Join Us In The Fight For Justice And Peace

By John Pilger, Paul Craig Roberts, Pepe Escobar, Peter Koenig, Finian Cunningham, Andre Vltchek, Gilad Atzmon, James Petras, Dr. César Chelala and Paul Edwards

Renewed Writers’ Appeal to ICH Readers

June 19, 2023: Information Clearing House -- Since we last appealed to readers a year ago, you responded with tremendous support to Information Clearing House. We thank you!

Today, we appeal for you to do so again. If everyone of ICH’s readers just gave a little, we would be all a lot stronger and more secure to keep the project going.

We are not asking people to break their savings, bust a gut, or go without food. Just for everyone to act together in making a contribution they can afford.

Also, since we last appealed to readers, the public information service that Tom Feeley provides with ICH has become even more important as a resource of critical and independent information.

In recent weeks, the war agenda pushed by the corporate-controlled media has become even more deranged. Misinformation about chemical weapons in Syria is leading the world to a dangerous confrontation, possibly a global conflagration between the United States and Russia.

ICH has consistently served to expose the misinformation with accurate reporting and analysis. That, in turn, empowers citizens to challenge and overturn the warmonger agenda.

Another sinister sign of the times is the growing censorship of alternative media by the corporate power in liaison with unaccountable governments. Again, misinformation about “Russian meddling” is part of this corporate stealth-attack on free speech and critical voices. ICH has consistently fought against the assault on democratic rights, by publishing alternative voices which expose the misinformation, and thereby defy the trend towards censorship.

It is certainly a foreboding sign when the New York Times, the so-called premier American newspaper, is working hand-in-hand with unelected state intelligence to undermine an elected president.

Whatever you may think of the incumbent US president, the far more disturbing issue is how supposed news media organizations have become brazen conduits for secret powers to undermine democratic rights. Paul Craig Roberts exposed this nefarious nexus in a recent oped published by ICH.

Many other independent writers, analysts and readers’ comments are brought to millions of citizens each day by ICH on a diverse range of other urgent issues.

Tom Feeley, the creator and editor at ICH, has been empowering citizens around the world for the past 22 years with his free-of-charge news-and-analysis digest. He has loyally adhered to his promise to never allow ICH funding from corporate or state agencies.

It is entirely funded by you – the citizen readers. Independent, truthful and dedicated to the rights and interests of worker-citizens.

Tom’s global newsletter is not cluttered with commercial gimmicks or clickbait trivia. Its format is a straightforward, workmanlike digest of a wide range of independent analyses and commentary, as well as a very helpful daily compendium of relevant international news. That is a crucial service saving readers a lot of their time from not having to scour through countless and often misleading information sources. Hence the name: Information Clearing House.

ICH is about empowering citizens with truth so that we can build a better world of justice and peace. It is a very possible mission. It is eminently doable, albeit at times daunting.

The dangers and challenges are multiplying, and so we appeal to readers to rise again to this vital fight.

Please join us in the fight for justice and peace. Make a donation today to ICH.

John Pilger
Paul Craig Roberts
Pepe Escobar
Peter Koenig
Finian Cunningham
Andre Vltchek
Gilad Atzmon
James Petras
Dr. César Chelala
Paul Edwards

Note from Tom

I am immensely grateful to the journalists listed above and to those of you who have contributed in the past to fund our efforts to better inform people around the world.

Main stream media organizations are motivated by profit. Information Clearing House is non-commercial, no advertising, no pop-up windows, no algorithms  and we are not affiliated with any political party, religion or organization. We do not see our readers as a potential for profit, rather we see you as a partner, working to bring about a world where all people are treated with respect. We do not lecture or try to convert others to our world view, we search for facts and information not available in main stream media and send them directly by email to well over 100,000 people around the word each day.

 ICH grew out of frustration and anger at the failure of traditional commercial media to inform the American public, especially as it relates to US foreign policy.  The propaganda spewed up by our government has enabled it to manipulate public opinion through psychological manipulation (social engineering) using main stream media and has in many instances converted citizens into Zombies who prefer to applauded our politicians as the stand on the bodies of millions around the world who have been killed because of our lack of awareness and concern.

Our monthly budget is supported by people like Ahuda from the Central African Republic who contributes $0.36 cents each month. (Thank you Ahuda) the $0.73 cents from Hashim in Pakistan (Thank you Ahuda) and others who send $10, $25, etc. (Thank you)

This has to STOP, we have to work to prevent further killing, suffering and torture because as John Adams said "Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people." American - President October 30, 1735 - July 4, 1826

Peace and Joy

Tom Feeley

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