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November 24, 2018

Putin Used As Distraction in Shameful US Pardon of Saudi Arabia
By Finian Cunningham
US foreign power is evidently dependent on Saudi despotism.   - Continue


Are the Saudi Princes True Friends?
By Patrick J. Buchanan
Welcome to Planet Earth, where books written by dead men tell the living how to live.   - Continue


Iran, Saudi Arabia and a History of U.S. Aggression
By Seyed Hossein Mousavian

Tehran delivered on its promises, while US has backed Riyadh’s disastrous regional adventures.   -


Chomsky Warns Against “Disaster” In Brazil, Under Jair Bolsonaro
By Democracy Now!
President-elect Bolsonaro is vicious, brutal, a strong supporter of torture.   - Continue


Washington’s Regime Change Strategy in Venezuela
By Garry Leech
The fact that a Latin American government might prioritize the interests of its own people over US needs is unacceptable in Washington.   - Continue


Intelligent Design : Two Weeks in Chengdu and Environs
By Fred Reed
A country that thinks it is communist, or pretends it is to save face in case you notice that it isn'’t.   - Continue


Climate Change Will Shrink US Economy and Kill Thousands, Government Report
By Jen Christensen and Michael Nedelman
Welcome to Planet Earth, where books written by dead men tell the living how to live.   - Continue


Welcome To Planet Earth
By Caitlin Johnstone
Welcome to Planet Earth, where books written by dead men tell the living how to live.   - Continue


U.S. kills 11 people in eastern Syria

Gunmen kill two activists in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib province

Israeli Defense Chief Met With Syrian Terrorists: Top Retired IDF General Says

Sen. Richard Black : U.S. has established 17 bases in Syria without lawful justification

11 Iraqi students killed, wounded as bomb blast targets school bus in Mosul

Iraq: Landmine explosion kills two paramilitary forces in Iraq’s Nineveh

Unknown attackers kill five soldiers in southern Yemen

Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Finland stop weapons sales to Saudi Arabia

Saudi planned Khashoggi murder 12 days in advance

Saudi hit squad 'drained Jamal Khashoggi's blood into an embassy bathroom sink before dismembering him'

Saudi prince ordered Khashoggi ‘silenced’: CIA director Gina Haspel signalled to Turkish officials last month that the agency had a recording of a call in which Saudi Arabia’s crown prince gave instructions to “silence” Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Khashoggi killing: CIA did not blame Saudi crown prince, says Trump

Glenn Greenwald: Trump’s Amoral Saudi Statement Is a Pure Expression of Decades-Old “U.S. Values” and Foreign Policy Orthodoxies

Jamal Khashoggi: Trump suggests 'the world' is to blame for journalist's death

Watch: Sen. Jack Reed: Trump lying about CIA's Khashoggi report

Jamal Khashoggi killing: Report claims CIA has smoking gun phone call

Turkey rips Trump for turning a "blind eye" to Jamal Khashoggi killing

Is this why Trump wont accuse MBS? Saudis want a US nuclear deal: The deal is worth upward of $80 billion, depending on how many plants Saudi Arabia decided to build.

Trump: Israel would be in big trouble without Saudi Arabia

Israel's Iron Dome defense of Saudi Arabia aims to avert collapse of Trump and Netanyahu's entire Middle East strategy

Did Israel Murder Yasser Arafat? Stunning Investigation Exposes Israel’s Secretive Assassination Program

IDF Shoots AP Cameraman in Press Vest Covering Gaza Protests

Israeli consulate to journalist: You’re a disgrace to Americans and Jews everywhere

Israeli-American Who Terrorized U.S. Jews With Thousands of Bomb Threats Jailed for 10 Years

Twitter closes down my account for ‘hateful conduct’; According to Twitter, wishing Jewish anti-Zionists had died in Auschwitz is not a breach of rules whereas comparing the siege of Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto is.

Manufacturing consent for war on Iran: US: Iran Developing Chemical Weapons in Violation of Global Treaty

Iran seizes Saudi fishing boat, arrests crew: Mizan news agency

US bases in Qatar, UAE, Afghanistan within reach of Iran missiles: IRGC

Iran's foreign minister Zarif rules out renegotiating 2015 nuclear deal

China to resume imports of oil from Iran


100 Nigeria Soldiers Killed by Jihadists, Reuters Reports

Nine killed in suspected IS attack in Libya

Britain needs a full public inquiry into Libya war: The 2017 Manchester bombing was probably blowback from Libya

