anyway?: No one even heard of him before 2008?


January 29, 2018

US, Turkish Troops Headed For Military Showdown In Syria
By Tyler Durden
Turkey has no intention of backing down, and if anything will keep pressing on assuring an armed confrontation with the US is inevitable. - Continue


On the Ground in Afrin, it’s Hard to Know What Kurdish Fighters Really Stand For
By Robert Fisk
The Turks appear to be sheep in sheep’s clothing. Only a few tanks have actually been seen by the Kurdish fighters north of Afrin. - Continue


Washington Widens the War in Syria by Provoking Turkey
By Mike Whitney
Turkey has no intention of backing down, and if anything will keep pressing on assuring an armed confrontation with the US is inevitable. - Continue


Syria - Neo-Conservatives Demand "Action" - Hope For A Larger War
By Moon Of Alabama
It's time for Trump to face reality in Syria. - Continue


Blowback: How ISIS Was Created by the U.S. Invasion of Iraq
By Mehdi Hasan
Had it not been for Bush’s catastrophic decision to invade and occupy Iraq, the world’s most feared terrorist group would not exist today. - Continue


Trump’s Secret Assassinations Programme
By Maya Foa
The US decided to do away with the discomfort of detaining people and decided it would resort to killing people – covertly – instead. - Continue


Republicans Vote to Release Classified FISA Memo
The four-page memo, alleges that the FBI used the Trump-Russia dossier to obtain FISA wiretaps against American citizens. - Continue


The Useful Idiocy of Donald Trump
By Chris Hedges
Trump has surrendered total power to the oligarchic and military elites. - Continue


Oligarch Jeff Bezos
By Margaret Kimberley
All talk of democracy is a lie as the rich get richer, by an additional $1 trillion in 2017. - Continue


Over 500 militants neutralized by Turkish Army in Syria’s Afrin: Turkish General Staff

8 Syrian civilians 'killed in Turkey's Afrin operation'

Erdogan says Turkey will 'clean' entire Syrian border

Spotlight: Turkey's expanded operation in Afrin risks clashes with US troops: expert

Idlib: Dozens killed in Syrian government air raids

Iraq: Ten Islamic State members, attempting infiltration, killed, south of Mosul

U.S. kills 8 Iraqi forces

Yemen: Over 70 Coup Militiamen Killed in Taiz Clashes

'Coup' adds to chaos in war-ravaged Yemen as 15 killed in fighting: At least 15 people die in clashes involving UAE-allied separatists and troops loyal to the Saudi-supported government in Aden.

Qatar turns to Israel to escape Saudi squeeze: The Qatari government has been sponsoring trips for right-wing Americans and staunch supporters of Israel

Unexploded ordnance kills three children in Libya's Benghazi

11 killed in attack claimed by ISIS, the latest in spate of violence in Afghanistan

Trump rejects peace talks with Taliban

Trump's Nuclear Weapons Strategy Could Be Dangerous, Warns Experts

Kim Jong-nam, half-brother of North Korean leader, met with suspected US spy days before he was killed, court hears

Daniel Ellsberg says nuclear winter is a very real possibility, unless we act now

Aung San Suu Kyi lives in 'bubble', says US diplomat in row with Myanmar

Colombia police station bombing kills five and injures dozens

Colombia freezes peace talks with rebels after attacks

US lifts ban on refugees from 11 countries: Applicants from 11 countries, unnamed but understood to include 10 Muslim-majority nations plus North Korea, will face tougher "risk-based" assessments to be accepted.

Republicans vote to release FISA memo

Andrew McCabe, FBI deputy director, quits after Trump criticism

McCabe didn't retire—he was 'removed': CNN is reporting this early departure was anything but voluntary.

Report: Trump called Andrew McCabe’s wife a “loser” in a bizarre call

Exxon Mobil to invest $50 billion in US over 5 years, citing tax reform

US Treasury says government borrowing will hit 8-year high

Alaskans turn to government for food and health care amid recession, prompting worry about cost

These Are The 6 Traders Who Were Just Arrested For Manipulating The Gold Market: Traders - currently or formerly employed by UBS, HSBC and Deutsche Bank (as usual, no JPMorgan US banks were touched) - would be perp-walked and charged in an unprecedented cross-agency crackdown

Gold price could smash $10,000 on crashing dollar & other factors – Jim Rickards


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