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If Poverty Is a Moral Issue, Then the U.S. Is Bankrupt
By Sonali Kolhatkar
What matters much more than the unquenchable thirst of a handful of wealthy elites is the well-being of all Americans..


Chris Hedges: Society of Spectacle
By Chris Hedges
Congress is a cesspool. Corrupt politicians whore for the rich and get rich in return.


Trump Isn't on Trial—All of Us Are
By Jesse Jackson
Congress is a cesspool. Corrupt politicians whore for the rich and get rich in return.


US Supreme Court Tacitly Approves Execution of Innocent People
By Marjorie Cohn
"The conservative majority is very much in the midst of a revolution. And it is a brutal one.”




Turkish aggression on Syrian territories will never contribute to preserving Turkey’s stability, Kremlin Press Secretary

Watch: The Syria The Media Won't Show You

Iran Suspects Israel Murdered Two Scientists With Poison

Why Israel’s assassination strategy in Iran will fail

Four out of five children in Gaza say they are living with depression, grief and fear

Gaza: Over half of Palestinian children have contemplated suicide, report finds

Sources: Mossad assassination unit chief likely killed in Kurdistan attack

Greece Releases Iranian Tanker Despite US Pressure

Israeli regime’s ruling coalition moves closer to collapse after MK quits

51% of Dutch Consider Israel an Apartheid State

Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia exposes the hypocrisy of the imperialist war against Russia


4.1 Million Kenyans Facing Starvation Due to Drought

WFP suspends part of its food aid in South Sudan as funds dry up

Coup Plotters in Mali Were Trained by U.S. Military


China says Australia military planes in S China Sea are a threat

China’s Xi reaffirms support for Russia’s ‘sovereignty, security’ amid Ukraine war

Washington Should Chill About China’s Cambodia Base: Americans need to recognize their own ugly history in Southeast Asia.

Yang-Sullivan meeting draws bottom line for US

China's use of foreign capital jump 22.6% in Jan-May in show of confidence in Chinese economy


Five killed, 22 injured in Ukrainian artillery attacks in Donetsk

Russian missile strike destroys Nato-supplied howitzers in Ukraine

US expects announcements of more weapons to Ukraine in meeting of nearly 50 countries

Ukrainian National Guard obliterates Russian MLRS near Severodonetsk

Ukraine Forces Trapped in Severodonetsk Azot Factory, UK General Criticizes West Leaders' Strategy

Russia urges Ukrainian fighters in Severodonetsk to lay down arms

Ukraine : Russia is steadily gaining ground

A new generation of US-trained extremists is fighting Russia. Are we prepared for the blowback?

Putin Is Making More on Oil Than He's Spending on Ukraine War

India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar Calls Out West Again, Questions 'Isn't Europe Funding The War?'

US expects announcements of more weapons to Ukraine in meeting of nearly 50 countries

Ukraine Needs $5 Billion in Monthly External Aid - Parliamentarian

Pope Francis again suggests NATO may have provoked Russian war in Ukraine

Dutch PM Says NATO Using Ukraine as Proxy Against Russia

UK foreign secretary branded a liar after backtracking on Ukraine war claim

Corporate ‘Self-Sanctioning’ of Russia Has US Fearing Economic Blowback

US Department of Defense Admits, There Are 46 US Military-Funded Biolabs in Ukraine

US Wall Street banks stop servicing Russian debt: Report

Johnson’s Tories Attack European Court After Ruling Blocked Rwanda Flight Deportation

Sturgeon plans to hold second Scottish independence referendum in October 2023

Ireland ranks as one of the most peaceful countries in the world


Australian Labor government stonewalls demands to free Assange

Australia: National electricity market suspended as NSW residents told to conserve power to reduce blackout risk



Watch: Venezuelan Wannabe President Guaidó KICKED OUT

US Officials Lied to Congress over Emergency Arms Deals

More People Are Avoiding the News, and Trusting It Less, Report Says

Supreme Court Upholds ‘State Secrets’ Privilege to Protect CIA Torture Program

Record-High 50% of Americans Rate U.S. Moral Values as 'Poor'

Donald Trump plots his revenge and return: The party of Lincoln has morphed into a mosh pit for conspiracy theories and grievance.

J Street trying to oust AIPAC as dominant pro-Israel force for Democrats

Wholesale prices rose 10.8% in May, near a record annual pace

Fed to announce biggest rate hike in 28 years

The Fed Must Act Because The US Is Losing The Dollar's Power As Global Collateral To Commodities

Fed likely to boost interest rates by three-quarters of a point this week

Mortgage demand is now roughly half of what it was a year ago, as interest rates move even higher

Property Values Fall Across US

U.S. Retail Sales Declined 0.3% in May

Medicare for All Could Have Prevented More Than 338,000 US Covid Deaths: Study

Emergency declared as Texas city runs out of WATER amid 102 degree temperatures

Major water cutbacks loom as shrinking Colorado River nears 'moment of reckoning'

The End Of The American Empire Is Here

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