4 killed in fresh clashes in C.African capital

Priest killed by military gunfire in Cameroon


27 killed in explosion at eastern Afghanistan army base

Suicide Blast at Afghanistan Mosque Kills at Least 26 Gathered to Pray

Afghanistan : Dozens of militants killed, wounded in Balkh and Faryab operations

Afghanistan: Blast kills 10 ANA soldiers

Pakistan: 30 killed, 40 hurt as blast rocks Orakzai

Seven killed in intense hour-long shootout at Chinese Consulate in Pakistan

Pakistan arrests TLP leader behind blasphemy protests


Russia and China ditching dollar for national currencies payment system to avoid sanctions

Putin urges ramping up of production of ‘smart’ missiles and artillery shells

France shrugs off Saudi prince's presence at G20

France fuel protests: Violence flares up as Emmanuel Macron refuses to back down

Theresa May's deal worse than staying in EU: Former Brexit secretary condemns PM’s plan, as ministers reportedly consider ‘no-deal deal’

War criminal: Hillary Clinton tells Europe to curb immigration and stop populism

Amazon Workers Strike in Spain and Germany on Black Friday

In Sweden, cash is almost extinct and people implant microchips in their hands to pay for things


A Grave Climate Warning, Buried on Black Friday: Federal scientists contradict President Trump and assert that climate change is an intensifying danger to the United States. Too bad it came out on a holiday.

Ecuador removes UK ambassador who had been negotiating Wikileaks founder's fate from London embassy

These US Democratic Senators demand eviction of Julian Assange from Ecuador’s London embassy

Anonymous blows lid off huge psyop in Europe and it's funded by UK & US: Anonymous has unearthed a massive UK-led psyop to create a "large-scale information secret service" in Europe – all under the guise of countering "Russian propaganda."

Child bride auctioned on Facebook in ‘barbaric use of technology’

Soros Philanthropy President Calls for U.S. Lawmakers to Review Facebook: Move comes after social network confirmed it hired a controversial PR firm to investigate the financier

Soros dumps Facebook, Netflix stocks just before they dipped: report

Authorities Are Using A “Mysterious New Tool” That Can Unlock Virtually Any Cellphone

Google is tracking you. Even when you're in Airplane Mode

Oil plunges 7% to lowest level in more than a year

Oil's unprecedented slide accelerates in 'capitulation' to darkening outlook


Bolton to meet with Brazil’s far-right elected leader: Mission? To confront Cuba

Venezuela: Maduro Announces 9 New Public Universities

Millions of Rural Latin Americans Fall Into Poverty; Only 18 percent of the Latin American population lives in rural areas, poverty affects now 59 million rural inhabitants, of which 27 million suffer extreme poverty.

US Americans Are Not the Only Americans

Busloads of migrants arrive overnight in Tijuana, where shelter already is over capacity

Tijuana Mayor Calls on World to Step in on Migrant Caravan ‘Crisis’: Tijuana Mayor called on the United Nations, to step in to address what his government repeatedly called a "humanitarian crisis"

Trump gives troops go-ahead to use 'LETHAL FORCE' to stop migrants entering US

Trump closes 'parts' of border, authorizes lethal force

Watch - US closes border

Trump trying to force constitutional crisis with 'lethal force' authorization on border: Trying to use the military for domestic political gain on U.S. soil? Classic authoritarian move.

Trump's new plan would force asylum seekers to remain in Mexico as cases are processed

Trump’s New Asylum Policy Is the Definition of Entrapment

America’s Post-9/11 Wars Have Cost $5.9 Trillion: And yet a congressional commission is urging yet more money for a bloated Pentagon.

Two decades after 9/11, militants have only multiplied : Four times as many Sunni Islamic militants are operating around the world today as on Sept. 11, 2001, a new independent study concludes.

In case you missed it; Audit: Pentagon Cannot Account for $6.5 Trillion Dollars in Taxpayer Money; Thousands of documents that should be on file have been removed and disappeared without any reasonable explanation.

Ron Paul: Pentagon’s 'lost' trillions went to people connected to US military-industrial complex

Killers, drinkers & traumatized for life: What it means to be a US drone operator in ‘war on terror’

How Bill And Hillary Clinton Made $240 Million In The Last 15 Years

House GOP to hold hearing into DOJ’s probe of Clinton Foundation

Transgender guidance disappears from Office of Personnel Management website: Protections for transgender people are vanishing left and right.

Black Friday shoppers flee in horror as gunman, 21, is killed by police

Black Friday shoppers throw punches in Walmart

3 in 10 shoppers are going into the holiday season still carrying debt from last year's festivities.

Proposed law would let State search gun owner's social media and internet history




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